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  1. Team: St. Louis Blues First Line G - Sean Burke LD - Rob Blake RD - Igor Kravchuk LW - Tony Granato C - Eric Lindros RW - Wendel Clark X - Vincent Damphousse Second Line G - Frank Pietrangelo (Gonna ask to have him picked, though) LD - Jiri Slegr RD - Rob Ramage LW - Vincent Damphousse C - Dave Poulin RW - Mike Donnelly X - Eric Lindros
  2. You guys need to add me on AIM because I can't do that from Pidgin for some reason. You can reach me on NHL94Slapshot@aol.com now.
  3. Talk to me, Frey. I'm here. EDIT: Also, clear out your inbox. You can't receive anything right now. =P
  4. chaos made the pick and I didn't see you helping me out with your website.
  5. I've gotten two or three offers right now, guys. I'm gonna make my decision quickly. EDIT: Sent my pick to chaos, since he offered to help me out. You'll see it in a bit.
  6. I'm here, guys. Jer gave me an alternative as to getting into the website and I only wish it kept me logged in. I'm viewing who am I gonna take right now and Jer has just gave me an offer.
  7. Dudes, if you're willing to give me a hand with the damn website, I'm more than ready to make the pick, but all I heard is silence. Time for everyone to get crackin'! Man, Smoz' site was simple but awesome.
  8. Reasonably high picks for rounds 2 and 4 for a good defenseman and 3rd forward. Interested?
  9. Yeah, I will. EDIT: Eehh, nevermind. XD
  10. I haven't even registered on the site yet 'cause I can't access it.
  11. I can't see the webstie from my end. What do we do with this?
  12. Or they could just as easily repackaged the whole original game with new goodies to use and cleaner and smoother graphics while leaving the gameplay as perfect as it is. Just a HUGE wasted opportunity in light of the game's anniversary, IMHO. As it stands, it's just a mere novelty that won't be used much.
  13. Yeah, that's how it goes in this section. I'll wait for the updates and if I'm lucky, I'll get the game
  14. St. Louis trades: F Bob Probert To Vancouver F Wendel Clark
  15. Alright, I'll do my very best tomorrow. I hope them peeps will be on! EDIT: Also, don't forget to reach me at NHL94Slapshot. I'm not using my old AIM anymore, so add me with this one.
  16. St. Louis protects: (1).- Alexander Mogilny (3).- Sean Burke (5).- Bob Probert (7).- Vincent Damphousse (9).- Rob Ramage
  17. Want to play? Add me on NHL94Slapshot
  18. I can help ya with my input as well, man. When do you need to write the article?
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