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    Depends on the Player! With Wayne I often fake the backhand before I go to the forehand again, whereas if Raymond gets the puck I just try to smoke it!

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  1. Thanks a lot for your help OddyOh! I've got an old Imac at home running OS9 as well as a G4 with OSX (because it's an older OSX version I'm able to run this computer also under both systems separately). I've got an Joypad called Thrustmaster FireStorm Digital 3. Nothing spectacular. Just a cheap bargain from Ebay. I hanen't got a problem to use it on 0S9 having that "inputsprocket installed". On OSX it unfotunately still doesn't work, even with the Emulator Enhancer. Moreover the perspective not beeing able to play against the other folks out here really sucks. So I still prefer to play the MegaCD-Version at home against my other NHL94-crazy-buddy and instead I'll try to misuse my girlfriends PC for netplay in future. All I can say is f... off Macintosh when it comes to gaming! But maybe that new Windows-Version for Mac, I don't know much about it yet could also help to find a solution for this problems generally. Ciao, Slez
  2. Hi OddyOh! Oh, "nice" to meet another desperate Mac-gamer. I didn't try to play NHL94 on my Mac since it runns on OSX nor have I tried to connect to any online game so far. I really have in mind to do so. But at the moment I have also a another problem: My Joypad doesn't work on Mac and I hate to play games on Keyboard. I heard that to be able run some USB-devices under OS9 and below you needed a so called "InputSprocket", wich doesn't work on OSX now and with some games it probably wouldn't work in any case. How do you solve this problem OddyOH? -MacSlezky-
  3. Depends on how you would define the category "bad" Teams. There's Anaheim and Florida who are really the bottom of the league, followed by San Jose, Tampa Bay and Ottawa. From the under-average-teams, all the expansion-teams, I would pick San Jose as the strongest contender. You know like many of you my best friend and me are battling it out in NHL 94 since eternities. After all that time a kind of personal team-rivalries between us developed. When it comes to the weaker teams it's always Anaheim vs. Florida. Mostly it ends in exciting OT-thrillers. Also the player-matchups are great, because you have kind of doubles on both teams. I don't mean it so much in relation to identical stats than the "type" of player". One great allaround-offensive player (at this level) in Terry Yake, on the other side it's Brain Skrudland, one good skating defender with a hard shot in Kasatonov and on the other side Gord Murphy. And the hardcore-crappy players like Bill Lindsay and especially Stu Grimson (if there was fighting the "Grimm-Reaper" would look better for sure...). That are also exiting matchups from are certain point of view. For a while we used to play with saved lines just made out of this wash-outs. Not the fastest games but nevertheless exciting. But it's hard to compete with them against better teams just because of the goalies. But San Jose, I don't know. I think on a good day I could do some damage even to the upperclass teams with them.
  4. I like the variety. So I choose: 1. NHL94 (will there be any (sports-)game ever again where the fun will last that long?) 2. Bareknuckle (jap. version of "Streets of Rage". Great Carnage with nice music at this time) 3. Dune II -Battle for Arrakis- (I also spent a lot of my lifetime playing this. A great strategy game for Megadrive)
  5. Thank you for the url Xstioph. Wow, what a career! At least I know now that my scenario disturbing Mark and Mary Ellin at lunch wasn`t that utopian and I know he currently lives at the coast of main. From now on finding him should be a piece of cake ;-)
  6. Hi Evan, getting in contact with Mark Lesser for sure would be interesting (and maybe learn about some hidden features. i wouldn't be surprised if there where some). The plan for convincing EA-sports to upgrade NHL94 should be hard to fulfil, but maybe not impossible. There so many remakes of popular oldschool-games these days. I don't know how much work it would take to "tune" this game a little bit (and finally create a season-mode all of us would love to play). But I think this could be done also by other people than Mr. Lesser and his former team. Maybe he isn't at EA anymore. When I'll have more time I'll have a look if this guy has an email-adress somewhere in the internet. If you take time you find almost everything. It really could look strange to suddenly call him after more than 12 years after developing this game, while he maybe is at lunch with his family (Mrs. Lesser: " Mark-darling, some Mr. Slezky from Germany is on the phone. He wanted to ask you some questions regarding a Arena # 0 or something like that...). Apart from that I personally think he would be glad that there is somebody, or even so many who still "adore" the game he worked on. Maybe he also still plays it stealthily at lunchhour in the EA-Sports office and prays that somebody like us contacts him... Slez
  7. A happy birthday and many greetings from Germany! Allways keep your head up on the ice so it won't be your last :-)
  8. Yeah...forget about # 99, forget about # 69, choose # 0! Good to hear that it was no schizophrenic apparition but really a bug. If it should ever happen to me again I'll try to take a screenshot. But than it would be necessary that this # 0-wunderkind would appear also on the emulated gameversion. You know 2 or 3 times another bug appeared to me. During the on-ice celebrations after "non Stanleycup-game" (I believe it even was a regular season head-to-head match) a player lifted the cup over his head like they use to do it when you win all playoff games. Strangely enough it allways happened just on one of the two Sega-cartridges I possess, never on the other. The same thing was with Arena # 0. I really would like to know wich bugs are coincidentally and wich are maybe intentially hidden features in the game. A question to you Evans, as the administrator and chieftain of this NHL94-site: Did you or maybe any other member ever try to make contact with some of the original EA-developers or programmers of this game? It would be really thrilling to get some first hand-informations, would't it?
  9. I just read the funny and ridiculous game-bugs section at this site. I had to think of a bug that happened to me twice in my "NHL94-career". Here is the story: I played playoffs "best-of-seven-series" (line-changes automatic) with the Florida Panthers on Sega Genesis. In the second or third series during a shift out from nowhere a Florida-player with number 0 appeared on the ice. He was fast as hell and had a slapshot like Al. So it took only a few seconds before I scored. While I was still bemused the next shock: After I scored the game crashed down and after restarting the Sega I saw that all records were deleted. Afterwarts I played couple of Panthers Playoff-series but nothing irregular happened. Then months later the same thing again. Player number 0 on the ice, appereantly 100% at all aspects of the skills-scala. This time I managed to push the start-button to look at the lines. And there he was: Number :0 / Name: ARENA (?). I returned to the game (unfortunately to soon) and I couldn't resist to score again. With the same result as last time. And all records deleted again. I have absolutely no idea what it was. Did this ever occure to anyone of you or did you hear of it? Maybe somebody wrote about it on this site and i didn`t see it...
  10. Hi folks, good to know the are still so many other NHL94-junkies out there. Worldwide. Great! Me and one of my best friends are die-hard-fans in Germany since it came out. Eventough our playing-dose has gotten smaler for the last couple of years it's still fun when we manage to get together for a battle. There is still enough excitement about great goals and hard hits and still irascibility about bad penalty calls and jerky goalie-mistakes. And I'm really looking forward to matchup against somebody of you to check finally how good I reallly am (so far I still don't understand how this hole league and the connection-process works out). So hope to meet some of you in the virtual ice-arena (best in the trolley-tracks :-) in the near future! Regards, Slezky
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