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  1. Hard goalies are where it's at, especially for a playoff rom, since playoffs are where goalies typically step it up. As for 'elite' players being better, I don't know, I think they are. Smyth and Iginla in my Flames/Oilers series seem a lot more potent than the others on the ice. It's mostly just subtle things tho, like being able to take a check and shot accuracy, but yeah. Maybe it's just me. But I like the NHL2006b gameplay more than the original I think.
  2. This is so accurate of a Calgary-Edmonton game 2nd OT, game 2, take a look at the screenshot attached. Props for the NHL2006-b / NHL94 rom, it's effin sweet
  3. I switched to white with white reflections tonight, and I like it better.
  4. So much for my project of Playoffs 06! <scraps and enjoys .bin> Awesome stuff, thanks Edit: As a Calgary supporter, I felt the team felt about right. Kiprusoff's stats must be high, as they should be, because he saved my ass in two games so far! Just like Calgary haha Edit2: Dwayne Roloson as a 98 overall? Seems a little stacked for an average kind of goalkeeper. Though I don't know how goalie OVR's are counted.
  5. Attached: Screenshot of error... this happens right after you mouse over the color pallette.
  6. SNES NOSE! I prefer the SNES version just because I prefer zsnes... but yeah. A SNES NOSE would be pretty sweet. Just saying
  7. There's a major bug; Whenever I put my mouse over the color pallette in the top right corner, it says something about an error, and the program instantly quits. Might want to check that out? OS: Win XP aside: awesome program