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  1. Great work as always and thank you!
  2. If anyone needs help with WHA rosters I'd be more than happy to assist. I have every team for each season built. These were projects that I've worked on but have not shared due to my minimal graphics skills.
  3. All goaltenders in NHL 94 had their OFF. Awareness rated identical to their DEF. Awareness. Not sure what it was meant to represent as DEF. Awareness equals the goaltenders SV% from the 92-93 season.
  4. Good Evening, Could someone please confirm how the ips patches to fix the broken images work? Do I just drop the file into the resources folder in TM? Sorry to bother with what I'm sure is an easy answer.. Nevermind - it's coming back to me now. Sorry.
  5. Greetings, I'm working on a bunch of 90's Roms inspired by Slapshot & others. I'm just learning to use Tile Molester. Looking to add Player Cards to all the players on the rosters. I've read the great tutorials on the site numerious times but they still read like stero instructions to me. Just trying to understand the order that players are listed and where can I find them in Tile Molester to update. I'm using the original NHL 94 rom if this helps, not the 30 Team rom (yet) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. My question would be on how they came up with Team and player ratings. What were they based on?
  7. These are awesome.. Only Peter Andersson was traded from NYR at the trade deadline in 1994 to Florida...
  8. www.iihf.com has line combos & D pairs for the 2014 Olympics..
  9. JF@^

    NHL 96 Ratings

    Hey guys - was wondering what you guys thought about player ratings in NHL 96. I think they are the most accurate in all the EA NHL Series (Sega) and have begun to use them as the basis for rating my 90s hockey roms. Interesting to note that NYR GM Neil Smith & PR Exec. John Rosasco did the player ratings.
  10. Thought this was interesting.. It appears that the Goaltender Defensive Awareness Rating in NHL 94 (Gens) relates to a Goaltender's Save % from the 92 - 93 season. Leading the league that year was Curtis Joseph with .911 SV% (99 Rating) followed by Felix Potvin, .910 and Ed Belfour, .906 also posting 99 Ratings. Barrasso. Vanbiesbrouck, Puppa, Hasek, Roy, Fuhr, Essensa, Blue, Soderstrom & Whitmore all post SV % from .890 - 901 and receive an 81 - 98 Rating. The trend continues: Cheveldae, Healy, Reese, Vernon, Hextall and others posting from .885 - .889 SV% received an 63 - 80 Rating. Ranford, Fiset, Hebert, Beaupre and others that posted in the range of .879 - .884 were given a 47 - 62 Rating and so on... Will look a little deeper at Puck Control to see if maybe it relates to GAA next...
  11. This is very helpful.. Thank You.
  12. Hey Guys, Could you explain a little bit more about your findings with Pass Bias (Roughness) and how this Attribute works? From the orginal Rom: Brett Hull: 63 - 80 Selanne: 63 - 80 Bure: 63 - 80 Oates: 25 - 29 Gretzky: 25 - 29 Looking at these numbers it would appear the theory could be correct.. Also looking at some of the fighters whose "Roughness" is rated so low, though some are rated the way you would expect: Domi: 29 - 38 Probert: 38 - 47 Kocur: 63 - 80 Twist: 63 - 80 Grimson: 81 - 98 Peluso: 81 - 98 Your thoughts are appreciated...
  13. Would anyone be interested in creating a Generic 30 Team Rom from NHL 94? Basicly just want an update to Banners & Logos for 2012 season. Rosters & Ratings I would take care of myself. No need to mess with splash screens or anything intense like that...
  14. This really is amazing! Looks Great! Player Cards are sick!
  15. JF@^

    NOSE and Windows 7?

    hey guys, just got windows 7 and i'm having trouble with nose.. any solutions?
  16. Hey Guys, Where can I find an NHLPA 30 Team Rom that I can edit?
  17. Any 90's Roms yet? joebutta26@yahoo.com
  18. Hey, Looking to replace a centre ice logo from an edited rom. How can I do this? How would I find the logo to replace it in TM? To be more specific I would like to remove the new Sabre's logo (Buffaslug) and add the old logo. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. My friends & I would make a season with a schedule. Then keep stats for every team and player. Everyday after school on Sega.
  20. Just a thought... You know how when you play against the computer and you are the Visiting team, the computer will match your lines for at least the first 2 periods or thru a tie game. My question is, is there any way to make it so that this happens all throughout the game? Even when you are the Home team? I think it would be cool to have the computer matching lines and to see them use all three lines against you in a game. It would be more releastic. Not sure if this is even possible, but if it is, I know you guys can figure it out!
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