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  1. Since 1995... Ok, missed few years, have to confess...
  2. In the PC version Ottawa's defenceman Kent Paynter is probably the worst possible. His ratings are mostly around 30, he's extremely slow and unable to check or shoot. ...and I've made few goals with him. I've few times gathered a team consisting all the worst players I could find. It's really fun to play a season against AI when your first line is something like Rice-Simon-Chase-OConnor-Chambers and other lines are far from being better.
  3. With three hard checking guys you've got one for every line to stop the opponent's Speedy Gonzales.
  4. And I found the PC -version from www.nhl95.com. It was free download.
  5. Hi all! I'm Terho from Finland and a big fan of this game. I've played NHL Hockey PC -version since 96. Recently a friend of mine gave me a tip about these sites, and after few visits I decided to join in. Good to see that there are still fans of the classic games. My screen name has nothing to do with the hockey (excluding Soviet army ranks given to national team members). I'm trying to be locigal (read: bad memory) so I gave myself a name that I already use in my other favourite game forums (see the picture in signature). I have not much time for online -play but at least I'll wisit here ev