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  1. I've been a long time fan of 94 and haven't ever participated in a league before(hope to soon!), but reading these threads is hilarious to the casual observer like myself. To be a champion, you gotta beat the best, and the OP failed plain and simple. He doesn't have what it takes to be a champion. Stop trolling and work on your game bro. Someone beat up and get to work and beat that person. Whoever beat you is better than you....admit it and move on. Patriots lost super bowls to eli manning. That pissed Tom Brady off to become the greatest many years later. Tom Brady beat
  2. Whoa sharks just missed like the upset of the decade. SJ nets 41 goals (6 goals/game) and still lose? I wanna hear more about this. The mystique of Montreal lives on I guess
  3. so did you get the Reebok pumps? There is a mystique about them. Maybe you can come back from 3-1 with them on
  4. Someone givin away Detroit???!!!! Talk about the gift of the millenium! Whoever that was=Mother Theresa II
  5. South Carolina--- Get the heck out of there my man. Time lost is brain lost
  6. Mike Vernon has to be up there. Calgary misses the top tier for me b/c of their shaky goaltending. Calgary is a fun team to play against b/c the scoring comes so easily.
  7. Sorry for bringin up an old thread, but where was Garry Bettman on this one? Highway robbery at its finest
  8. I gotta go with Brian Leetch. While not the greatest checker, he seems to always be in the right spot at the right time. Not sure if he's a shutdown defender or those exist in nhl94, as I believe the video game favors the offense. How many times do you think you have a breakway when Leetch is there to ruin that hope?
  9. Looks like it's gonna probably be mtl vs van in gens A finals and buf vs det in gens b finals Based on results, these are the best teams in the gm!
  10. That save at 9:00 minutes was unreal. Seemed like no one could hold onto the puck until the very end of the gm!
  11. We've got people makin 6 figures on this site, lol?!! A guy comes home, there's his lobster dinner waitin for him at the table, and then...... there's NHL 94
  12. Don't be hatin on Joe Juneau! Without Juneau, the Bruins would be quite a dull unit offensively. I always thought that offensive awareness determines a player's one timer ability. Correct me if I'm wrong, but offensive awareness specifies a player's ability to cut to the net when your team is leading a fast break, and Juneau is usually in the 70-80s in this category...pretty good. Maybe you were just having bad luck with Juneau...he aint Sandstrom, but he's the man in boston
  13. Totally agree with you about Eklund and where to make him most effective The disadvantage I think with putting a lefty player on the right wing(or a righty on the LW) is you minimize his deking ability, unless you are particular skilled at fallaway floaters, like you mentioned. Sandstrom is awesome on the right wing with his right shoulder facing the net because he is a tremendous shooter and can hit the tight angle shots or narrow windows. But can you find the spacing on the ice to nail the shot without a defender hitting you ? That's the challenge and also getting the shot off before the o
  14. Hmmm sorry to hear that man. I am kind of puzzled, why is he the only one who can log the game and not you? I think blitz league is run where the winner logs the score just in case the loser just runs off like a coward. I would think there would be lots of drama in a league where only one person can log it. You kicked his rear plain and simple, you should be able to log the scores.
  15. LEAST CLUTCH dale hawerchuck--i don't know if you can call him unclutch, b/c no one expects him to do a darn thing! curtis joseph--maybe the most overrated goalie in the gm, along with barrasso brett hull--can't make a move on the ice to get in position for his otherwise lethal shot jaromir jagr--talk about a guy who got screwed in this video gm! MOST CLUTCH and underrated players Klima--the puck is a magnet on his stick Savard--great deker, gives me fits knocking him down