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  1. I'm in! The original King of 94 was awesome so won't miss part II. Thanks for all the effort Halifax and Mikey! I'll have at least 3 or 4 other guys signing up for the snes division. None of whom attended King of 94 I. All of us making the trip down from Toronto.
  2. Hey SNES brothers, I'm looking to play some tune up games to try to shake off some rust. Anyone care to just hammer out games with me for a couple hours Friday evening? I got a snes and one controller, so ideally you'd have a 2nd controller but I could try to buy one if needed. Message me on here and we can figure out a time. I live in T.O. so would just come to your hotel probably.
  3. Just updating the situation, Shaka is correct that the score was recorded as Was vs NYR, while it should have been Was vs NJ. So when you have the chance Schwartz can you post it under NJ vs Was? Then I can confirm it.
  4. We had that 5-5 tie in Washington in addition to the other 3. (I'm NJ)
  5. Not sure you got my gist there. Jota should be more insulted about what I said than you. I was implying that he often gives half assed efforts (intentionally or not I don't know), obviously in the regular season, but in the early parts of playoff series too (exhibit A: Games 1 & 3 in Pokerchamps series. Exhibit B: Game 1 in Rudy's. It happened in mine too, though doesn't show in the scores, I don't think I got the A game treatment until game 6) and the fact that it appears he didn't give any half assed efforts in yours means he took you more seriously than the rest of us, at least that's what I was trying to say. But if you say you played bad...
  6. Ya, the sweep is very surprising. I'm also surprised he didn't toy with Kid like he did the rest of us. I think Kid should take it as a compliment that Jota brought his A game from the get go. The thing is, the only way to really get a read on Jota's A game is in a playoff series with him. So there are only a select few of us who have ever experienced facing his true A game. I look forward to the next chance. - Mike
  7. Congrats Jota! I was rooting for you all the way. Now I don't feel so bad for losing to you in the first round - Mike
  8. I'm kinda drunk right now, so will fill in the obvious ones. The ones I need to think about will do later. I wish I kept notes during the year because I remember facing someone with an amazing manual goalie who I didn't expect (ie not one of the star players) that I would put in as best D. 01 Best Overall Coach - Rudy (honorable mention to Deer, both guys absolutely scorched the league, I originally had Deer here, but after a couple more beers I realized I needed to change it as Rudy handed my ass to me all season and had a very tough division) 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Schwartz (love the highlight reel he made of our game, plus if he did play the most games just another reason why he should win) 03 Best One-Timer Coach - 04 Best Deke Coach - Pokerchamp (I consistenly had trouble lining up his players, especially Selanne, there's no doubt about this vote for me) 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Oh damn, I remember one guy in particular who totally deserves this. Had a couple beauties on me. Damn. 06 Best Defensive Coach - Same here, one guy who's manual goalie was superb and I can't remember who it was. Damn. 07 Best Offensive Coach - Deer (he has a patent on those tic tac toe goals of his, plus just take a look at his GF... no not girlfirend, the GF that matters!!! lol) 08 Most Improved Coach - Fenty (is capable of beating anyone at any time) 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - JotaC (maybe it's because he beat me in the playoffs, but he's a wolf in sheeps clothing, last year Edmonton, this year St Louis, wow) 10 Best Replacement Coach - BloodyThroats (no question, he really went out of his way to get his games in, good job!) 11 Best Rookie Coach - Pokerchamp (no question, he's a great player, any outsider who watched our games would have said he deserved to win all of them, well he pretty much did anyways, but I have some tricks up my sleeve the next time we meet as I think I found a weakness ;-) 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Someone get me another beer before I have to go to the bar!! - EnergyMike (I gotta change my forum login)
  9. Ya, as you can see by the game by game scores, I would win one, and then in the next game I would be thinking "okay, that was good,I can put him away if I win this next one, gotta come out firing" but he would fight back harder and win every time. It was like he was toying with me the whole series, everytime I had him on the ropes he came back throwing punches hard. The only game I maybe let up a little on was game 6 because I thought the momentum from how game 5 ended would carry me... man was I wrong! He fought back harder than ever in that one. But it's a dangerous game continually putting yourself in must win game after must win game and will probably catch up at some point. But he pulled it off beautifully against me. I'm rooting for Deer in his series since he deserves it. And Rudy and Pokerchamp will be tough competition in the west (I'm rooting for Jota since he beat me). But wouldn't it be funny, and sort of representative of how the season went, if it's a Jota vs Shaka final?
  10. Ya, 0-0 into the third one game, 12-7 another, what a dynamic series. We really need to get broadcast rights for these games. I'd love to watch this series. Is 19 goals a playoff record? That's more than a goal a minute!!! Crazy.
  11. Wow, very impressive upset. I know Boston is a strong player, played some ex's with him. Congrats.
  12. I haven't seen anything official posted about how this will be handled so I'll post my suggestion for how to fill next seasons Snes A league at least... We should have a few of the experienced A league guys (Deer, Schwartz, etc) pick the players from last seasons A league that they know are committed and good players, who don't go missing when it comes time to get games played. Then fill in the many voids with the best committed B leaguers, perhaps even holding a mini tournament or one-on-one series where guys can play as any team they want if there are any close calls amongst the A and B candidates. I know this may be obvious, but just making sure it's out there. The one-on-one series wouldn't be too hard to manage, you just tell player x and player y that there is one spot availble between the two of them, go play a 7-gamer together and the winner gets the spot. Mini tournament wouldn't be much harder to do, maybe you have 5 players and 2 spots open, give each team a week to play a 3 game series against each of the other teams, best two records make it, any tie can be settled with a tiebreaker series. Anyone who can't find time to get the games done in the week wouldn't have the commitment needed for a full season so gets cut. There shouldn't be any sort of first-come first-served thing as far as determining who actually is in the A league next year. Also, there should be no tolerance for people with firewall issues. If you don't know how to get around your firewall you shouldn't be allowed in to the league period. No point having guys waste their time with these people.
  13. B leaguers. I think we need a separate B leaguer forum. Keep their types away from our superior A leaguer discussions.
  14. Yup I agree with both. The second one isn't as important as the first I think.
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