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  1. Previous season stats would not cause Sergei Fedorov to score fewer than 10 goals and 10 assists in an entire season. He is one of the players whose stats were very low in several attempts to simulate a season. And the player he was copied over was a top player for the other team. So something is going wrong when players are copied and pasted over other players in NOSE. Data is being corrupted somewhere, or the NHL 95 GENS game is getting confused by the changes. As an alternative, I have switched to the PC version of NHL 95. It has better editing tools and a draft utility that allowed me to quickly create a draft league. The gameplay is slower and I would rather play the GENS version, but I guess it is the only option other than using NHL 94 for GENS.
  2. Thanks for the help. The keyboard keys for line changes and the tip for full-screen mode in DosBox were a major help. Once I saw the tip about line changes, I remembered that this is how it worked with late iterations of the NHL game on PC ... at least through the late 1990s. I really wish there was a way to speed up gameplay, though. It's really slow, so the game doesn't really play as much like the Genesis version as I expected. One-timers and opportunities for those kinds of shots seem to be much more rare, although I've only played a couple of test games thus far. Do people find that the computer AI is any more challenging than the Genesis version? Usually it becomes easy to dominate these games in a hurry. Do season simulations hold up for edited files and draft leagues? I was trying to edit NHL 95 for Genesis and swap players between teams, but this was somehow corrupting some aspect of the game that the NOSE editor can't access. So the simulation results were getting screwed up with some players barely compiling any statistics. Hopefully this PC version can be edited freely without those problems. I've downloaded a bunch of editors and tools that were posted on this forum.
  3. I'm using the link from this thread, so the file name is setup-01278-NHL_Hockey-95-Dosbox.exe.
  4. I did not choose to install an icon on the desktop. Apparently this means there is no way to launch the game. So it's a problem with Abandonware-France and its installer. There are no shortcuts or ways to launch the game from the install location. I reinstalled and added the desktop icon and that works. I also found a controller setting that was still using the keyboard even though I had followed the prompts when I started the game and calibrated my joystick. The big problem, though, is that I seem to be unable to change lines in the game, even during the stoppage when the line choices are highlighted and cycled. The game does not respond to any button press at all when the line choices are cycling. So I am stuck perpetually with the first line on the ice. I'll try to find instructions for the game, but it's frustrating that the controls are so screwy. Maybe it's still a problem with the joystick or calibration. Also, DosBox only loads in a small window. There is no option to increase the window size in Windows. And the NHL 95 gameplay for PC seems way slower than NHL 94 for GENS on an emulator. Is this a problem with some kind of setting in DosBox, or was the game truly slow and sluggish?
  5. I really hope someone can help me. I can no longer find the original NHL 95 files posted in the main thread on this game, and the installation instructions are no longer valid because of this. All I get from abandonware sites is an ISO file, so I tried the link above and successfully installed NHL 95. The installer then asked me to run the program, and I it loaded in DosBox. However, even though I calibrated the joystick in the game, the joystick would not work at all during gameplay. DosBox correctly identifies the controller and says it's a 4-axis controller. But the joystick only works on the game menus. During gameplay, the controlled player cannot be moved or take any action under any circumstance. It is also not clear how I am supposed to subsequently run the game. Dragging the game onto DosBox doesn't work, and I have no idea how to mount or run the game from DoxBox or from the directory where Abandonware-france installed it. Could someone explain how I'm supposed to run the game and how to get the game or DosBox to use my Logitech 4-axis controller and actually control the players?
  6. Could you explain more precisely what you mean by season sim data? I moved players using a clean ROM with no active season. Then I simulated seasons for testing. So do you mean there is somehow data set up for season play, this is getting corrupted? Or are you thinking that I made these moves by editing a ROM with an active season that was partially simulated? Is there any other NHL editor that would allow me to do a draft league with the GENS version of NHL '95 or NHL '94?
  7. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I've successfully used the NOSE editor and some other tools in the past to make minor changes to my ROMs. Now I'm currently experimenting for the first time with using NOSE to 'trade' players and create a draft league of sorts. I'm doing this with an NHL '95 ROM for now. I started by simply copying players from one instance of NOSE to another and replacing four players on one particular team. I then copied the players I was replacing onto the rosters of the teams from which I copied the original three players. Two teams did not have enough bytes to paste and replace a player, so I deleted a player from each one before overwriting another. I got all the players in place, updated the lines, and then saved my ROM. In running a test season, however, most of the players who were added to the teams compiled hardly any stats, even though they were on SC1, PP1, and, in some cases, on PK1. So, for example, Sergei Fedorov is on the Toronto roster along Yuri Khmylev and Andrei Kovalenko. They are all on SC1 and PP1. Igor Larionov was also added to Toronto and is the center for SC2 and PP2. Strangely, Federov had fewer than 10 goals and 10 assists in three different test seasons. Khmylev and Kovalenko likewise have largely non-existent stats. Yet Larionov puts up incredible numbers, scoring over 130 points and leading the entire league in scoring. He appears to be getting way too much time at center, while Federov is getting almost none. Player usage for some of the players who were swapped to other teams is also a bit off even though the lines are all set correctly with the new players. Interestingly, though, the results are as expected with Doug Gilmour, who was copied onto the Detroit roster and is the center for SC2 and PP2 to replace Fedorov. He is getting all the playing time and stats you would expect. And so is Mike Eastwood, who was swapped with Khmylev on the Buffalo roster. Does anyone have any idea why these problems would occur? Is there a way to create a draft league ROM and copy all players into place and then have the ROM simulate games and produce accurate results? I would appreciate any help people can provide.
  8. I was able to get to the correct period timer once I started a season, but now I'm running into a bigger problem with editing NHL '96 for GENS. I've done the same editing work as I did for NHL '94 and NHL '95, but unlike the others, you don't get a screen like that before you play your season games. So there is no way to access the 7-minute period length for season games. There is a different screen for establishing your settings once you've entered season mode, and only the original period timers appear. There has to be a different area of the game where the season timers are stored. NOSE doesn't seem to offer access to this. Does anyone know how to successfully get a different period length for season play with NHL '96?
  9. I'm using the NOSE editor, and while it has an area to edit the "timers" for the game, this only applies to new games on the main screen. It does not apply to the available period lengths when creating a new season in NHL '95. There is clearly a setting somewhere that the NOSE editor does not access. My changes to the available period lengths appear on the new game screen for NHL '94 and for NHL '95, but they don't apply to new season options in NHL '95. Does someone know how to edit the period lengths for seasons in NHL '95 using NOSE or some other editor?
  10. Does anyone know if there is a Genesis ROM for NHL 95 that has an assist bug fix that is similar to the one for NHL 94? I've found that this bug carried over into the NHL 95 version, and assists are still not properly awarded on occasion.
  11. I created a copy of the NHL 95 ROM and did some editing to reflect actual trades that took place during the season. However, NHL 95 seems not to recognize the new uniform numbers that the players have in NOSE. They are correct in NOSE, but they show up as the numbers that the previous players wore in those same slots in the game. For example, I created a player for the Islanders, copied Kirk Muller's data over to that player, then changed his uniform number. I then deleted the original Kirk Muller with the Canadiens. I repeated this process for the other players involved in the Canadiens-Islanders trade that year. But all of the players are wearing the numbers of the players that they replaced on the roster and in the lines. For example, Muller is wearing Turgeon's #77 for the Islanders, and Turgeon is wearing Muller's #11 for the Canadiens. Can this be fixed? Am I doing something wrong, and is there a better way to swap and trade players within NOSE?
  12. Does anyone know where we can get the 70s and 80s ROMs that were originally posted here? The website is completely gone now.
  13. I played NHL94 and NHL95, and I prefer the latter. I didn't remember a weight bug from my experience with NHL95, and there definitely isn't one now that I've started using an emulator and playing the game again. Checking ratings have their full value and definitely help you distinguish heavy hitters from those who can only occasionally lay someone out. It's too easy to score 10 to 15 goals in a game of NHL94. The slow pace makes it far too easy to maneuver and set up one-timers. That being said, the AI in NHL95 is not the greatest either. But the fast pace and physical play make it more competitive, though you can eventually get to a point where you can beat the AI in every game, even with the worst teams in the league.
  14. Does the weight bug exist in NHL 95 as well as NHL 94? Will the program that fixes the NHL 94 bug fix the NHL 95 ROM (if needed)?
  15. This is where I'm confused. How do you use NOSE to actually modify the rosters? I don't see a way to trade players between teams or otherwise move them around. Is there a way to empty the rosters and then move all the needed players onto them? It seems to me that NOSE just lets you edit players, delete them or add them. But then there's also the issue of free bytes, and I'm not sure if that would cause problems when trying to 'draft' players to teams.
  16. Is there a utility that allows a user or league commissioner to conduct a player draft using the NHL 94 and NHL 95 ROMs? I have a copy of NOSE, but I don't think it has a draft function. How have online draft leagues managed to put together their rosters? Thanks in advance for replies.
  17. Where is the stat extractor located? Is there a place to download the version that can plug into a website database for storing and displaying league stats? Is the extractor compatible with save states from other emulators like Kega Fusion? Is there a manual for it? Thanks in advance for any help. I've looked through this topic for a download link and I've tried to find any mention of the extractor elsewhere, but I've come up empty.
  18. I've tried to create a topic about some questions that I have, but for some reason I am not allowed to do so. Could someone please fix this? I have contacted the administrator by email.
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