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  1. I got a three way tie here between Angry Jay, Chaos and Tickenest in alpabetical order! Who can pick up the common trait? Give em all a vote for me please. Also Tecmo, Indio solid guys for the community! I could only click one though and that one once stated in discord chat somewhere something similar to they'd retire 94 for hax94. Maybe im misquoting that but how can I not vote for that. I'll state obviously 94 is where it's at but there's something about all human controlled players with members from this community that is so addicting!
  2. I'm in! Any Canadian Team first! USA teams last! Overall I'll take whatever I can get. Edit: I'll take Edmonton please
  3. Anyone know how to substitute goodbyeccha's rink work into the original nhl 95 PC? There is a folder "rinks" and within are subfolders for each team and each of those contain a "rink.qfs" file. (something like that) In the original game there is a single "rinks.qfs" file so I'm not sure how to substitute all rinks?
  4. I thought I’d comment relating to my experiences this far as now I’ve successfully hosted matches and logged the results. It is IMO very well set up and it is very simple. This post I’ll share what I feel could assist future members a smooth experience. First of all I’m blown away by the community! The effort into the website is very nice and I’m not criticizing anything. I’m only sharing my thought as I’ve now experienced the process of online league play. I’ll list in order of priority. I’m also considering the reality of there will be many persons who will not be familiar with some of the terminology which may be obvious to experienced users and admins. I found that I had to search out what could be considered to be easily attainable information. I’m patient with this but many will not be. Homepage - http://www.nhl94online.com/ 1. The homepage having a very large or bold link that really stands out on “getting started”. There is a link already but I feel it is somewhat concealed. Really make this stand out. Within “Getting started” link and page http://www.nhl94online.com/html/getting-started.php 2. “Step 2 – Controller Config” The posted image looks like a mirror of step 1 image. I realize the bottom image has yellow writing but this could be highlighted. In the first sentence of step 2 I think it would be good to have “go to Settings->Input->Port 1 Binds”. Also the step 2 image could highlight “Settings” as opposed to “Load Core”. Also the Link and message below this image didn’t stand out to me and I feel it’s quite an important step. The linked page is for controller setup is very helpful. Maybe make the “Step 2 – Controller Config” a link for “controller not configured” issue? 3. “Step 4 – Loading Core and Content” I literally had know idea what a “Core” was. I figured it out quite quickly but an impatient, non tech individual will not give it a thought and leave. Maybe the first sentence in this step could clarify what is meant by “core” in relevance to a sega genesis or super nintendo console? Like literally write “A Core is the gaming system we use. Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.” This may not technically be correct but at this point f**k technicalities. Up to this point having Retroarch running with a working controller configured and a game loaded has to be the most important component in the steps before online play can begin and this is the order which is presented within “getting started”. 4. Save State. I found information in the forums. It is somewhat buried. I think this is also very important and personally think it should be brought to the forefront as well. Maybe add a “Saving the game” link/section and place it before “Netplay Guide”. I guess it could come after the “netplay guide” but I feel it should be on the “getting started” page as well? 5. Netplay as per the link contained within the “getting started” page. https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18461-how-to-netplay-over-retroarch/ I did look through the forums and tried to gather what I could regarding netplay and I still had questions. All the information is available but the location of this information could be made more readily available. I feel a link to a video would be perfect here. If there is a link to a video on this page then apologies. The title of chaos’ post “Netplay via RetroArch” would be the perfect link while also serving as the title or right underneath it. 6. Logging league games. I’m not exactly sure where to best position this but I looked in the forums and in the end I was linked by an admin. Much appreciated of this I was but I’m thinking its pretty buried within the forums. So maybe placement within the “getting started” page? I think that’s what I can think of for now in my experience for online league play. I’m somewhat understanding of tech terminology so I got by. Also the community on discord was very helpful. I feel my suggestions may have led to less questions on discord and maybe inconvenience to some on the forums. Sorry If I’ve come across as a little nitpicky and missed some obvious links or information but I think these suggestions may be useful for future members? It would have made it slightly easier for myself. Keep up the great job admins!
  5. I'd like to join if it's not to late?
  6. I'm in. Rookie here so I'm assuming this means using a ROM that has corrected this weight bug issue I've just learnt about?
  7. In my experience I would say the only thing that held me back was always putting off the figuring out the netplay. I created my account on nhl94.com in 2009. When I came across the site I was amazed and I have always kept checking in out of interest in this community. I just never took the leap of jumping in. As per recent feedback in this thread I feel a detailed instruction on netplay could attract more players? A detailed set of instructions with images or even a youtube video with a link on how to setup? I realize this takes effort so by no means am I saying "somebody has to do this!" This most likely would have had me competing earlier. I do like the idea of this being advertised on the homepage in more of a bold approach. Anyways I'm a huge fan of this community and much shout out to the creators and admins who created and keep it going. I'm really excited to finally join a league!
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