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  1. I'm in! Any Canadian Team first! USA teams last! Overall I'll take whatever I can get. Edit: I'll take Edmonton please
  2. Anyone know how to substitute goodbyeccha's rink work into the original nhl 95 PC? There is a folder "rinks" and within are subfolders for each team and each of those contain a "rink.qfs" file. (something like that) In the original game there is a single "rinks.qfs" file so I'm not sure how to substitute all rinks?
  3. I thought I’d comment relating to my experiences this far as now I’ve successfully hosted matches and logged the results. It is IMO very well set up and it is very simple. This post I’ll share what I feel could assist future members a smooth experience. First of all I’m blown away by the community! The effort into the website is very nice and I’m not criticizing anything. I’m only sharing my thought as I’ve now experienced the process of online league play. I’ll list in order of priority. I’m also considering the reality of there will be many persons who will not be familiar with some of
  4. I'd like to join if it's not to late?
  5. I'm in. Rookie here so I'm assuming this means using a ROM that has corrected this weight bug issue I've just learnt about?
  6. In my experience I would say the only thing that held me back was always putting off the figuring out the netplay. I created my account on nhl94.com in 2009. When I came across the site I was amazed and I have always kept checking in out of interest in this community. I just never took the leap of jumping in. As per recent feedback in this thread I feel a detailed instruction on netplay could attract more players? A detailed set of instructions with images or even a youtube video with a link on how to setup? I realize this takes effort so by no means am I saying "somebody has to do this!" This