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  1. Hi, my favorite NHL season is 92-93. It started on the NHL Hockey PC game and then I switched to the NHL Hockey 95 PC, here you can edit a number of things, so I'm still improving that season... Minnesota North Stars, adding players with previous seasons Guy Lafleur, Bobby Smith. I want to do it again. I've reworked the attributes of the players. (My other mods are WHA, NHL 75) 2064297719_NHLHockey92-93PC.zip
  2. During the production of WHA mode for NHL Hockey 95, I had the idea to do the 1st Czechoslovak League, but the main one for me was the mod WHA. 1.The Czechoslovak League is still in progress, but the idea with black and white pictures is excellent, the screen for the opening of the match is black and white.
  3. Great idea from League Two;) Editing almost everything, database, addresses and logos. I was an I.Hlinka fan. I'm watching a Czech League game right now
  4. I don't know how to do it except as I wrote 7-7 Eastern Conference. The entire conference counts for the playoffs anyway. I think that would be good. Split teams by geography, I think that's how the Czech Hockey league sometimes worked. Otherwise, I'm from Czech Republic:) I have a Czech League in progress, but from 1978, my youth
  5. You can find all the WHA jerseys here. http://whauniforms.com/
  6. Hey, I had 12 teams in WHA mode, so I only used the Western Conference. This could be the used Eastern Conference of 7+7 teams. Schedule's not the problem.
  7. I'm glad and I'll look forward to your work. I'll try on some new jerseys.
  8. Such words are very pleasing. I'm glad I didn't do this mod for nothing. This mod probably can't be improved any more, maybe change teams. I was also pleased with the annotated video
  9. I'd like to edit the Calgary and Cinccinati routines over the weekend.
  10. Well, that's a surprise to me. I didn't know about these fights. I was referring to the 1977 Red Law Cup. https://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poh%C3%A1r_Rud%C3%A9ho_pr%C3%A1va_1977
  11. Here I insert WHA v.1 contains the files I used while working.This version includes the Calgary Cowboys and Cincinnati Stingers teams who played in Czechoslovakia in 1977 and I saw this match on TV. The v.3 version I will produce will include this v.1 with customized player attributes and logos on the opening screen. Hockey WHA v.1.rar
  12. Hi, Ottohoffman, thank you so much for the compliment, I will try to assign the original Calgary Cowboys team in WHA v.1, originally I intended it as a selection of WHA teams and then I decided for the 1973-74 season,where unfortunately the Cowboys are no more. The whole list of WHA teams, that would be a difficult job, but I would like to gradually make jerseys and perhaps lists later. Thanks again for your contribution. I'm sorry about English:)
  13. In NHLINFO, I modified the properties of the players. There is no Dallas but Minnesota North Stars. try 273121391_NHLHockey95.rar
  14. Improved teams All-Stars and Quebec (jerseys 73-74) . New league: Enter seasons 93-94, not random, database current, not original. Choose a WHA club. The season ends with the Western Conference Final playoffs. I would like to keep improving this mod. Hockey WHA 73-74 v.2.rar
  15. Hockey WHA 73-74 v.2.rar
  16. WHA Minnesota at Quebec 2019-10-12 .avi
  17. Completing logos and roster ...
  18. For the NHL 1974-75, I'll make real NHL logos.... And now I'm going to watch tv
  19. Yes, I'd like to make it within a month.
  20. great job N°41 Kulemin NYI .... pass and tough defense (NHL15PC conversion by Goodbyeccha) bandicam 2019-04-27 21-06-52-683.avi
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