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  1. Aha, should've figured that. Yeah, I can pretty much agree on the SNES version being pretty crap. The only thing it has going for it over 94 is that it doesn't use a stupid SPC engine... 96 SNES is fine, actually, I'd say. Not as good as 94, but still fine.
  2. It slows down slightly for me, at some points... though it's mostly very playable. I have yet to try any older NHL games for it, however. 95 and beyond don't work, though. (Which isn't really a problem - 95 SNES sucks horribly, and 96-98 are pretty blah anyway...)
  3. Okay, I'm really an odd fit here. NHL 95 (Genesis) is actually my favorite of the series... probably because it's my first (Not to mention I love the music, too). I also quite love NHL 07 (PSP), possibly because I actually don't utterly suck at it. 94's the one I've been playing the most as of late, though. Probably due to all those little neat features such as the game highlights and crowd meters, though. Minor, minor features, but it's ridiculously fun to play with them.
  4. I... actually, I don't really get angry. I'll get frustrated that I can't play worth a damn, but I don't get angry or do anything like the above. I used to hit controllers on the screen, but... really, who hasn't in their younger days?
  5. Bah, I know I'm two years late, but meh. The issue with this, however, could probably be that Sega is now a third-party developer, yet Nintendo is still in business as a console developer. Nintendo may be less willing to allow the SNES version of the game be placed on a competitor's system... so they went with the Genesis version, seeing as how Sega releases games for all major consoles. This might be me being dumb at 1:30, though, so I really don't know. I'm also weirdly disturbed at how disliked NHL95 is... though that's not exactly the topic here.
  6. Yeah, a general forum would probably benefit the community as a whole. Like any other forum it'd need to be kept on close watch, though. I actually prefer the Genesis versions of NHL 94 and 95, but... if I were to play online, I'd have to use SNES mostly due to the fact that kaillera absolutely hates me.
  7. It's not just this place that some people tend to split opinions like this, however. Most places I've been to usually have the "ah it was better before" and the "it's at a high" people, as well. Myself, I really just found the place today, so I... probably shouldn't even be commenting here. (I'm not even that good at the older games, just figured I'd look for tips and such to improve...)
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