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  1. Careful - you are dangerously close to no longer being looked up to
  2. Sorry for slacking, but I've been super busy lately. I won't have time to get games in until Sunday at the earliest, but when I do I plan on getting caught up fast. Look for me. Sorry again.
  3. Don't worry. Your parents have been called and will be here to pick you up shortly.
  4. Beauty lip synch. Wilson sisters are money, though.
  5. I predict M.A. Fleury will come down with a fever and be replaced in the middle of the game. The arena's fire marshall will then pose as Fleury and "re-enter" the game, mere moments after murdering the Penguins' mascot. "Fleury" will then viciously suckerpunch somebody and get a gamer. The game will go into overtime, but the Igloo's roof will open, the scoreboard will fall to the ice, and some random helicopter will explode in the neutral zone. The game will be called a draw, but more importantly, the Igloo's fire marshall will be a hero in the eyes of his children. Meanwhile, in Montreal, confused citizens won't know whether to riot as if they won the game or riot as if they lost, so they'll do both just to be safe. EDIT: Dammit Clock, I really wish you posted that, like, two minutes sooner.
  6. GENS A - Look for me this weekend. I plan on playing a ton of games. TON OF GAMES!!
  7. My computer is getting reformatted today after 1 month of blue-screen-of-deathing, so I should be able to begin getting my ass handed to me tomorrow.
  8. Well Ice pretty much nailed it.
  9. So you're telling me there's a chance? For the record, I didn't sign up for A...
  10. Uh-oh, looks like someone just made Iceguy's rivals list! Was anyone else waiting for this guy to ask them out for dinner and a movie after?
  11. Literally the only time Rob Ray couldn't solve a physical confrontation by taking his shirt off.
  12. The difference in skill level between me and the second-worst player in GENS A - whoever that might be - is staggering. I'll stay in for the practice, but it won't be pretty. You were warned.
  13. I don't know if it's because I am sauced, but P1zza's reaction to giving up a dinger on the very first pitch is hilarious. "Wow. Zidane, you are a f**king faggot, dude"
  14. Chirping and drunken tirades are what make the forum entertaining. It kinda sucks that Big Brother locks up and hides threads every time they get interesting. We're (almost) all men here, I don't think we need to be carefully sheltered from a few arguments or naughty words. I'm not saying have a bunch of semi-retarded Dr. P1zzas running wild, or guys who are constantly looking for trouble, but maybe a little bit of personality is a good thing. So let Hokkee back so he can continue preaching clean and sober living. FREE HOKKEE!
  15. No. There are obviously tough guys who can score, and I agree that Ovie is one of them. I was thinking more in terms of someone who scores a lot and drops the gloves a lot too. I don't think Matt Bradley would let Ovechkin be that type of player even if he wanted to. I'm not sure if it's worth it, considering the risk of hurting your hands, face, shoulder etc. but I just wonder if you'll see it again. I guess Iginla would be the closest these days.
  16. You pissed yourself, Mr. Hali!
  17. I wonder if there will ever be guys like Clark, Roberts, Neely or Tocchet again.
  18. That's the one. The slide guitar and harmonizing solos are dirrrty
  19. The ability to instigate fights after the whistle is by far the best feature of the game. That and the theme music, which is pretty badass. If the players had more movement in the fights like in '93, it would be the ultimate goon game.
  20. Habs, is it safe to say you will be running around Yonge St. drunk as hell around 6:30ish tomorrow?
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