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  1. Unnecessary? Yes. Stupid? Not a chance. If a guy is dicking around with the puck like that, how can you pass up the opportunity to lay him out? It wasn't even interference - the puck was actually touching his stick blade upon contact. Just because he doesn't have control doesn't mean you shouldn't punish him for it. Don't be so soft. Your idol would tell you the same thing, even if the puck was nowhere near the guy:
  2. Beauty suicide pass. Good thing Toews is on my fantasy team... What's that Don? KIDS, WHEN YOU GET INTO THE TROLLEY TRACKS YOU BETTER KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! WANG-O! *thumbs up* Thanks Don. And yes, those out of the penalty box hits are brutal. EXHIBIT B
  3. Figures. The guy who steals the Leafs doesn't play a game and bails. Mind you, I am really getting used to this Roenick business.
  4. The real question is, which one is Mark Lesser?
  5. Should be 8-5, not 8-4. It wouldn't let me change the 4 to a 5 when I went to confirm.
  6. But he dummied Moen right? Right? f**k...
  7. It's true. I watched him cream-puff his way through two seasons for the Leafs. I went to Pittsburgh last December to see the Leafs vs. Penguins (Leafs smoked 'em) and many Penguins fans were chirping us because "[they] have Hal Gill now." They embarassed themselves. Seriously, take that piece of s**t. He is pound-for-pound the weakest defenceman in the league. This guy is so soft he got mocked by Chris Neil in a fight, who is half his size ( ).In conclusion, Todd Hal Gill sucks.
  8. Adult Safe Hockey League. It's a rec league that runs out of all the Ice Sports arenas, and has a ton of teams and divisions. Anyway, I might as well get in on the fun Number - 14 Position - RW Handedness - Right Weight - 148. I am short to say the least Speed - 5. Speed and agility is my game. Agility - 5. See above Off.Awareness - 4. I live for playmaking. Def.Awareness - 3. Technically I know what I should be doing, but I like the wing because I don't have the stamina to try hard in my own end Shot Power - 2. Hard to get too much into your shot when you weigh a buck fifty. Hence the playmaking. Checking - 2. When I was a kid I used to run around and hit anything that moved, but now I just bounce off and anger the bear. Fighting - 0. I've been in one hockey fight in my life during a line brawl. Now, like everyone else, fighting comes with a huge suspension. I enjoy dropping the gloves and separating people to feel cool. Stick Handling - 3. I used to be better, but after a few years off the ice I developed stone hands apparently. Though I played on Sunday night after going to Buffalo to see the Bills vs. Saints. After all that beer I was a solid 1. Shooting Accuracy - 3. I'm Oates, not Neely. Endurance - 2. I always take the shortest shifts because I have no gas. I blame asthma. Roughness - 3. If I played rougher I would be a "pest" Passing - 4. Love setting 'em up Aggressiveness - 4. Mucking it up in the corners is the best part of hockey. Overall = 70.
  9. Most valuable Leaf goalie in the post-lockout era...
  10. I never knew Reddick was in the Village People
  11. Guess who's paying for their own sticks? Doesn't matter though - I'd rock the woody anyway. My first stick was a really shitty senior stick that they gave away free if you filled up at Canadian Tire. Thanks Dad! Here it is in Exhibit A: They don't make twigs like that anymore. Thank God.
  12. Sher-Wood 7000. The Spezza curve is pretty straight, but I am Adam Oates, not Cam Neely.
  13. I could've sworn you were from Philly. That's like me making a video of the Sens drafting Daigle. Haha oh wait, that was an awesome moment. Carry on.
  14. He was replaced by Dany Heatley, who was also knocked off the cover for Joe Sakic. Apparently killing teammates is unbecoming of a cover athlete.
  15. Yeah I was surprised there was no eulogy for the fallen king. As an NHLPA '93 player I feel obliged to post what has probably been seen by everyone multiple times.
  16. I don't know. The whole "we could be heroes" song with the black and white footage was actually a Bauer commercial at the time. So this "great" intro was actually just shameless product placement. That being said, I own this game and loved the intro regardless. I still yell "GREAT SAVE JOSEPH" during road hockey goaltending acrobatics.
  17. Hey Zep, how'd those NHLPA '93 Theme Song tabs work out for you?
  18. Ricky Henderson in RBI 3 was a lethal force of ultimate speed and slugging power. So was Barry Bonds. Eckersley was a b***h on the mound. Couldn't tee off on him.
  19. Maybe, but Jackson isn't the all-time leader in hits which is a pretty big trump card.
  20. Congratulations to the Fort Worth Fire for getting 96 bench penalty minutes in 70 games. Was Don Cherry working the doors or something? Either that or thought they were playing with N.H.A. rules - 2 forwards, 2 d, and a rover.
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