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  1. You know, I was rooting through the player database with NOSE and I happened upon a player rated lower than Myles O'Connor.

    His name is Greg Smyth, and he played for the Flames as a defenseman. Overall rating: 29. Myles O'Connor is a 32.

    Too late to re-name the tournament? :P

    wow...poor greg...he sucks so hard and doesn't even get credit for it...poor chum

    anyhow, gave me the idea...GENS tourney is still the O'Connor, SNES is re-dubbed the Smyth...all good?

    also, still need gartner's aim and the internet's system...any time, boys

  2. Yes I would love to play in this tournament. I'd prefer GEN. but ill play whatever. I'll take any team, but NY Rangers would be my first choice. Just let me know when it starts and thanks for the invite.

    you got an aim on ya?

  3. This might take a while to fill . . .

    lol...and the fact that our snes competitors are made up of 2 gens crossovers, 2 guys in both tourneys and a guy who hasn't been logged onto the forum or aim since he signed up isn't exactly promising...but i guess we should all just take journey's advice...


  4. hello good sir, my name is TubaHero and i shall be your guide today. for today's activity you're going to need:

    a keyboard

    a mouse (preferably with both right and left click functions)

    a monitor

    all that s**t you downloaded

    first off, extract the f out of everything. and by everything, i mean the rom, zbattle, emulators, your mom, etc. anything you downloaded that's a .zip or .rar file, extract 'er (this is where the right click comes in handy). i'm not sure which emulator is better to use (personally, i use 9x, but on the other hand, i've never played online before with snes), so just extract 'em both until a real authority can give you some answers. and remember when extracting .rar files to scream "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!" it speeds things up.

    next opwn up the folder you extracted the emulator into and open it (once again, i don't give a schnitzel which emu you use.) configure your keyboard/controller (whatever you wanna use to play ze games) by going to input-joystick. then, go file-load game, then find the file of the rom that you extracted. the rom will open, and, voila! you can now kick the living daylights out of the cpu! (unless you're like me...)

    however, none of these instructions will work unless you follow this crucial last step: go to http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=10085 and sign up for the O'Connor Cup. if you don't, i can't promise that Leigh Salters won't come to your house and f up your computer so that the only rom you can play is SabreFan1's NHL 94/09, available at http://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?showtopic=9937.

    also, get an aim, and talk to someone who actually knows snes.

    tips go in the tip jar. cheers!

  5. I'd love to be on board, but I would need to know how the scheduling works.

    no real schedules...i'll just put up a bracket (seedings will be random) and you and your opponent work out when you play...though it's always best to post availability so people know when to expect you.

    BTW, is it lines on or off? Offsides on I presume?

    i figured we'd go with the classic league rules...5 minute periods, line changes off, penalties on with no offsides.

    also, Junior, quoi est ton AIM? ("what is your AIM?" for the uninformed...)

  6. I get the Penguins. AIM ICeguy94.

    TubaHero, you should check in with the newbs coming to the boards.

    yeah, i've sent a few out to some of 'em...but i think i'm just gonna do one huge-ass on now to a crudload of new guys. plus, i'll be on full ninja stalker mode tonight, so if any new kids join the forums, they'll be pm'd before they even know what hit 'em.

    Also, forget what i said last post...no way we're doing a tourney with only 9 people...that doesn't even make a respectable grade 3 clique, let alone a tourney.

  7. god, i'm jacked for this...i've pm'd a few new forumers, but none have really responded...so would anyone be totally crushed if the deadline was sooner, and we just played with these folks?

    and ps: please, for the love of god, post what team you want

  8. current competitors:

    O'Connor Cup (GENS): TubaHero: QUE (aim: meatskid1), MrSoul: (xmrsoulx), wittgenstein (philiveyismyhero), willsxx94: BOS (willsxx94), Bob Kudelski (BobKudelski26), The Four Seven: HAR (riotsword), Junior: DAL (jrd@lawyer.com), Mike Gartner is the best: NYR (greatonegsh), sarcdoc23: CAL (sarcdoc23), dwink1217: PIT (dwink1217), mutoridze (mutoridze), jahopin: TOR (diamonddictator), the internet: SJ (rien n est foutu), runningchief: EDM (therunningchief), nationals1: WIN (chris1knights@hotmail.com)

    Smyth Cup (SNES): dakattack04 (cajunman009), RedWingDevil: PIT (iceguy94), MrSoul (xmrsoulx), IQ25: WIN (iq25boogiers), Kebert Xela: NJ (p1calledChuckles), sarcdoc23: CAL (sarcdoc23), dwink1217: DET (dwink1217), the internet: SJ (rien n est foutu), runningchief: TOR (therunningchief), Junior: ANA (jrd@lawyer.com), ibttw23: QUE (hoopsrgreat23)

    want at least 8 in each division...once again, RECRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUIT!!!

    and if there is a team you specifically want, post 'er...or else i'm drawing from Trevor Cann's mask (isn't useful for much else...)

  9. Thanks. How active is this forum now days? I've been looking thru some old posts, and it seems like it's relatively slow now days. One more question. Is the cpu any challenge at all to a good player? Besides online, I can't really find good competition here to practice my skills haha. It's been a LONG time since I've played this game, and I'm getting back into it due to the boredom of the 360 and ps3 hockey games.

    let me put it this way: i am one of the worst players on these forums, and i consistently hammer the cpu

  10. I picked up a copy of Tuba Hero for Wii a few months ago. I was disappointed that it didn't have the Notre Dame fight song on it.

    i haven't played that game in ages...almost beat it on expert but can't get past the last tuba battle...that "full spit valve" attack is a killer

    and michigan state being the only fight song on there was, for me, an added bonus.

  11. I have an AIM account from years back, just never use it. How do you play via the emulator.. do I need to buy a controller or what? I can't play a game using the computer keyboard haha.

    you dont need a controller...just go to "options-joypads" in the emulator to set up your keyboard...that's what it is for gens anyways, i think its something like "input-joysticks" for snes.

  12. LOL on the online record.. must have played Dr. Pizza 6 times.. :D

    oh lord wags, not dr. pizza...that name just does not need to be mentioned

    ps jesus, we've never really "met", but happy birthday man. you are nothing less than a genius from what i've seen of your work (nhl 91 FTW!)

  13. When you're 2-28-1 lifetime online (.080 winning percentage!) you start to forget what winning against a real human being feels like. And when even the C/D division of a league is hanging you out to dry nightly (1-21-1 avec les Nords) you start to wonder "how the hell will i ever pick up some wins?"

    Now, this is just my story, however I'm sure there are similar ones out there. My solution? A noob tourney!

    Dubbed after Myles O'Connor, the worst rated player in the game, this tourney will showcase the not-so-best and brightest of the bunch. It'll be a GENS tourney (if you suck and play SNES, you have rightfully earned my full condolences) with the original rom, format depending on how many players join (most likely a single-elimination bracket). To join you must either 1) be an "experienced" player who has noticed a lack of skills or 2) be a relatively new member of the community who hasn't found their footing. I WILL background check, and any player with past triumphs will be banished.

    Post the team you want here, along with AIM.

    EDIT: here are yon brackies:

    EDITED EDIT: brackies moved to score report threads

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