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  1. i did get all the scores right...i just put them in the wrong order of which we played them...i just decided to group the home games together, just in case of any confusion.

    order of played:

    stl 4 @ que 2

    que 4 @ stl 5 (ot)

    que 2 @ stl 4

    stl 3 @ que 2

    i doubt anyone cares, but i just thought i'd clear this up (what else is there to do in grade 9 business class?) :)

  2. TubaHero here, first got hooked on the game when my cousin borrowed a genesis from one of his friends, ended up hooked. after a brief stint playing the nhl 06 ps2 version of the game, which failed to kindle the same passion (i mean, john liu playing first line left wing for quebec? seriously...), i stumbled over here, picked up the emulator and rom, and stayed up till 2.

    aim is MeatSkid1, msn is mf_67@live.ca, and chances are if im online, im looking for a game

  3. Hey, TubaHero here, just signed up for the spring league, can't wait to get some action.

    Just wondering though, what has to happen test game-wise? Do i have to sign up for an official game, or do i just have to have played someone online before?

    PS aim is MeatSkid1 and msn is mf_67@live.ca, contact either if you want to get an online game going, but for gens only

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