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  1. I don't even internet-know you, but I do internet-recognize you. So I believe that's enough for me to be able to wish you a happy birthday, good sir.
  2. Good reading! Seriously though, I do think this crosses the line...would love to hear mav's side of this, of course. See the logic behind this total dick move. If not, BANHAMMER!!!!!1!!!!!
  3. So my family just announced we'll be driving to Florida (leaving Wednesday night/Thursday morning midnight) instead of flying...so...yeah, doesn't look like we'll get our games in, rage. Sorry.
  4. No, I still have two games left, but that's nice of you to say .
  5. Add me to the wait list as well, please.
  6. It's because of you I will sometimes refer to this one kid I know named Matt Hartley as, well, I'm sure you can figure it out . So, I think you deserve a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  7. I am planning on finishing my games, I'm just saying I'm pretty sure I have first pick locked up...again .
  8. Never, ever let us play together again. Possibly the two worst manual goaliers in 2on2.
  9. You, my friend, are one bad-ass mofo. Miller was amazing, that was really the big difference. Brodeur was pretty shaky at the start, but eventually settled down fairly well. In the end, the US had their s**t together, Canada didn't.
  10. This totally answers the editing question I was about to ask. Thanks, kgman! EDIT: Aww, way to move it...
  11. AIM Express. Bestest thing since the abolishment of grammar. http://download.aim.com/client/express
  12. AIM. Have it? If yes: post it here. If no: get one, then post it here.
  13. http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/artic...ed-in-car-crash My heart goes out to the Burke family. From what I heard, he was just a easily likable guy, and was breaking tremendous new ground ever since coming out. Either way, always a shame to see someone to go out like that, and I'm sure Brian might be distracted from the Leafs for the next little while, and rightly so. RIP
  14. Not to mention Giguere now too... http://tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=308472 I think that this'll be good for the future, but not so good for now, considering our forward power is pretty much down to Phil Kessel. Have to wonder, though, what Burkie's plans are for Gustavsson, and also whether or not Phaneuf will take Schenn's spot as heir apparent for the C.
  15. A very happy birthday to my choice 2on2 partner!
  16. Nats, I specifically said I wanted in this s**t, and you know it...however, if you need a replacement, I'm still up for it...f**kwad.
  17. The last picture of Rob Ray and Tony Twist made me jizz a little on the inside. Thank you.
  18. Incidentally, if we are going with real ratings, I am NOT going to be Latvia. Just sayin'...
  19. 'Tain't fixed ratings, if I'm not mistaken, but reduced ratings. In fixed, everyone will be rated exactly the same (I believe), while in Logan's he just dropped everyone down a few notches. Correct me if I'm wrong...
  20. Dammit, I was epicly in love with the proposed format. Give us a chance to mold our own destinies...ah well, I suppose that would be a s**t-ton of work. And as I said earlier, I will take the Latvians.
  21. I know Drezz is signed up here, although he never really posts...other than that, IQ25 is the famous Dick Large . I was a 94er first, but your little thread for the VIHL brought me over to TBN. And the rest, as they say, is history.
  22. Sigulda HC FTW. I'm just sayin', Baily
  23. The goat of 09 is coming back for more. Put me in B, or else
  24. Chris, you are poop. From Sam :D

  25. Was gonna say no 'cause I thought 1 on 1 was maximum flakiness, but then I tried it. Now I am addicted. Sigh...
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