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  1. Me vs Iceguy for the finals. What is this, Classic C consolation round? ;)

    As much as a live game would be totally bad-ass, Logan...at that time, I'll be somewhere on the interstate, approaching the lovely city of Naples, Florida. If you can record and put it up on the site, though, I'd definitely love to watch it whenever I get the chance.


  2. botom line Pierre Mcguire wrecked the game... I threw my slipper at the T.V. when he was talking

    You, my friend, are one bad-ass mofo.

    Miller was amazing, that was really the big difference. Brodeur was pretty shaky at the start, but eventually settled down fairly well. In the end, the US had their s**t together, Canada didn't.

  3. http://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/artic...ed-in-car-crash

    Brendan and his friend, Mark A. Reedy, 18 of Michigan, were in a two-car accident at about 2:50 p.m. Friday in Wayne County, according to local police.

    My heart goes out to the Burke family. From what I heard, he was just a easily likable guy, and was breaking tremendous new ground ever since coming out. Either way, always a shame to see someone to go out like that, and I'm sure Brian might be distracted from the Leafs for the next little while, and rightly so.

    RIP <_<

  4. PS - Mr. Riss, nice to see you! Didn't know any TBNers were here besides Cole. I like the promotion for your expansion bid :P

    I know Drezz is signed up here, although he never really posts...other than that, IQ25 is the famous Dick Large :P. I was a 94er first, but your little thread for the VIHL brought me over to TBN. And the rest, as they say, is history. :D

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