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  1. I'm leaving tomorrow for a 2 week stay up at mon cottage. We get wireless up there, so I'll be able to check the forums every once in a while on my iPod Touch, however I'll be unable to play any games while there. Since 94/09 and Blitz are about to start up, and 2 on 2 signups may be coming up soon, I'd just thought I'd explain my upcoming inactivity. If you need to tell me anything, PM me - I won't have access to AIM.

    GL and Godspeed to all.

  2. I voted wait. Using two different ROMs for one season will just strike confusion, and besides, if the ROM is gonna be done tonight, we might as well...

  3. Congratulations nationals1, champion of the first (and most likely only) O'Connor Cup. You are the winner of this trophy I put together in about 2-3 minutes.


    Kudos to everyone who actually played their games. This was kind of a sketchy tourney and the fact that it took almost 2 months to complete is...laughable, I suppose. However, extreme gratitude to sarcdoc, who was quicker to play his games than Fleury, and to Mike Gartner is the Best, who was called upon early to come back in when no one from a first rounder would show up.

    GL and Godspeed to all, and drive home safely.

  4. Team: New York Islanders

    First Line

    G - Mike Vernon

    LD - Eric Weinrich

    RD - Mark Tinordi

    LW - Theoren Fleury

    C - Adam Oates

    RW - Christian Ruuttu

    X - Dave Gagner

    Second Line

    G - Jeff Reese

    LD - Stephane Richer

    RD - Michel Petit

    LW - Adam Graves

    C - Kelly Miller

    RW - Dave Gagner

    X - Theoren Fleury

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