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  1. Anybody know what's the best way to put in new team banners (I'm talking about the playoff/pause screen banners) and change the colors? I've been able to make new banners, but when I go to put them in through TM, they show up discolored in the actual game. Do I need to import the internal palette of the individual team colors or what? Any help is greatly appreciated; this is pretty much the only thing left I have to figure out
  2. ahhh yes......the cooperalls, one of hockey's greatest failures how could we forget?
  3. Hex line 001DCA1E offset 001DCA24 (should be the sixth offset in the 001DCA1E line): the number on this offset will be 1, the first team's overall, and it goes in order all the way to the last team's at 30 (either Washington or whatever team you replaced Washington with) hope this helps
  4. thanks a lot man, I took your advice and was able to figure it out pretty quickly (shows just how much I know about this hacking business eh?). Now it's time to work on those annoying team banners (but that's a whole different story...)
  5. Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows where the HEX values are for the team overalls in wboy's 30 team hack. I know how to change the team overalls in hexeditor with the normal nhl94 bin file, but I can't seem to find the values in the hacked version. Any ideas/info?
  6. thanks a lot man, that should definitely help. I forgot to mention I was using tile molester, so at least I have step 1 done! I'm sure your bookmarks would be a great help for me, take your time with that one, I'll definitely be using it (luckily there's a lot of great hockey going on now to keep me busy too!)
  7. actually, I was referring to the main logos on the select team screen, but I did put in one center ice logo which was discolored too, do you edit them basically the same way?
  8. Hello all, first time caller, long time listener (so to speak...) anyways, thanks to the incredible wboy's NOSE editor and some other tips and topics throughout the forum, I've been working on my own hack of NHL94. I've been able to do all the teams, names, jerseys, etc (aka everything in NOSE) and am now starting out with editing the logos and banners in the game with Tile Molester. I've been able to change the intro screen, and now am in the process of getting the logos into the game (I don't have them all in yet, but I know how to and I'm finishing them up now), but don't know quite how to recolor them to match up correctly without screwing up the .bin file (I do have backups though). Currently, for the most part, the logos are recolored to match the team banner colors (for example, the logo that replaced the blackhawks is mostly black and red). By the way, I'm using wboy's 30 team NHL94 hack, in case that makes a difference (and from what I've read, it does) Any tips for a first time hacker (I've already picked up a lot from this site alone) on how to fix up the colors would be GREATLY appreciated Thanks in advance...... P.S. go Pens