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  1. Hello again, After researching with the genesis version, I think the PP adv, PK adv home ice adv ect is located 4 digits before the listing of each teams number of forwards and defense. ie. 02 10F8 , F8= 15 forwards and 8 defenders for this team. What I am unsure of is if 0 (the first digit) is for PP, or PK? If someone knows, I would like clarification. If the first digit is PP then 2=strong, 1=avg and 0=weak. The second digit would then be PK, 2=insignificant, 1=avg and 0= strong, And the third digit would be home ice adv, 2=high, 1=avg, 0=low. I have no idea whether the last digit
  2. Hey guys, I need help editing the PPadv/disadv, PKadv/disadv, Home ice adv high/low, and Road adv high/low. A while ago Swos and Mitz posted a response to this topic on the old forum. There was a picture example using the Buffalo Sabers showing the location of the home ice adv high/low using the hex editor. This post is no longer on the forum, I am wondering if someone could find this post or explain it again. As far as I remember, the location of the home ice adv high/low used to follow the uniform colours and the number of attackers and defenders per team (E8= 10 forwards 8 defenders).
  3. Hi all, I remember last year someone on the forum found the location of the Home/Road team advantage/disadvantages and the PP and PK adv/disadv, I think it was swos. Since I began playing nhl94, I have noticed that certain teams cover and defend better then others. I also noticed how some teams pass much quicker and accurately than others. So I decided to experiment, and I tried four teams and gave them identical type players. I used Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Los Angeles, and gave them the exact same lineup as Chicago. I found that with identical players, Toronto and Montreal were sig
  4. Thanks wboy! how is sega cd not the popular choice? I played sega all my life and just started playing sega cd, and I prefer it. The game play is superior and the music tracks are much better.
  5. That sounds awesome!!! hey guys how do you play these online leagues, what software is needed?
  6. Hey Guys, In the last little while I have had the benefit of playing NHL94 on Sega Cd. Donny was right, it is SUPERIOR to sega and snes gameplay. I was wondering if anyone knows how to play burned sega cd games on playstation 1? does anyone know of a person who could install a modchip to make that possible. What is the associated cost with installing a modchip? Also, I hope one day, wboy will be able to create a NOSE editor for sega cd. I think the online gaming community on this forum would benefit greatly from playing the sega cd version in their league play. It is much smoothe
  7. The most important position regardless of manual goalie control is the Goalie!!! Patrick Roy is by far the number one goalie in NHL94. Because he has 99 glv left 99 glove right, he is able to stop one timers that belfour or anyone else cannot. His 99 puck control also makes sure he does not give up rebounds, something belfour does. What is this draft? are you picking players from 94 to make a team? do all the teams have equal home adv--dis?
  8. Poor Goulet, how he has fallen from grace!! I personally never pay attention to hot and cold. There have been times players have played worse with a hot rating and better with a cold rating. Every game presents something different.
  9. What happened to all the free space in the sega cd version you used to create more bytes in the genesis version? Is it impossible to add a second goalie to the NYR, they only have one? Regardless of the bytes situation, the NOSE editor is incredible! especially for orginizing, uniform changes, and all the other small changes. I know it is way less tedious than the hex editor, especially with the ratings bar, telling you how good the player becomes as a result of and increase in their overall stats. Soccer1
  10. hey wboy, I am extremly impressed with your NOSE editor. I was wondering when, or if the editor will be ready for SEGA CD. There is a huge following on this forum that edits, burns and plays sega cd games. If there is a way to make NOSE iso compatable, that would be hugely appreciated. Thanks Soccer1
  11. Swos, can we do anything about the location of the blueline censors? It would be cool to have that extra room. I think the trapazoid on one end is fine. We cannot see behind the North net, but it would look cool behind the south net. And the thank you fans would look great! I also tried to make the color of the glass slightly lighter to look transparent. I think the color I choose looks better. Maybe i can email it to you and see what you guys think.
  12. soccer1

    NOSE 1.0b released!

    Wboy, NOSE is amazing!!. It makes editing so much easier. I was wondering if you could add home/away adv/disadv and pp/pk adv/dis to the teams section. I know that in the game certain teams are better at home and on the road due to an adv or dis in the roster section. you can have 100%avd 50% adv or 0% adv at home and on the pp. Same goes for away and pk. I think that 0=0% 1=50% and2=100% adv or dis. If you could add that to the teams menu, that would completely change the way the teams play. Thank you for NOSE, greatly appreciated. Soccer1
  13. The beauty of the trapzoid is, in NHL 94 the goalies only can come out as far as the new NHL rules. The NHL 94 goalies can only come a certain amount out of the net. Hopefully we can find a way to graphically enter the trapazoid behind the net. I was also wondering if it is possible to move the bluelines out to the red dots (remove the red dots for faceoff. The red dots just outside the bluelines would extend the enzone like the new nhl. The view of the NHL94 rink would support the blueline out to the red dots, you would still see the whole endzone. Any further out, the camera angle woul
  14. Hi all, Does anyone know how to move the bluelines out on the nhl94 rink? That would give more room in the offensive zone and allow for a bigger attacking zone. It would be like the new nhl, smaller neutral zone and bigger end zone. And the nets do not need to be touched because they were not moved out when this game was made. Wboy is there a way to add this to your rink data like the updated chages swos made to the nets and crease? Hope this is possible, it would make probably for a higher scoring game, even more then nhl94 already is.
  15. I like the Backcheck, that would be a cool looking editor. That is some old shool 94.