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  1. Wow, I was kind of suprise to see so many hits... just sadly I think a few people missed the point. Maybe I mis-stated, but I think what I mean is more like this... Anyone who's been around here for a while will remember some of the best NHL94 players using crappy teams (kgman with Hartford for example). I'd like to think that was because guys with serious skill like a real challenge. I would just think that a knowingly good player would log on and purposly choose a solid team know they'd come on here and just kick the crap out of people! haha I was just thinking, in an ideal world and for the betterment of the site in general, it would be nice to see solid teams picking crappier teams and leaving the better teams for guys who are learning so instead of winning 10-0, maybe you win 5-1... haha wouldn't that be sweet? Or dare I suggest people voluntarily switching to crappier teams once they realize they're dominating their league?? wow! What a crazy concept! Guys, go out.. have fun... and play fair.. if someone stinks - try to take it easy, espeically the newbies, or these guys won't stick around (then you won't have ANYONE to play! )
  2. Maybe I'm just crying, whatever... But just a friendly suggestion for all the "good" players out there. You know the ones who know all the cheesy scoring tricks and use it contantly, all game long... Can you PLEASE try and pick crappier teams next time around? I mean, don't you like a challenge? I'm the kind of player who like to create plays, pass the puck around, just have fun... but there are too many people here "In it to win it" and insist on LIGHTING UP new players and those who just play for fun. I don't mind you being "cheep" or whatever people call it, but just choose a less skilled team Leave Chicago, Detroit, etc for the new players who are just learning! It's for the greater good and long term success of the league. Thanks!
  3. Ah Phili.... fiddlesticks, I think they were my last ranked team! haha Oh well, I'm pumped, going to try and get games going this week!! SWEEET!
  4. Confirming: Marq Gee Both live in the same area as me, good connections.
  5. Ah! Nice suprise! Glad I checked in today.
  6. Havn't been here in a looooong time! Still interested in the Fall league, but I think with such a long hyatus and all the other leagues happening, I thing the first league back is going to be a struggle. All the thought that went into planning multiple leagues, skill levels, etc will have possibly all gone to waste (at least for now). Unfortunatly, when something sits for too long, people tend to lose the momentum. On a more positive note, I think with some time and effort, this place can be back to the great gathering point it once was. Going to keep checking in once a month, however maybe someone can organize an email list, or Evan can email everyone once he's decided on a start date? See ya all in the Fall.
  7. Any progress here? Doing my monthly check in... doesnt seem like it's ready for registration yet. Time frame to check back?
  8. Ah nice, glimmer oh hope. Hope it happens.
  9. I just don't get how we couldn't just do 1 more season as it was and you guys could make the changes while the season was going on? It's just a shame that we're going to lose so many of the original players. I know personally... I haven't played a game since the Fall league ended (althought most others appear to be). I think there will be some forgiveness if things are not 100% right of the hop... I just wanna get some games in before I totally lose interest. Are we talking about weeks? or months?
  10. What exactly are our demands? Maybe we need to come up with a list and then propose it, then get it turned down, lose a whole season, then realize how unrealistic our demands are, and how overpaid our players are, then end up with less than what we started with.
  11. I'm in too... its a long wait for the new season. Stats would be awesome too!
  12. Just want to know if there has been any changes to the dates set and when we might expect a league to get going... I'm already getting the itch to start playing again!! Also... I like that idea too actually. I think if you take all the returning teams from last year, and weight them according to their finish and then have Evan randomize it, that would be great, just like the NHL. (Obviously we'de have to trust Evan, but I think he's proven he's fair and unbias by now)
  13. Ya, sorry guys, I was called out of town unexpected... I spoke to a few guys about getting games in before. Understandable though, you have to keep it moving. I sent you a message dmitry, so ignore that. If there is any other available spot, I'm still interested. I'm usually a reliable guy, just had a rough week. Appologies, once again.
  14. 01 Best Overall Coach - Newjerseykillers 02 Best Sportsmanship Coach - Jacob 03 Best One-Timer Coach - The County 04 Best Deke Coach - Newjerseykillers 05 Best Slapshot Coach - Marq 06 Best Defensive Coach - addisonbr 07 Best Offensive Coach - hokkeefan 08 Most Improved Coach - Rocco 09 Best Coach With A Low Rated Team - Cash Money 10 Best Replacement Coach - Jamonica 11 Best Rookie Coach - Newjerseykillers 12 Coach Who Stuck It Out Through The Hard Times - Jacob
  15. Ya, as if anyone would actually believe that anyways. Way to ignore the issue. Just admit you juggled your predictions after the results and move on. All in good fun.
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