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  1. Picked up the Genesis game used for 1.25, and found a Genesis used for 20 bucks.. For under 30 shipped, it's a win-win for me. I'll never play any other Genesis game, but Nhl94 is worth a 30 dollar investment to me and my friends. Thanks to this site, I've been shown the true differences. I'm still shocked this site even exists lol
  2. I'm unbiased, so I feel my opinion is solid. Things SNES version is better at: Passing Goalie animation and control Controller Things SEGA version is better at: Speed Gameplay Slapshots Overall hockey "feel" Fun factor I'm a SNES guy, as I was only allowed one system as a kid and picked SNES. Back then, you coundn't just pick up a Genesis for 20 bucks like you can now, so I had to make a choice. I am going to buy myself a Genesis as well as Nhl94 used for a dirty cheap price. I don't like the Genesis controller, but the gameplay is so solid I'll learn to live with it. Nhl94 on SNES appears to be in slow motion, and the skaters move like they're in quicksand. It's sad to see, but I'm able to put aside my SNES "loyalty" to show love to the ideal Nhl94, which is the SEGA version. Man is the SNES version slow now! I always thought the SNES was the more advanced system. Sad day for SNES fans, but it ain't even close!
  3. Played this game for the Genesis last night at a friend's house and damn... It's so much faster it's crazy. I prefer the Genesis game in every way now, minus the terrible controller. You Sega guys were right lol
  4. Bump it up.. Lots of new members like me are interested in this debate I'm sure.. I made a new post about it, and I'm sure that gets old to the people who have been on here a while haha. Maybe make this a sticky topic if this forum has that? GREAT post!
  5. Cool, I hope they chime in here with their opinions. Which game is widely viewed as the superior version?
  6. Just wondering what the main differences are? I've viewed some videos on YouTube and I think I may prefer the way the Genesis version looks. I love the Snes controller though, so I'd rather have that over slightly improved graphics. Do the games pretty much play identically?
  7. Thanks. How active is this forum now days? I've been looking thru some old posts, and it seems like it's relatively slow now days. One more question. Is the cpu any challenge at all to a good player? Besides online, I can't really find good competition here to practice my skills haha. It's been a LONG time since I've played this game, and I'm getting back into it due to the boredom of the 360 and ps3 hockey games.
  8. I have an AIM account from years back, just never use it. How do you play via the emulator.. do I need to buy a controller or what? I can't play a game using the computer keyboard haha.
  9. I just stumbled across this website today. Great looking site! It's nice to see people still have love for the game that started it all. Just wanted to give props on an excellent website. Appears to be a lot of nice info on here.
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