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  1. The definitely last update of the season. I´m back in October. 21_5.DBX.rar
  2. Final update for the season, have fun! I´ll be back in the autumn 21_4.rar
  3. With COVID lockdown in Finland and all the bars closed, I might as well have a few beers at home and make an extra update. 21_3.rar
  4. As usual, I noticed a few mistakes. They are now fixed and I also added a few new players. 21_2.rar
  5. Hi again! Here´s the first update for the NHL season ´21. It´s going to be a short season so I guess, I´m going to do only one update more after the trade deadline. 21_1.rar
  6. Last update for the season. I´ll be back in October. 20_3.DBX.rar
  7. Extra update! I found mid season report cards for quite a few teams so this update should reflect pleyers current form bit better. 20_2.rar
  8. First update for a new decade. I´m gonna do one more update this season in early March after the trade deadline. 20_1.rar
  9. Screwed up again and forgot two retired players into game. Now I have written rookies over them. 19_7.rar
  10. One more update. Next one will come some time after Christmas. 19_6.rar
  11. New update with 4 new rookies and a few corrections to the mistakes in the earlier version. 19_5.rar
  12. Not with the editor i use and even if the were, I wouldn´t use it. Lot of the guys in the FA-list play in the teams outside NHL 95: Vegas, Minnesota, etc or in the AHL. I might still need them if they get traded or called up to the teams in the game.
  13. New season, new update. Here you are. 19_4.DBX.rar
  14. Yes. As I said, he´s in the right team now. Not in Arzona anymore.
  15. Playoffs extra! I forgot Jordan Weal in Arizona, though he moved to Montreal in the trade deadline. Now he is in the right team. I also added few rookies and tweaked ratings, especially faceoffs. Quite a few old farts are also slower in this update, which means that for example Detroit is now as bad as it should be. 19_3.rar