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  1. Here is the last update for the season and most likely the last ever. I´ve got no-one to play this game with anymore so barring any surprises this is it. Have fun with this one. 22.zip
  2. Second update to this season. I´ll post one more after the trade deadline in early March. 21_7.rar
  3. Hi, I’’v only made players for the teams that are in the game. So no players for the 21st century expansion teams unless they have also played for the “traditional” teams. PS. I’m working on a new update. I’ll post it propably tomorrow.
  4. Looks like I took files from wrong folder. This one should be right. 21_6.rar
  5. OK. Sorry bout that. Ill take a look at it next weekend and post an update with corrections.
  6. Update for season 21-22. Have fun! Edit. Wrong update removed. Please look for the right one few posts down.
  7. The definitely last update of the season. I´m back in October. 21_5.DBX.rar
  8. Final update for the season, have fun! I´ll be back in the autumn 21_4.rar
  9. With COVID lockdown in Finland and all the bars closed, I might as well have a few beers at home and make an extra update. 21_3.rar
  10. As usual, I noticed a few mistakes. They are now fixed and I also added a few new players. 21_2.rar
  11. Hi again! Here´s the first update for the NHL season ´21. It´s going to be a short season so I guess, I´m going to do only one update more after the trade deadline. 21_1.rar
  12. Last update for the season. I´ll be back in October. 20_3.DBX.rar
  13. Extra update! I found mid season report cards for quite a few teams so this update should reflect pleyers current form bit better. 20_2.rar
  14. First update for a new decade. I´m gonna do one more update this season in early March after the trade deadline. 20_1.rar
  15. Screwed up again and forgot two retired players into game. Now I have written rookies over them. 19_7.rar
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