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  1. The definitely last update of the season. I´m back in October. 21_5.DBX.rar
  2. Final update for the season, have fun! I´ll be back in the autumn 21_4.rar
  3. With COVID lockdown in Finland and all the bars closed, I might as well have a few beers at home and make an extra update. 21_3.rar
  4. As usual, I noticed a few mistakes. They are now fixed and I also added a few new players. 21_2.rar
  5. Hi again! Here´s the first update for the NHL season ´21. It´s going to be a short season so I guess, I´m going to do only one update more after the trade deadline. 21_1.rar
  6. Last update for the season. I´ll be back in October. 20_3.DBX.rar
  7. Extra update! I found mid season report cards for quite a few teams so this update should reflect pleyers current form bit better. 20_2.rar
  8. First update for a new decade. I´m gonna do one more update this season in early March after the trade deadline. 20_1.rar
  9. Screwed up again and forgot two retired players into game. Now I have written rookies over them. 19_7.rar
  10. One more update. Next one will come some time after Christmas. 19_6.rar
  11. New update with 4 new rookies and a few corrections to the mistakes in the earlier version. 19_5.rar
  12. Not with the editor i use and even if the were, I wouldn´t use it. Lot of the guys in the FA-list play in the teams outside NHL 95: Vegas, Minnesota, etc or in the AHL. I might still need them if they get traded or called up to the teams in the game.
  13. New season, new update. Here you are. 19_4.DBX.rar
  14. Yes. As I said, he´s in the right team now. Not in Arzona anymore.
  15. Playoffs extra! I forgot Jordan Weal in Arizona, though he moved to Montreal in the trade deadline. Now he is in the right team. I also added few rookies and tweaked ratings, especially faceoffs. Quite a few old farts are also slower in this update, which means that for example Detroit is now as bad as it should be. 19_3.rar
  16. The trade deadline is over so it´s time for the last update for this season. Here you are. I´ll be back in the early October when new season starts. 19_2.rar
  17. Oh, the dates stayed in the version I posted. The editor I use works only on old computers (or I havent figured out how tu use on my new one) so I do the rosters on my ancient computer bought in the late 20th century. The clock of my old computer got screwed a long time ago and it now shows 1.1.1990 every time I start it and I can´t get to Windows before I set the time again. So I just set some random time to get in. This time it happened to be 2026.
  18. 19_1.rar So many things to fix, I might as well post a new update right away. Last one comes after the trade deadline in early March.
  19. DSgamby Thank you. Renaming teams can be done with my editor. Anaheim will be just Ducks from next update on.
  20. GoTitans21 Thank you for the correction. I´ll fix Teräväinen for the next update in January. I can´t answer any questions regrading NHL Info. I use an ancient NHL editor I found in the net some 15 years ago and it allows only player editing.
  21. 18_4.rar New update with a few new rookies and player ratings that reflect better players current form.
  22. 18_3.rar Thank You DSgamby. The numbers are right now. I also added a few new players.
  23. Update for this season. If there´s something to tweak, please let me know. 18_2.rar.rar
  24. Final update of the season, here you are. 18_1.rar.rar
  25. December update. Last update of the season is likely to be out after the trade deadline in early March. 17_6.rar.rar