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  1. FYI, the link for your youtube video points to a different forum post as opposed to the youtube site. You might want to fix that.
  2. 1. Komisarek doesn't have the most blocked shots by far. Though he does have second most behind Greg Zanon of Nashville 2. Komisarek is a great hitting machine but so is Brooks Orpik (albeit not clean), and Orpik blocks a lot of shots too. Does that mean we should consider Orpik for All-Star? I don't think so. 3. Can you honestly with a straight face tell me that all 3 of those Montreal forwards is more deserving than Alexander Semin at this point? I love Markov and think he's deserving of being an All-Star starter. Any of those forwards is deserving of a spot too...just not a starting spot.
  3. I know the people of French Canada are rabid hockey fans and love their Habs, but voting for Mike Ribeiro and Stephane Robidas? C'mon! You might as well vote for Michel Goulet and Guy Carbonneau while you're at it! Let's vote for some players who actually deserve to be there!
  4. I'll play a test game or two to check this out if anyone wants to do more testing.
  5. So Brodeur is out for what could be the majority of the rest of the season. Does Weekes or Clemmensen (two guys who haven't had any work in the last 3 years unless you count the fact that they have had to carry and spitshine Brodeur's spare jock during games) have enough to get the Devils in the playoffs? If they were in the West I would say absolutely not, but in the East I think they could scrounge their way in as the 8 seed. It's weird though, Brodeur playing 72 games a year is a staple of the NHL. I don't like him cause he's a rival, but I respect him and would rather he was playing.
  6. Good series guys. The finals are all setup now for DET vs. MTL, should be a good one.
  7. Way to go GENS-C which is in their final round already! All the other leagues, some teams are slacking big time. I know you haven't hit the deadline yet, but do you really need 3+ weeks to play one series?
  8. Congratulations to GENS-C for finishing up the first round before anyone else. I have setup the next round for your Conference Finals. Good luck to all!
  9. I've seen Islanders, Rangers, Buffalo, Detroit in the NHL. Buffalo by far had the best crowd. Though I'm sure Detroit used to, the economy plummeting and the Red Wings becoming like the Atlanta Braves of hockey (win ton of regular season games then crash in the playoffs) has made a Red Wings game much more ordinary. They also really need a new arena. I've also seen a bunch of Plymouth Whalers (OHL) games which are always a lot of fun especially last year when they won the OHL championship.
  10. Should be fixed in the schedule but it won't be reflected in the Standings until the next game you each log.
  11. There is no need for us to intervene because Schwartz can change the score to the correct tally and then you will just confirm that score.
  12. Good call kuapuck. That's not something we separately addressed from all other coaches in the rules. I'd have to discuss with Evan and the other admins in order to get an official response placed in the rules but here's my initial take on it. We'd like to see replacement coaches get caught up immediately but there would definitely be some leniency if they don't. In this case for coaches replaced after the first checkpoint, if they got up to 12 or 14 games by the 2nd checkpoint, we would likely send them an e-mail just letting them know they need to get entirely caught up by the 3rd checkpoint. Less than that would probably trigger a probation e-mail or removal depending on their activity. We'll discuss this soon and have some clarity to this situation added to the rules.
  13. Sorry but it won't happen for a number of reasons. The biggest being that I'm not going to spend any more time than I already have on creating all of the scheduled games Also, we've set the expectation that players are playing 40 games this season. While half of you may want more games, the other half may not and since they didn't agree to sign up and play all games in a 60 game season that would be unfair for them to have to play more than what they signed on for. It's possible we could do a 60 game season next time around if there was enough interest.
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