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  1. Well, I've been playing the demo for quite a bit now and I've noticed a few things.

    - Checking players is out of whack. Granted, it's better than last year (see: magnetic attraction towards players, devastating hip checks), but when I can deliver a bone-jarring hit with Sidney Crosby by flicking the right analog-stick, something is definitely wrong (could it be the return of the weight bug? :) )

    - The defense actually plays defense now. No longer is it that every offensive attack is similar to a powerplay.

    - I'm no longer hitting the damned goalposts 5-10 times/game (i.e. players miss the net more often).

    - Pokechecking is more effective

    - The stick lift is very effective once mastered. Perhaps too effective...

    - The tutorials are an improvement, but that's not saying much.

    - The AI will make you pay for errors (trust me, I tried playing it 08 style and got routed. You have to play smart hockey to win)

    - Be a Pro mode is decent. Nothing groundbreaking, just decent. Although I will say that the camera is competent and actually focuses on the play.

    Overall, I'd say that it's an improvement over 08, but not by much. The clinchers will probably be Dynasty Mode (read: broken last year) and the EASHL (something tells me that EA will drop the ball on this one, considering that EA's servers have been terrible over the past few weeks in the games I've played).

    I'll probably buy it, but rent it if you can.

  2. what's your status on your computer situation?

    Not good at all. I've tried and it's still not responding. I fear that the culprit is the same as the reason my computer has been crashing on and off for the past few weeks.

    Unfortunately, it angers me to say that, due to this recent bullshit with my computer, I have no choice but to forfeit. Wouldn't have minded if this happened at the start of the season, but no, it's got to happen during playoff time when I have a legitimate chance of winning the championship. :D

    I don't know what you want to do with the seedings. I'd say advance ilikeeatingsouls, but I haven't seen him on in over a week. Do what you will.

  3. I haven't seen ilikeeatingsouls on AIM in over a week. That being said, you may end up playing him anyway.

    The reason: My computer. As you may know, the damn thing's been crashing to start-up frequently over the past few weeks (i.e. when I finished up my regular season). However, after my family decided to move a new desk to where my computer is, we disassembled the thing and put up the desk. One major snag: My computer isn't responding to the monitor input. This is weird, as the keyboard and mouse are powered and the monitor shows no signs of failure.

    This is another computer I have, but it's far older than the one I play NHL '94 on (that one is three years old) and it's a public computer. No chance I'm going to risk installing '94 on it.

    If I can't find a way to get that thing running soon, I'll have no choice but to forfeit. Trust me, if that time comes, I'll be as pissed off as everybody else is for waiting for us to get our games in.

  4. Game 1 - CGY - 5, DAL - 4

    Game 2 - CGY - 2, DAL - 0

    Game 3 -

    Game 4 -

    Game 5 (if necessary) -

    Game 6 (if necessary) -

    Game 7 (if necessary) -

    I don't know what I'm fighting more; my opponent or my computer. Why do you start crashing frequently now?! Damn!!!

  5. CGY - 9, PIT - 6

    PIT - 1, CGY - 3

    First game was a defensive duel to the death... at least it would be in professional football. The second game was pain; Lemieux hitting the crossbar on a penalty shot, Fleury hitting the crossbar on a wide open net. It's all good.

    gg's Jetta.

  6. MTL – 1, CGY – 5

    CGY – 8, MTL - 3

    And the offense shows up, surprisingly, against one of the better teams in the league. Maybe my team just stopped smoking the reefer and started to play some hockey... :P

    gg's Freydey.