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  1. CGY - 7, QUE - 6 QUE - 2, CGY - 5 Very ugly victories, but victories nonetheless. GG's, 5hole.
  2. I will verify. Very good games. It was a pleasure to play with you.
  3. AIM: IAmTheFutureMann Eastern Standard Time 1. New York Rangers 2. Pittsburgh Penguins 3. Vancouver Canucks 4. Detroit Red Wings 5. Montreal Canadiens 6. Quebec Nordiques 7. Chicago Blackhawks 8. Calgary Flames 9. Dallas Stars 10. Buffalo Sabres 11. Philadelphia Flyers 12. New York Islanders 13. Los Angeles Kings 14. New Jersey Devils 15. Washington Capitals 16. Toronto Maple Leafs 17. Winnipeg Jets 18. St. Louis Blues 19. Hartford Whalers 20. Edmonton Oilers
  4. And this is in spite of me not playing a game yet. Trust me, I'm doing my part in staying out of the action, even though I have to play at a certain point in the series.
  5. Welcome to the grind, Bobby. Yes, the Genesis is the preferred version, but there are guys who are devoted to the SNES version of the game as well. They'll be happy to challenge you to a game or two. I don't know if you've seen this yet, but this may be useful to you. http://nhl94online.com/html/snes-zbattle-howto.php Good luck!
  6. I guess I'll join in for the already gluttonous US roster.
  7. Nice little blog he has there. I'm not going to say anything else because he'd probably kick my ass. Then again, that's a given around here.
  8. Wow... Delusional, are we not? I played in GENS-B this season. And I can safely say that I got my ass kicked on a consistent basis. Not just because I'm a noob and it was my first full season of online play, but because the players in my league have great skill. If I were in your league (GENS-D), I may have had a few more wins this season. Not because of my uber-awesome skillz or something like that, but because I wouldn't have to be playing guys like clockwize, kgman, Jamonica, and BHF among others. Truth be told, you couldn't hold their jockstraps at this point in time. Just like angryj
  9. Some tough decisions here... 1. Best Overall Coach - kgman - Now I know he'll kill me five times before the end of the first period. Why didn't I play Wags when I had the chance? 2. Best Sportsmanship Coach - Jacob - Very tough call, as there were many good sports in this league. I'm going with Jacob for this award as I had a good deal of playing time against him and he was always a great player to talk to. 3. Best Manual Goalie Coach - kgman - See #1 4. Most Creative Coach - clockwise - I've seen those videos on YouTube. I'm blinded by the skill. 5. Most Improved Coach - XdeathsbloodX -
  10. 19. Jeez, I feel like a child here.
  11. Just realized I haven't been holding up my end of the bargain on this thing (I had work when you were available). I'll be on today, I swear... Then again, I have to.
  12. I was thinking of the same thing. Adding to that, maybe have a "game of the week" sort of thing where you have an "announcer" or two commentate over a recorded game or two. That is, of course, anyone wants to commentate on online games. I may be able to do it, but I'll probably embarrass the s**t out of myself
  13. I haven't seen him around in a few weeks and I'm wondering when we can get our games in. Just contact me when I'm online.
  14. Sad to hear that... such greatness gone to waste. On another unrelated note, I was at the game where Kasparaitis just leveled Lindros to give him the first of many concussions. Who knew that that hit would drastically alter his career. As for a championship, Filthadelphia doesn't deserve one. They booed Santa, for crying out loud!
  15. Cool... but too bad I'm probably going to sit the playoffs out this year. 1-15 doesn't exactly make you much of a playoff contender, know what I mean.
  16. Might as well add my two cents on this issue. I hate the cross-crease move as well, but it teaches you to hone your manual goaltending skills to a competent level (I had to learn this the hard way). As for me, I haven't participated in the art of raping my opponents self-esteem with a 13-2 victory, mainly because A) I can't get any offense going or I squander the lead in the third period. I can say that I have been a frequent victim of this sort of thing, however (I like to call it a sort of initiative hazing into the league). Yes, I know it's a game, but it gets me frustrated when I lose
  17. Yes, I know I'm running late, so try and enjoy my pathetic attempts at humor, kay? PREVIEW - In Gens B, there lies a team that ambitiously awaits the season, a team that looks forward to the future... that is next season. This team is none other than the New York Islanders. For how anxious the Islander fan base is awaiting the upcoming season, here's a tidbit from The New York Times: Despite the pessimism of local and national syndications, Coach Mann is optimistic that the Islanders will surprise a lot of people. "Don't worry, I've got a super-secret plan under my sleeve that will bring t
  18. Ah, paradox... where would we be without it?
  19. As much as I love the Genesis version of the game, I haven't seen this problem of the game. The pokecheck is very effective in the game, unfortunately, the change player button is the same button as the pokecheck button on defense. Try imagining that you have a pokecheck lined up... then you change to a player who is away from the play (it's rare, but it happens), which usually results in an opponent goal due to the inability to regain control of the old player. That's probably the only true gripe I have with the game.
  20. I honestly thought I was going to get Ottawa, but... I'm playing with the big boys (GENS B ) this season. I'm dead. If I win a game this season, think of it as divine intervention from the gods. Besides that, good luck on the upcoming season. I'll obviously need it.
  21. It looks like I'm not confirmed as of yet, so I'm going to need a test game. My AIM screen name is below.
  22. I have played online before, but I've transferred to a wireless connection since then. Therefore, I need to test it out and see if it works for online play.
  23. Hey. I am "best known" for replacing and leading the Quebec Nordiques (2006 Spring season - Gens) to an epic 3-9-1 (I think...) before losing motivation to play (and getting replaced). That's what you get when you have delusions of taking the worst team in the league to the playoffs when in reality you're getting your ass handed to you on a platter. And if you wanted to know, I'm playing in the 20-game league. Here's to sticking to it this time... and possibly winning a game or two.
  24. I just whipped out an old one for the Sega Genesis called "NHL All-Star Hockey '95". This game sucks. Period. You can see that when an opposing player gets the puck at my defensive zone, skates back to the red line, shoots, and manages to score... sigh. And another thing I noticed is probably one of the funniest things i've seen in a hockey game. When someone scores a goal, you see the goaltender hitting the goal post like he's chopping a tree.
  25. I own NHL 2001, so I can fill you in on what the franchise mode is in that game. NHL 2001 expanded on the franchise mode... at least by a bit. You could play for ten seasons instead of five and you could try to sign three free agents instead of one, but that's pretty much it. Besides that, I didn't really see anything different between this version and NHL 2000's franchise mode. For my personal opinion, I liked it when it was the only franchise mode out there, but it hasn't aged well at all. Besides the doubling of the playing time, they didn't improve much else. I don't know about you guys