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  1. Shaftman and Beavers, when are you guys around? I'd like to these games in befor Christmas
  2. Fun Fact: Blitz A games played: 336 Blitz B games played: 380 looks like A is the slacker league after all!
  3. It was no better when you were in the league
  4. Remeber when mav was a replacment last year in blitz and did the exact same things? I sure do This would be my punishment for mav, I can't beleive I'm saying this but let mav stay in the league, but, if anything like it happens ever again in blitz (and not just in blitz 05 I mean forever) than the guy should be kicked out of the league
  5. The key is to be firm about it, just say no you quit im taking this goddamn win, its not like he can do anything about it he doesn't want people to know he quits
  6. your poll is inaccurate, 94 is not dead but I do believe that it is dying, I think we have exausted about everyway to play this game and 94 is starting to get old 94 is however, not yet dead
  7. Team: Winnipeg Jets First Line G- Bob Essenssa LD- Kevin Hatcher RD- Eric Desjardins LW- Kevin Stevens C- Dave Andrechyck RW- John Leclair X- Mike Krushelski Second Line G-Jeff Resse LD- Charlie Huddy RD- Chris Joseph LW- Mike Krushelski C- Bob Sweeny RW- Brent Sutter X- Kevin Stevens
  8. To AJ: Ed Belfour Christian Ruttuu To Chris1knights: bob essenssa Kevin Hatcher over offline aim, AJ confirms
  9. hey, dcicon, bure is my franchise player, lets make a trade!
  10. ill take eddy the eagle and ill protect stevens
  11. AIM: nationals1 League: I'm prolly a C player but everyone that I feel is my level of playing is going in B so Ill goo B
  12. Ya but I heard that on Sept 7 there reseting all of the online settings so all the guys that got a head start and somehow got the game early won't have a stats advantge. I don't know how there able to do this but they are apparently.
  13. chris1knights(at)hotmail(dot)com the actual email has @ and . I just don't want the spam bots to discover this email
  14. Will there be 2 player be a GM mode now? me and a few buddies love playing mulitple user dynasty modes in madden but it would be better if they put it in NHL 11 because were more hockey fans
  15. Phew, thats good starting out with good players would ruin the challenge
  16. Just played the demo and this game is unreal I love how if you pinch your defence up and miss even the CPU can take advantage of it This new game mode will be unreal, however I hope your team doesn't start off with as good of players and potential as mine did The new physics system... is great I love how faceoffs can be lost even if your centerman does a good job on the draw The sticks being lost and broken is cool, they could tone it down a bit though Overall this game will just be flatout awsome
  17. And the rejected Kovalchuck contract, stays rejected ruled by the arbitrator today: http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=535745
  18. What will happen to Kovalchuck if this deal stays rejected? The Kings have just spent a crucial 3 Million dollars on Alex Ponakaraski which leads me to think that they are unable to sign Ilya. The Islanders still have money but Kovalchuck has stated that he wants to go to a team that will contend. I have no idea what the hell the devils can do to get Kovalchuck other than the deal that theve already tried. As much as I hate to say it, if this deal doesn't go through I think theres a strong possibility that Kovalchuck could go to the KHL
  19. Well, you got your wish the kovalchuck deal has been rejected by the NHL http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=534725&navid=DL|NHL|home
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