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    Stick with the GENS red son im fairly new also and gens is alot esier than snes
  2. How is everyone gunna be able to draft at the same time. This is gunna be tough
  3. I know it's probably a little late but I was wondering if I could get in with Canada. Aim is chris1knights@hotmail.com
  4. what happens if u arent a returning player like me do i get a second round pick even though its a protection round??
  5. i would be interested in playing in this count me in if needed
  6. i think your missing the biggest underdog of all!!!! winnipeg they have housley on d and selane playin on the wing
  7. AIM NAME: chris1knights@hotmail.com OPTION 1: yes - B OPTION 2: yes COMMENTS: This is a great idea!
  8. id just like to say philiveyismyhero has been active in the playing community and should not be kicked out of the tourney
  9. what happens if a game hasnt been played for a realllllly long time
  10. hey mr. soul where are you??? just wondering when a good time to play would be
  11. ya 15 seed lol hey tuba hero i see u gave yoourself the #1 seed a little genorous no doubt
  12. im in this boys my aim is chris1knights@hotmail.com my team toronto maple leafs or winnipeg jets
  13. hey everyone im Chris i suck cuz i just joined today..... but feel free to aim me at chris1knights@hotmail.com for a gens exhibition
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