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  1. Looks awsome clockwise! Just one thing to be carefull about, the ratings in NHL 11 are exact for players and its in a range for 94 so it gets kinda tough
  2. I'm not in this league but I think I can help, I'm pretty sure Tuba's at his cottage.
  3. Reports are saying that Kovalchuk will not sign with the L.A. Kings http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=533765
  4. I cannot agree or disagree with this comment becasue I don't see Hamrlik play enough although in the playoffs I though Hamrilk was awsome!
  5. the round robin pool winner is out:( I STILL LOVE YOU ARGENTINA!
  6. lol what??? there is not a lack of UFA defenceman theres an ubundace of them. Defence is not about getting points man its about keeping the puck out of your net, I think that Pittsburgh did an awsome job with their defenceman signings
  7. here are a few of the notables from todays signings Dan Hamnuis Vancouver: 6yrs 27M Anton Volchenkov New Jersey: 6yrs 25.5M Oli Jokenin Calgary: 2yrs 6M Henrik Tallinder New Jersey: 4yrs 13.5M Ray Whitney Pheonix: 2yrs 6M Toni Lydman Anaheim: 3yrs 9M Paul Martin Pittsburgh: 5yrs 25M Colby Armstrong Tronto: 3yrs 9M Zybnek Michalek Pittsburgh: 5yrs 20M Sergie Gonchar Ottawa: 3yrs 16.5M Here is a full list of free agent signings: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=25880 the day however, is not yet done and the much coveted Illya Kovalchuck is not yet signed
  8. Chicago contiues to dump salary and the Leafs continue to get stronger offensivly To Toronto: Kirs Versteeg Bill Sweat To Chicago: Viktor Stalberg Chris DiDomenico Pilippe Paradis
  9. If they are unable to re-sign Gonchar do they have a deal set with Hamnuis or Eaton?
  10. tomorow is Canada day and that means its time for the free agent period to start the best on the market is said to be Illya Kovalchuck but the Devils are making a push to resign him Any thoughts on who you want your team to sign?
  11. former oilers captain Ethan Moreau was picked up of off waivers today by the Columbus Blue Jackets
  12. If your still around we can do it now,, i'm pretty much available all day today, I'll leave aim up and put volume on high so I can here it when i'm anywhere in the house:)
  13. I have to agree with Wags on this one I think crosby did deserve it
  14. oh damn I totally forgot, tomorow night are you free?
  15. this weekend would be just fine, any specific times you want?
  16. both Pavelski and Marleau are out of the free agent picture as they both sign for 4 more years
  17. I think some good choices in there I definetly think the Bryzgalof shoulda won the Vezina the olympic exposure really helped Miller I thought that the Bobby Ryan and Ryan Getzlaf skit was hilarious!
  18. nother trade for the Hawks To Chicago: 6th round pick To Edmonton: the rights to restricted free agent Colin Fraser
  19. this amazing offseason for trades continues To Atlanta: Dustin Byfuglien Ben Eager Brent Sopel Akim Alui To Chicago: The 24th pick the 54th pick Jermey Morin Marty Reasner http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=532495
  20. yep it's happening for everyone that cares you can watch his press conference at 4:00 pm est on NHL.com
  21. Big trade for Boston and Florida To Boston: Nathan Horton Gregory Cambpell To Florida: Boston 15th overall pick Dennis Widemen
  22. Trade from Minnisota and San Jose To Minnisota: Brad Staubitz To San Jose: 5th round pick also the pens resigned cooke and pheonix resigned pyatt look for the leafs to move either Kaberle or Grabovski or both at the draft will Montreal resign Plecanec? who knows
  23. Hell yes! f**king Pierre Mcgurie is the worst there was the worst there is and the worst there ever will be!
  24. Grayto is wrong for the first time as he calls a tie in Slovenia's 1-0 win
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