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  1. you guys have got to be kidding me Chris Pronger sucks... in your dreams! The guy played just under 30:00 min a game at least!!! Like frey said hes got 2 gold medals and a stanley cup, so im sorry but that does not suck Pronger is one of the best at what he does do you know how hard it is on his body to play the full season, the olympics, and then all of the playoffs!!! you critics can just be unbelievable somtimes, ya Pronger sucks because hes an idiot lmfao
  2. Im not positive but Im pretty sure this Friday
  3. cool Ill be in for this France is my team, however they probably won't win
  4. can we get er done friday night cheif?
  5. so who took it last night? The puck that is
  6. I can't look you in the eye but I would walk into Tim Hortons and tell you Canada is not fat not very many fat people go to Timmys man
  7. ahahah penaltys carrying over funny stuff like Mike Richards said, "You can go tell him to give back the pucks, but I won't!" this is pretty comical actually, I can't believe anyone really cares If Chicago wins the cup I don't think that not having the game winning pucks will take away from te experience
  8. Uh-Oh your gunna be in for a bit of a surprise bud
  9. I guess the habs had a harder road to the east finals but whose to say that the Flyers couldn't have beat the caps and pens
  10. huh? last time I checked winning 4 in a row is harder than winning 3 in a row
  11. just to get things all cleared up on bostons injurys I looked it up: this shouldnt be an excuse for blowing a 3-0 series lead but... they were missing three components of their team in seidnberg sturm and kriechi
  12. I have a question about this does it make a difference if your playing on laptop?
  13. I think I heard on the NHL network that there going to try to put Pronger on Byfulgien is Byfulgien playing on a line with Kane and Toews now? or is that just on the PP
  14. Flyers in 6 because there rollin rollin rollin and I don't care to whoever answers the hawks are rollin more
  15. thanks frey your a really nice guy... but honestly you dont rattle me I dont get whats wrong with OBs orange letters either? to me the text and you canadiens fans avatars are pretty much the same deal, just reppin your guys teams!
  16. I was a bit worried when some Philly fans started chanting Olle, Olle Olle Olle, Olle Olle after the 2nd goal but Carter potted the 3rd and I think this series is just about over... is Montreal even trying to play defence?
  17. Maybe a bit of lag improvment but other than that... I like 94 the way it is :-) :-D
  18. Hahaha yea! luckley that height and weight were recored in September of 2009 You should all be glad to know that I have grown to a whoping 5'6"... and 1/2 and 120 Ibs... soaking wet
  19. damn if they put this years draft picks in I would actually be in the game! lol
  20. great stuff FPB! I have two questions though: 1. will EA update the CHL rosters? 2. will the 2010 CHL draft picks be in the game?
  21. record setting performance by Montreal! 1 shot in a period NHL playoff record congrats guys! However, Montreal was able to come back from the same deficit against the caps so its not over yet!
  22. huh? I'm pretty sure im up to speed: http://www.nhl94online.com/html/coachpage....amp;team_ID=193
  23. Leighton didnt even play bad dont be chirpin him he had so many shots against
  24. well im guessing you dropping out of games is also considered "pure bulshit" but seriosly mav you dont have a good reputation and anything bad you do will prolly get reported with that being said I was not one to snitch on you
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