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  1. Oh I thought he was a habs fan:p
  2. huh? how are the canadiens gettin Seguin?
  3. hahaha awsome post I don't have much against you mav but it is true...
  4. WOAH Brodeur a 97? tone it down a bit and Gusstavson is a lot better than conklyn and even perahps Jiggy
  5. Im not totally sure but I dont think Carcillo has even the whole playoffs yet! and ya he gets to play with better players cuz hes effective with them!
  6. If you don't like Carcillo than you don't like Lappiere for the Canadiens there the same type of player but Carcillo is a bit more skilled as he has 22 pts and maxim has 14 pts thats probably because Carcillo plays more though and its also why he has more PM than lappierre
  7. mav hes clearly being sarcastic why the f**k would he happy about that on the flip side he does get the 1st pick of the draft this year:)
  8. louie also did guess that Fleury would get pulled as well
  9. damn I thought nobody picked that put me down for 2-1 Pittsburgh
  10. Wags picked Pittsburgh 3-2 in OT so I will say Pittsburgh 3-2 in regulation
  11. soooo whens game 7 coming out its been a very exciting series!
  12. Mav why the hell do you stop trying it's soo anyoing!
  13. Oooooooo yessss I would sooo be in for this PSN: LJKG30
  14. I laughed pretty hard when I saw this but seriously let's stop all this arguing over who's better PIT or MTL let's just leave it as this: MTL has a better history PIT is the better team right now nough said
  15. to be fair Frey I did say good game not a win... I felt that the canadiens played a good game game 2 so you can not use that against me cuz once again I only said good game
  16. in a while crocodile uhhh zalex... I didn't say that the coaches and confidence in price I think that they didn't feel confident with their goaltending coming into game 5 by the way I love how all the Habs fans post on this after they have a good but NOT after they have a bad game
  17. I felt like I was watching game 1 all over again tonight even though I hate em I gotta give props to the canadiens tonight mainly Halak... it's very hard to play that well when the coaches don't have very much confidence in you
  18. oh my god! Evan didn't finish his post with: -Evan
  19. i'm not quite sure what your saying here Frey if there's a scramble in front of the net for the puck and the ref loses sight of the puck he must blow the play dead... It's a rule
  20. I'm pretty sure that's not even what happened or is the rule if what you said did happen it should be called a goal with an additional penalty given to the wings but I thought Mcrurry just lost sight of the puck because if he felt it was no goal because of goalie interfeirence he would have to give a penalty to the wings +say no goal EDIT: habs said it before me while I was typing
  21. Yea the refs were definitly iffy and the caps got a lot of calls going there way to climb back from that 4-1 deficit however, Halak wasn't even good tonight, that goal by John Carllson shouldn't have even been a scoring chance the ovechin goal was fine, there was no problem with it. The puck went in ages before Halak got pushed in the net. The goal was Halaks fault, he didn't do anything to protect or cover the puck!
  22. Stop your complaining Habs fans just think how lucky you are that your not leaf fans:(
  23. I don't know if funny is the way I would describe it That Darren Dreger vid was stupid and it took up all the time from rounds 6-10 To me it was just a little opening act befor the draft lottery which also sucked!
  24. WOOOAAHH... I thought I signed up for C although B looks good because everyone looks like there active in B so if you need me to stay in B thats cool too
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