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  1. Thanks for the replies, fellas!! Has anyone made an original ROM with the weight bug fixed on it? As a long time SNES player, I'm starting to see the light on the Genesis version, and holy crap is this 2020 ROM amazingly well done.
  2. Can you briefly detail what the freeze bug, weight patch, and helmet fix do? I come from the SNES side
  3. I just read your original post. If you want I can run the players through my formulas to help you rate them. My roms are very much original flavor. I know what all the attributes do.
  4. Yeah pinch hitters are great for strategy. Replace that shitty player in lineup early or wait till late in game? Remember bench players get a huge 64 point power boost in their first AB off the bench.
  5. I won't have time to join right now but I've run a bunch of leagues and tournaments and 1SP two man rotation is by far my fave way to play. Makes you think about pitch selection and your bullpen is more important.
  6. Yeah I'm in the midst of rewriting the whole thing. Jack and I talked about running a league a while back but that updated rom took all my time.
  7. Here's a sample of one of the leagues a friend ran on the site:
  8. From save. I had a site running for a while: Http://
  9. If you guys need editing help or whatever let me know. I run and run the 30 team update project every season. I'm also writing a website that allows you to track your league. Good luck!
  10. tjans

    Editor v0.8.1

    If I ever find the time, I'd be willing to help make something a little more modern (storing the source code on github or something as well).
  11. I'm back at my computer so I'll look at that sheet again to see what I can find. The mobile view is not great for that kind of thing. CSV = Comma separated values. It'd be something like: FirstName,LastName,speed,check,shoot,defense tru,datman,87,67,72,42 tee,jans,64,67,82,88 etc Over in the tecmo and RBI communities, many of our editors read the data in plain text or can import/export an excel sheet or CSV. It's much easier to work with the data because you can easily copy and paste data from one line to another before importing it into the ROM. It's just another way to edit a ROM.
  12. I'm stuck in an airport right now so I'm looking from my phone. Have the roster/stats been mapped? I'm looking to write something that lets you manipulate the player data via csv instead of manually il using th editor. Sorry if I'm asking an obvious question. I'm in an airport and I'm bored!
  13. Sweet! I'm perfectly happy with a solution that puts a generic logo on the ice. I'll try this when I get a for finding the logo palettes, I might be able to find the, though I wouldn't get hopeful on that. I would however love to create an editor that had the ability to import players from a CSV...thanks! BLanking out the logos is a great find...
  14. I had most of trudat's changes reversed so that the only differences were supposed to be roster/team stuff, including all the text. For some reason I just like the game to be the same as the original with only the team/roster updates. But, as I played I was still noticing stuff that was different and threw in the towel. I've just decided to do two, add my milwaukee team to the original ROM and play that way. I won't recognize any of the players anyways, so it'll be new to me. I'm also going to try to work out a roster import/exporter. That way we'd be able to export teams/ros
  15. NVM, found this: