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  1. alright well im obviously talking about the older versions where he came off 35 goal season not NHL 2010 rom.

    But lets look at 2010 rom, Tomas Plekanec has a 2-3 shot after 25 goals last season. 2-3 really? He has a harder shot than 2

    Brian Gionta because hes small I guess always gets a low shot rating in this game as well, though hes only put up about 20 goals last few seasons nothing great getting him a 3-3 shot...in NHL 2007 rom after his 48 goal career season he was given a 3-4 shot.

    I don't really care though, Its your rom. Just pointing out shot power is rarely given out.

    Yeah, as I said, that right now many ratings can be crappy, as I haven't update the bin for a while. I can imagine, that Canadiens players will overall be quite better, as the team is playing in conference finals. My ultimate guideline is: the better the team is the better the players are. That way even the worst players of Stanley Cup champion team can be little better than usually. That way I'm trying to make best teams in NHL best teams in the bin.

    The Oilers is crappy team in the bin, because it was crappy team in NHL. And, yes, I know that they had tons of injuries and Hemsky plays with crappy linemates and faces first line opponents, and I know that Hemsky is really really good player in real NHL, but it really is impossible to count all those things. If you want to make crappy team crappy, you must make some sacrifices and oversimplifications.

  2. nhl 2010 rom has alot of crappy ratings imo, especially snipers given horrible shot ratings.

    I remember when kovalev's shot was rated like 3-3 and he was on a 35 goal season.

    Kovalev's shot is 3-5 The guy scored 18 goals. I don't think he deserves any better.

    And guys honestly. this is not going to work the way that you are going to shout what the ratings should be (as that would take forever, because you all have different kind of opinions). I'm doing the bin my way/style, and you don't have any idea what my style is.

    And the truth is, I can't never ever satisfy you all. We all have opinions about what the ratings should be. But none of us is right. They are just our opinions. That is why I'm not going to make Hemsky better, because FPB wants to, or make Kovalev super player, because you want. I make it my way, and we are gonna stick with it, or we are not gonna use that bin at all.

    It is true that RIGHT NOW, some use ratings may be totally crappy, as I have not update the bin long time. That will change, as I will completely update the bin - if we are gonna put up the league and use the bin.

  3. What do you guys say, if we can get enough players, what if try to put up small league or cup with Euro rules and NHL2010.bin. I can put players' stamina little more up, so they won't die so fast, and update the bin up to this date. We can play this when current GDL season ends and while we are waiting next GDL season to start or right now.

    I think games should be played with 7 min periods, so that player must use all three lines and because injuring penalty is 4min. It is 4min, so that it really costs something to take out opponent player out of the game. With 5min periods, 4min penalty could be too harsh.

  4. You guys did have a good year along with some interesting tactics in the playoffs. It seems you're not used to the trash talking us North Americans do. I don't think anyone here is scared to play new people with new rules. I'd welcome the challenge as I'm sure most guys would.

    The thing is, is that line changes and off sides slow the game down so much. It's almost boring at times. It's like the difference between the Oilers ofthe early-mid 80's versus the devils of mid-late 90's.

    BTW final four, 3 French Canadians and 1 USA. Gotta pull for my boy Carse to get his 1st GDL title.

    Great. Lets try 'Euro rules' sometime.

    I can hear you. For me NA rules are way too arcade. Its not hockey, if you can just use speed burst all the time, get like 20 checks in one period and skate and pass without offsides. I like that the game is more about tactics and as realistic as possible, not just brainless banging and shooting. Thats why I also like that goalies are generally good, so that it takes skills to score, not just shoot towards goalie - and goalie like Sean Burke always lets it in. And I'm definitely not saying that NA players are not skillful, man you are the most skillful guys I have ever played against, but with Euro rules the game is, in my opinion, more challenging, as you can't pick one Jeremy Roenick type player and score zillion goals with only one player.

    So maybe it is cultural thing. But as I said, lets try euro rules sometime.

    And after all this "rant", and even I don't like NA rules as much as Euro rules, I hope to play in GDL next season, because I want to learn to play better with NA rules. I want to be good with Euro rules and NA rules both. After all, these rules and this bin are quite challenge for me.

  5. i don't know why you would say too scared to try. i've never personally been asked if i'd like to play with those kind of rules. i doubt everyone else has. if it's offsides on, line changes on, and 10 min periods, i would definitely play.

    Great! Good to hear. Let's try it sometime. Don't take that too seriously, that 'scared' was just motivation talk.

    Euro rules means: offsides on, line changes on, and 7 min periods. And NHL2010.bin means there is weight bug fix and accelerated fatigue, so that you must use all three lines.

  6. Actually I think this was quite good season for us Finnish players. This was first season for me and nahkahomo, and we managed to advance to second round of playoffs. Not bad at all.

    It would be really nice to see how you NA guys would do with NHL2010.bin and Euro rules. But I think most of you (except fpb, kgman and tickenest) are too scared even to try...sadly...

  7. The fact that more people aren't into playing this version of the game on line is puzzling to me. It's really been well done. The player ratings are much more centered..ie more guys in the middle, less complete duds and not as many off the charts super elite players. It makes the games much tighter, especially since the average defenseman is rated higher than in the original rom. That and the the weight bug fix, plus having the current players make for a real winner. I played a 7 game series with a friend the other night, and he's basically hooked on the game again also.

    Nice to hear. Thanks for the comments. Our goal was to make NHL94 as realistic as possible. (as you could with old arcade hockey...)

    It just seems that almost all of North American NHL94-players like to play the game with original rom and without offsides and line changes. Way that the game is ultimate arcade, where you just can crash and bang all the time (speed bursts all night long).

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