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  1. To shifty Mike Vernon To Mahavishnu Gary Suter
  2. No no. Mike Vernjouyoko. Mike Vernon it is.
  3. Team: Chicago Blackhawks Aim: Mahavishnu7 F - C Luc Robitaille #20 F - RW Mike Ricci #40 (#18 and #9 are retired) F - LW Valeri Kamensky #13 F - Valeri Zelepukin #25 F - Sheldon Kennedy #15 F - Gregori Pantaleyev #32 (#13 is already taken) D - RD Dmitri Yushkevich #36 (#2 is taken) D - LD Gary Suter #2 (#20 is taken) D - Bryan Marchment #27 (#2 is taken) D - Neil Wilkinson #5 G - Grant Fuhr #31 G - Dominic Roussel #33
  4. Mike Ricci (he will be wearing number #40, as his other numbers #18 and #9 are retired by the Blackhawks)
  5. I like IceStorm's idea. When it's NA home game, we play with NA rules. When its Euro home game, we play with Euro rules. This is the only way we can play with Euro rules. NA players hate line changes and offsides and if we vote, NA rules are going to win every time. There is only one thing. If we play with original NHl94.bin, it doesn't matter if we have line changes or not. In original.bin you can play with one line the whole gane. Therefore I think one format should be playing with bin with accelerated fatigue (and perhaps with weight bug fix), so that line changes would really matter - fo
  6. Yes, I know that. But it is still the Blackhawks...
  7. Ok, thanks for the info. Then I just have to wait and see what happens.
  8. Hehe, I see. I'm totally ok with that. I'm just curious to ask this, do you have "locked" teams in GDL for next season. I mean are the Blackhawks automatically your team next season?
  9. This is due the marketing speaks of swos, but... ...I'm interested to join, if Blackhawks are free for the current season. If not, i'm also interested to join next season, and hopefully I can then choose the Blackhawks. (although I don't know how you draft your teams at the beginning of each season)
  10. We will fix some sweaters tomorrow (Flyers, Oilers). Also Dominic Moore to Panthers etc.
  11. NHL2010 is out. Graphics update by swos, players & roster by Mahavishnu).
  12. NHL2010 is out.
  13. NHL2009.bin (by swos & Mahavishnu). It's constantly updated. When there happens trade in real NHL, it also happens in our rom.