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  1. Red Son


    So I got the GENS emu now and I'm wanting to play online with some of you guys, but I'm not sure what servers you all flock to when you play . Can anyone enlighten me please?
  2. Red Son


    I did some more research. Apparently 1.51 is not stable for Netplay, so I had to get version 1.41. Someone please let me know if that doesn't sound right, thx.
  3. Red Son


    thank you all for your replies! My main issue is definitely gonna be getting around Vista to get it online. I'm thinking about getting the Gens Emu and then the Roms, since it seems like it's easier to connect to the internet for most people. Anyhow, I haven't found a whole lot online explaining how to get SNES to connect online. Does anyone have any links to some good info? Thanks!
  4. Red Son


    Hello! I've been an avid player of NHL 94 since the day I got it, Christmas of 93. I was only 5 when I got it, but have been playing it ever since. I've moved on with the new generation of gaming systems, but have still kept my SNES along with this game and a few others, including all the Marios, of course, and Ken Griffey Jr.'s MLB. I recently found the ZSNES emulator, and being as I own the game I've now got the ROM and just got it going. I'm going to need to figure out how to set up the Internet function, as I have no idea just yet. I'm running Vista, and if it acts the same way with ZSNES as it does every other program in existence, I'm going to assume that I'll have a lot of problems. Anyway, I'm looking forward to becoming a part of the community, and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!