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  1. I was hoping someone, maybe clockwise, or one of the other modders could just make one trade for me in the SNES and GENS roms or NHL'94. And apply the weight bug fix hack? I like both versions of the game. I have no idea how to go about it, and some of you are very good with these things. I would like to reverse the trade of Doug Weight and Esa Tikkanen. Essentially putting Doug Weight back on the Rangers and Esa Tikkanen back on the Oilers. Weight and Tikkanen would have to have their attributes and numbers follow them to their new (or old) teams. I'd like this because i always felt, had
  2. Great! Thanks. I will give it a go. I have to get a M3Real card. I will update once i get it!
  3. LOL Sorry, i don't mean to spam or anything. Now that i have an opinion about Gameboy Advance... How well does the game run on Nintendo DS Lite? There are definite ways to get any (graphical limitations of course) to run on the DS Lite. With M3 Real as an example... But i am just wondering if anyone tried NHL 94 on DS Lite? How well does it translate? I am just looking to get NHL 94 portable.
  4. Can NHL'94, any version of it (Sega, Super Nintendo, Sega CD) be played on a Gameboy Advance SP?
  5. I wonder how to even go about finding someone who can hack a PSP. I wouldn't even know where to look, lol.
  6. Have you seen the new PSP Go? I wonder if that thing will be able to be hacked and play NHL'94.
  7. Thanks again. How do you hack a PSP? Or, how do you find someone to do it? I am really considering buying a PSP so i can play NHL'94 when i'm on the go.
  8. Cool! Do you know if it's possible to play hacked Roms of NHL'94 on the PSP? Like with the weight fix and all that? Is it the same .bin files?
  9. Has anyone played NHL'94 on a PSP? Does it play well on PSP? Is it even possible?
  10. rags81

    NOSE question

    The two side programs needed to run NOSE: - Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 5 Run-time Redistribution Pack - Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control Are these potentially harmful to a computer? Will they give adware or spyware or anything like that? Will they change Windows settings? Or are they completely harmless? Thanks!
  11. Thanks i appreciate it. Thanks everyone for your help. This is mucho confusing for me.
  12. I am having trouble installing NOSE. Do i unzip all the files in the zip file to a created folder? Or do i only need the .exe file?
  13. I followed the directions that are provided in the navigation bar at the top of the web page, and edited the proper lines of code. Then i saved it. But when i try to open the Rom in Gens, it doesn't open. Any suggestions? Should i do it in Hex? Thats what i tried to do in. Or should i try it in NOSE? I just wanted to edit the original NHL'94 Gens Rom to have white ice. And then i was going to install the weight fix patch and the secondary assist fix patch.
  14. Will anyone be making a Rom for NHL'94 with each teams' legends? I've been hoping for a Rom like this, i can help with the Rangers roster, posted it in the other thread. I would have to research some player numbers though.
  15. Hey, i was hoping someone would do this for NHL'94 Gens. i don't know if you are still doing this. I can't do it, because i have no idea how to read the code and do the hacking on this game. I could assist with the Rangers roster. It has arguably the best players in franchise history. Players that had a long term impact with the team (i.e. not Espo, Gretz, or Jags, as they were not in the organization long enough to warrant the honor). Here is what i came up with: -F- Hadfield - Ratelle - Gilbert Graves - Messier - Bathgate F.Cook - Boucher - B.Cook Hextall, Dillon, Lynn Patrick, Tk