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  1. Loving this thread! Surprised about no mention of Sandis Ozolinsh for San Jose. Certainly better than Wilkinson and while not an all-star by any means, he can skate somewhat decently and doesn't fumble passes too overly often. I figure that has to count for something on a team as rough as San Jose. My experience with Brown and Butcher for St. Louis has always a bit different though in terms of speed. I've never felt like either skater was too slow to be effective and truthfully, I've always considered Brown's speed to be above average..I don't know his speed rating by memory though s
  2. Brilliant goals Jeff! Here's a few of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyvA1J6lU88 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udMZG7_1Jh0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0k7XoIrvd4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22SA2G2fEGI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajKA_1BPaOo
  3. Sums up my thoughts exactly. A 220 lb player is never always guaranteed to bring down a 180 lb player in real life nor is it always guaranteed that the smaller player should always be unable to knock down a larger player judging by weight or checking ability alone. There are too many factors at work that I think the variance in stats and performance cover as closely as possible. Ex: Think about Doug Gilmour. He wasn't called "Killer" for nothing. One of the smaller forwards in the NHL, yet was nasty and took down players bigger than him on various occasions....
  4. Edmonton Oilers 1st Line LW - #19 Joe Sakic C - #18 Craig Simpson RW - #13 Mats Sundin LD - #34 Al Iafrate RD - #3 Zarley Zalapski X - #17 Mike Ridley G - #31 Curtis Joseph 2nd Line LW - #17 Mike Ridley C - #20 Alexander Semak RW - #12 John Cullen LD - #4 Kevin Lowe RD - #27 Teppo Numminen G - #35 Mike Richter ***Edited to include jersey numbers***
  5. ...and now the pick that everyone has been waiting for me to make...Simpson 3:16... Craig Simpson
  6. General: 1. Super Mario Brothers 3 2. Tecmo Super Bowl 3. Ace Combat 4 4. Syphon Filter 1 - 3 5. WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain Hockey: 1. NHL 94 (obvious) 2. NHL 09 - 12 PS3 3. NHL 96 PC 4. NHLPA 93 5. Blades of Steel
  7. I'm all in on this one. I'll take the Edmonton Oilers.
  8. Hey bud, welcome! I'm more than willing to help you get started with playing online. If you see me on AIM very soon, hit me up or I'll message you if I see you online and we'll get started.
  9. I'm gonna say I'm in for this one. Would be tons of fun to take the Oilers again and see what kind of lineup could be produced.
  10. Thanks everyone for a great season and for the compliments!! It was great to get to come back as a replacement and be allowed to use Edmonton again as well...thanks Chaos/Halifax for letting me do so!! I was able to knock out 31 games in 2 weeks to make a mad dash to qualify for the playoffs and then continue on to the eventual Stanley Cup victory. Would have liked to have gotten all 40 in for sure and to have seen everyone else have been able to do so as well. Hopefully this is something that can/will be addressed next season if possible. AJ, thanks for a great series. You played really hard
  11. Hey buds. We'll see what happens...Chicago and I don't seem to be a good match as my recent exhibs indicate. I'd love to be able to switch to Edmonton if possible lol Either way, very glad to be back again and I will be hitting you guys up asap. My best times to play right now are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.
  12. Good luck this season all. Can't wait to watch the SNES A magic unfold.