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    Firefox 5

    I've been using 5 for a while -- no problems.
  2. kingraph

    GENS C Final - One timer vs eggink444

    I'm less surprised at this level than I am at what's going on in A with HABS/Carse and B with Donny/Comeback. Not all newbies (I think Chaos/Halifax said only about 20% stay each year) are as committed. I figure that onetimer is not a person who will continue to be an active member of the '94 community. Hey, now you officially have another champion in your '11 league!
  3. Comeback, you sound a *little* cranky! As another guy who joined when you did, I just want to chime in with a slightly different perspective. I finished my 40 in classic (both B and the replacement games in A), played my playoff games, and also just finished the 22 games in the '11 league. It really wasn't a problem -- and I played guys in Mexico, France, Canda, East/West, etc. Note: I have a full-time job, wife + 2 kids (under 3). Having said that, I agree that it comes down to motivation. As much as I wish everyone had that same motivation/time to play their games, the reality is it's just not going to happen. This is a hobby, with no costs! (well in my case sleep). It sure is a whole lot more fun when you have dedicated guys playing, but forcing people to play specific players won't work. It'll be worse! I just accept that this is the case. All we can do is play our games and participate. I think this idea from Halifax will be good for active players. I'm interested to see how it turns out...really wondering about people avoiding playing known tough A leaguers. Regarding other players -- I too, don't like being ignored and think a courtesy response is nice. However, I must say most people I AIM DO respond and are usually cool with playing some games. Given my usual late-night availability, it's usually the same small number of folks I see online, so you may have a different crowd of people, who knows. I also haven't experienced the trashing of newbies on the forums. If it happened to me, perhaps I'm too dense to even realize it! . Summit is almost impossible for USA B players. It's been talked about in the Summit thread. Just look at the "B players schedule" thread where you, me and Dan Oh, and I'm still losing sleep. I hope to get to where you are.
  4. kingraph

    Home Ice Advantage

    Awesome, thanks. And USA's victory this season will be completely legit.
  5. kingraph

    Home Ice Advantage

    Fascinating! Is this true in Blitz as well, or have you found the code and normalized it for all teams? I never thought about this when switching teams from BUF to DAL. Not that I'm complaining (I can't stand that Buffalo music), but just never considered it. Fascinating! lol. If I remember, I will try to pay attention to this.
  6. kingraph

    Home Ice Advantage

    I noticed at the end of the manual ( starting on pg 55, it lists the teams and rosters. For each team, the manual lists "Home Ice Advantage" and "Road Ice Disadvantage" from Low, Average, and High. You think there's anything to that? From the stats you guys presented, there's undoubtedly an overall home ice advantage, but I wonder if it's more/less severe depending on the teams? A High Home Ice Advantage vs. High Road Ice Disadvantage would be the most skewed, etc.
  7. kingraph

    The Official "I'm New"/Introduction Thread

    I'm usually on at night (judging by your post you may be too), I'll be happy to play some games -- AIM: KingRaph
  8. Can someone explain how the Capitalism league worked for those of us who were not around? The Capitalism league board doesn't have a pinned "About" thread that I can find.
  9. If I understand correctly, Halifax's new scenario wouldn't have any divisions -- just a free for all of coaches. So, instead of A, B-1, B-2, there would be one giant league with 30+ coaches, and newbies coming in whenever. Couldn't make a minimum. I like my idea more and more. . Same format, with flex scheduling built in by the mods.
  10. The problem is that certain players don't/can't finish their games, so your solution is to provide more flexibility in the schedue. Good idea, but I think what is causing some concerns for everyone is that the players have the choice and that will lead to gaming the system. How about having a flexible schedule, but the flex is decided by you/chaos. So, season starts as normal, and once a problem arises with a team, instead of finding replacements, you update the schedule. 1-2 more games against existing players to make up the lost games. Perhaps this can be pre-determined, formulaically, to avoid complaints/conspiracies. (e.g. whoever you played once, you play twice, or 1 more game against your division, etc.) Yes, a little more work for the admins, but this will achieve what I believe you are trying to accomplish, without the potential problems mentioned by everyone.
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    Never heard that before. And I live in NY/NJ...plenty of pigeons!
  12. kingraph

    Important announcement

    I think what Smoz and DC are saying is the ISP usually has a DSL central office or hub where they then route all individual connections to subscribers. Depending on distance from this central office, your connection may degrade. I found this answer to be useful: Do you have DSL?
  13. kingraph


    TB (carse) & NYR (kingraph) 8-5 I had the honor of being the first to introduce Carse to the league. Not the confidence boost I needed to end my regular GG
  14. kingraph


    NYR (kingraph) @ WAS (VC) 3-1 gg
  15. kingraph

    Important announcement

    My 2 cents -- DSL would actually be better in a crowded area vs cable as DSL is a dedicated line on your phone that only you access, vs cable where everyone is sharing the same pipes. Having said that, it shouldn't be an issue for '94. Wired is always better than wireless and I don't know why your results are reversed. You don't have to deal with interference from the air. From what I understand, when playing P2P the ping is estimated once in the beginning and that determines frame delays, etc. Once your connection has a brain fart (especially a wireless hiccup), a desynch happens. Server assumes more of a lag, which is why it generally plays slower, but can handle those drops better. I read that in he forums here, so you can probably get a better explanation there. Download speeds at .58 and upload at .27 is pretty bad. What speeds are you paying for? That is my guess to your connection problems. I use a netbook (acer aspire one), slightly modified with an SSD and 2G RAM, that costs less 200 brand new. Pretty weak, spec-wise. While I agree Vista sucks, I doubt its your comp causing issues (unless a bunch of other programs are running simultaneously). Anyway, those are my thoughts. You were the person who originally confirmed my test game for the Spring classic league, which I appreciate, so I hope I can gel you get straightened out in return. Good luck.
  16. kingraph


    Lol, I just saw my cup chances flash before my eyes.
  17. kingraph


    No prob Robbie. You are doing a great job setting up and moderating this inaugural league...your (and everyone else's) efforts are greatly appreciated!
  18. kingraph


    I played LA (boknows). Think the final was 5-4, or 6-5. It's posted and confirmed.
  19. kingraph


    Something's up with your math dude-- I can't be 18-3 and played 19 games. According to my record -- I've played 20 games, and scored 105 goals, record 17-3. I have a games left with TB (DanLizHot) and WAS (VC). Let me know if you want me to send you my info so you can box back to your records. Now that there is a goal benchmark, prepare for some RAPON!
  20. kingraph


    MIN (sicarius) @ NYR (kingraph) 2-4 One stat missing from screenshots: Gaborik G, Staal A gg
  21. kingraph


    NYR (kingraph) @ DAL (hokkee) 4-1 ggs
  22. kingraph


    DAL (Hokkee) @ NYR (kingraph) 4-7 Note: We desynched at 5-4, played one more period, which is why the last screen shot with 2 goals has the 1st period. It's really our third.
  23. kingraph


    NYR (kingraph) @ LAK (BoKnows) 6-5 gg
  24. kingraph

    Standings as of Today (6/16/11)

    Thanks for the updates! FYI -- Minnesota is now Sicarius Fulger (still listed as Beavers).
  25. kingraph

    NHL94 urban legends

    When you catch the other team in a line change and want to get a quick rush, your players passing/stick handling/off awareness ratings all go to ZERO. It seems like EVERY time I have a chance to capitalize on a line change, a pass bounces off the skate, misses completely, players offside, etc. You can't convince me otherwise.