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  1. This can definitely work.  We tried this with @segathona little more than a year ago.  There were some technical issues we ran into with desyncs, but I think we figured it out in the end.  Unfortunately it never took off due to limited participation.  Testing will be key -- let's make sure we can get some successful exhibition games in.

    Here's the original post --

    You can read through some of the troubleshooting we did to make it work.

    Also, if this takes off, we'd need to capture the locations (offsets) in the savestate (RAM) for the boxscores (like this).  OR, worse case we can just manually keep track of wins/losses.

    Having said all of that, I am happy to help test and be part of a '95 league.  Count me in.

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  2. CDL 03 Official ROM: CDL_season_03.bin

    • 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players!
    • Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool".  Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2
    • 1 minute penalties
    • Body Checks after whistle don't count
    • +/- stat added
    • Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie
    • Slightly Increased Goalie Range
    • Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour
    • 288 Updated Player Cards!
    • All 12 player cards cycle on start menu!

    First 3 ROUNDS were LIVE on Twitch!


    24 Unique Featured Teams


    Graphic updates:

    Season 02 MVP Brett Hull on the Cover of Season 03 (WITH INFAMOUS BRAT HUL HET MAP!)


    24 Wacklords competing for glory!



    @Sebe_The_Legendand @szpakattack announce the matchups "warm" & "cool".  Announcer graphic hacked to be larger:


    Minnesota Wild Logo straight from NHL'94 Rewind!


    Scoreboard sponsor is haxball.  Join @Heinz57's Hax league today!


    Buffalo Airways sponsors the 3 Stars of the Game:


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  3. Time to start setting your lines.  This basic format works for most, but if you want to set particular replacements, you can if you understand how that works - How It Works

    Otherwise, I assume you want a 3rd defensemen to come in for either LD/RD who gets a penalty/gets injured.  The 4th only comes in as necessary.  I also assume your extra attacker will be your 4th F if an injury occurs.  On a penalty, I'll keep your starters on unless otherwise indicated. 

    IF YOU KNOW OF A JERSEY NUMBER CONFLICT - you can also indicate it below.  Otherwise I will bump up the lesser known players up/down one.  If you have two starters with the same number, I'll look for a previous NHL number.  


    Team Name: Anaheim Ducks

    LD: Raymond Bourque
    RD: Glen Wesley
    LW: Andrei Kovalenko
    C: Luc Robitaille
    RW: Ted Donato
    X: Ron Francis

    3rd D: Vladimir Malakov

    G: Kelly Hrudey


  4. I just re-read a lot of the comments here, and I find this thread to be great.  I'm coming back to the idea of a deep dive into a game (likely with @angryjay93) and could use some feedback for the initial attempt.   

    I want put together some kind of "advanced analytics" that we see in sports that's based on the OP topics.  And to do so in a feasible way that wouldn't be too burdensome.  In time, I hope this provides another view to a game that we anecdotally mention ("they were cold/hot", "momentum", "roll of the dice", "unlucky", "bounces went my way", etc)

    I'd appreciate your feedback as to what we could possibly track, or what makes more sense than not.  

    Some initial thoughts I had, which could be tracked and potentially be useful:

    • Possessions
      • Control of the puck for 7 game seconds or more
    • Scoring Opportunities
      • Y/N based on observation
    • AI Loose Pucks
      • Count which team AI (not player controlled) picked up a loose puck.
    • Human vs AI Penalties (self explanatory)
    • GC
      • Saves or actions (check, intercept pass, switch on/off) made because of manual goalie efforts that would have otherwise led to a scoring chance/goal.
    • AI Factor - +1/-1
      • There are examples of the "Non-controllable/Random" AI behavior in the OP.  Measuring AI helpfulness will be difficult because it is hard to define an expected "norm" against where an action could be deemed a +1 or -1.  For example in GENS, if Mike Modano takes a slapshot from top of the circle and misses the net, that is normal.  If he buries that slapshot, that is also normal. However, if he misses 4-5 times in a row, that may be considered a "-1".  And if he buries two in a row that may be "+1".
      • In SNES, let's say Stevens has a clean hit on Roenick in front of the net, but Roenick stays up and scores.  Is that a "-1" for the defense and "+1" for the offense? 
      • Those are easy actions to isolate and already hard to decide.  We'd have to look at all AI action throughout the game.  This may be too much to track and too subjective.  TBD.

    So I imagine watching a replay with 1 (or more) people with these categories being tracked as we re-watch the game.

    Any other thoughts, recommendations?  Would really like to pilot this soon.

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  5. 1 hour ago, smozoma said:

    It seems like more than half the boxes I see have the sticker, so 348k (~500k total in circulation) seems a lot more likely than 29k (~50k total in circulation).

    Hmm, that's also an interesting way to estimate total sales.  If we track 1st round/regular ratio, we can have a reasonable assumption of total production.  I feel like it's less than 50/50, but will track.  

  6. 1 hour ago, smozoma said:

    The unlettered numbers, so far the highest is 04244. So I suspect it was a limited run of 5000.

    Also, the counts of each letter so far:


    A-L is 12 letters. 12x29,000 = 348,000

    I suspect that at some point we'll see a duplicate number (we still don't have a 1-apart, though we have a bunch of 8-aparts)


    Interesting.  I was thinking the serial numbers are sequential and the letters were not a separate batch.  So I'm about 1/12th the size you're thinking (0001 - 29000).

    Let's keep our eyes peeled.  We have 193 numbers as of today, which is 0.67% of 29,000 and .055% of 348,000.  :unsure:

  7. 1 hour ago, Premium said:

    Off-topic, but I'm looking at the site, and I see what @kingraph listed for Agility/Speed is not what I thought.

    It says:

    Agility - How quickly a player stops and turns, deking ability. Also affects acceleration

    Speed - How quickly a player achieves top speed (acceleration)


    I thought Agility was the speed at which a player accelerates from a stationary position. Then it transitions into the player's SPEED stat

    Speed is how fast a player will skate after the agility acceleration (or deceleration) - so not everyone has the same top speed. The top speed of a player is the higher of the agility/speed stat


    Example: Brian Leetch has 6 agility and 3 speed: This means Brian Leetch starts skating at 6 speed but then decelerates to 3 speed over time

    Example: Peter Bondra has 4 agility and 6 speed: This means Peter Bondra starts skating at 4 speed but then accelerates to 6 speed over time


    EDIT: Also, I think weight affects agility speed, but not speed speed. I think there is a multiplier, where 7 weight is the average. anything lighter makes you faster, and anything heavier makes you slower. So for example, Lemieux is 10 weight, 5 agility.. I think that's the equivalent of let's say 6 weight 4 agility.

    This is interesting and worth testing either by a side-by-side with two players or frame by frame analysis.  I still think agility is more "left/right" ability with the stick rotation and not a straightforward acceleration.  Something weird thinking about Leetch skating at 6 and decelerate to 3.  I think Leetch can turn on a dime or spin around quicker than others.  

    I do agree that speed is more top speed.  No way everyone is same speed. 

  8. 7 hours ago, bushhockeyfan said:

    bump for possible progress on this project.

    Thanks for the continued interest in this project!  Once I uncovered how to hack the logos, players, player ratings, etc. I sort of lost steam as that would be enough to create a new updated/custom ROM.  However, I can plow through some graphic hacks as those are the easiest (at least for me).  If there's anything in particular you're looking for, I can surely focus on that next as well.  

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  9. 12 hours ago, smozoma said:

    In 94, the checking rating just controls how often AI players will check (but not, as far as I know, how effective the checks are).


    I have noticed, as has @Uncle Seth and others, that the checking ratings seems to factor into the success of C/B checks.  You will see a much higher success rate of CB with Dave Manson (9 wgt, 4 chk) than Paul Coffey (9 wgt, 2 chk).   

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  10. Official Season 02ROM - CDL_season_02.bin

    • 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players!
    • Hot/Cold Reduced to "Warm/Cool".  Boosts are limited to +1, 0, -1 vs original ROM -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2
    • 1 minute penalties
    • Body Checks after whistle don't count
    • +/- stat added
    • Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie
    • Slightly Increased Goalie Range
    • Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour
    • 288 Updated Player Cards!
    • All 12 player cards cycle on start menu!

    First 3 ROUNDS were LIVE on Twitch!

    Live Draft!.png

    The 24 Featured Teams:


    Graphic updates:

    Season 01 MVP Mark Recchi on the Cover of Season 02:


    24 Sexy coaches competing for the cup:


    New teams like the Brampton Battalion, Wheeling Nailers, and Helsingin Jokerit added!



    Our own @danTML7is back announcing the lineups, this time people are "Warm" or "Cool"


    As mentioned, all 288 player cards are updated!

    Florida and Anaheim center ice logos copied from NHL'94 Rewind!



    Scoreboard logo is back - Coors Light returns as our unofficial sponsor:


    CDL Zamboni and our friend in the green shirt returns to his severed leg!

    The 3 stars of the game bring back some old friends:



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  11. 22 hours ago, Green Majik said:

    Hello @kingraph--

    In lieu of a very long pm, I thought I would post in this forum :) 

    I have a question about the Appendix of Individual Player Attributes. This was from a long time ago, but do you you happen to remember what values you put in for each attribute to get the ratings you did (Roenick 100, etc)? You mention the values below, but when I plug them in I still get Lemieux 100, Mogilny 97, Lindros 93, etc.

     Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 10.41.07 PM.png

    E.g. did you do something strange with the weight calculation? If I put weight as (-5), Roenick is now 100, Bure 93, Mogilny 93, Yzerman 91, etc. It's close to the Player Appendix, but not quite exact. 

    Anyway, thanks a million :) 

    Hey buddy, these are the ratings for the appendix :


    	 	Forwards 	 Defense 	 Goalie 
     Scale 		0.465		0.509		0.969
     Weight 	5.000		5.000		0.000
     Agility 	4.000		3.125		4.500
     Speed 		8.000		3.750		0.000
     Off A 		1.000		1.250		0.000
     Def A 		1.000		3.875		4.500
     ShP/Puck 	7.000		2.875		4.500
     Chk 		1.000		1.875	
     Stick 		3.000		3.375	
     ShA 		3.000		2.125	
     End/StkR 	0.000		0.000		1.000
     Roug/StkL 	0.000		0.000		1.000
     Pass/Gr 	3.000		3.500		1.000
     Aggr/Gl 	0.000		0.000		1.000


  12. Final Teams:

    Anaheim Ducks --------- kingraph
    Brampton Battalion ---- IceStorm
    Buffalo Sabres -------- szpakman
    Calgary Flames -------- Chaos
    California Seals ------ Schmidt
    Carolina Hurricanes --- Uncle Seth
    Dallas Stars ---------- corbettkb
    Detroit Red Wings ----- kazelegend
    Edmonton Oilers ------- Scribe
    Florida Panthers ------ TecmoJon
    Halifax Mooseheads ---- Sheehy
    Helsingin Jokerit ----- Tickenest
    Los Angeles Kings ----- sonoffett87
    Minnesota North Stars - LeifErickson
    Montreal Canadiens ---- Sebe
    New Jersey Devils ----- MikeGartner22
    New York Rangers ------ Lupz27
    Pittsburgh Penguins --- Chris O
    San Jose Sharks ------- angryjay93
    Toronto St. Pat's ----- Thrillhouse
    Toronto Maple Leafs --- danTML7
    Vancouver Canucks ----- hokkeefan
    Vegas Golden Knights -- Mr. T
    Wheeling Nailers ------ SOH