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  1. Team Logos The team logos are 6x4 (like the center ice logos in 94), with the one exception being the Bruiser Bots, which in the default ROM is 6x5. There are 7 unique colors on the palette that are used for the logo. These are the first 7 colors on the team palette offset in the team data, and end up being colors 3-9 on the full palette. Colors 1 (transparent) 2 and 10-16 are not changeable and is probably used for the menu screen bricks, torches, MLH logo,etc (TBD, haven't looked there yet). As far as I can tell for now, these 7 colors are only for the logo, it doesn't look to b
  2. I think Ice Slashers to Islanders works. Coach Thunder is likely Al Arbour and the Ice Asylum is Nassau Coliseum. The player names don't seem to match any spoofs though. I tried going through the historical jersey numbers : , but that didn't really turn anything up.
  3. All of this is and will be possible. Names, logos, ratings, text, etc. are already solved. I'll post more and eventually post a ROM with easy to edit graphics. Just need to test a few things out more to make sure I understand the relationships between the graphics/palettes
  4. Stadium Data Here are the offset locations for the stadium data (23 stadiums): 0001B6B8 - Skatium 0001B6D0 - Freeze Land 0001B6E8 - The Tomb 0001B700 - Cavern Palace 0001B718 - Madness Sq. Garden 0001B748 - Weenieworld Center 0001B754 - The Ice Room 0001B76C - The Graveyard 0001B784 - St. Mucus Arena 0001B79C - Rink War Arena 0001B7C0 - Fog Dome 0001B7D8 - The Crypt 0001B7F0 - Ice Asylum 0001B808 - The Mausoleum 0001B820 - Puke Palace 0001B838 - Tripout Rink 0001B850 - Prig Palace 0001B868 - K.T. Coliseum 0001B880 - The Skunk Centre 0001B898 - Bu
  5. Continuing on, following the players is the Coach offsets. These are the pointers to the 20 coach's names. Each is 4 bytes, there's no other data other than the name offset: 0001B668 - Coach Sputter 0001B66C - Doc Whizz 0001B670 - Coach Wimpson 0001B674 - Coach Trickster 0001B678 - Coach Spleenin 0001B67C - Coach McWhimple 0001B680 - Coach Le Jocque 0001B684 - Coach Bricka 0001B688 - Coach Scary 0001B68C - The Admiral 0001B690 - Coach Le Bludbathe 0001B694 - Coach Bowbot 0001B698 - Coach Thunder 0001B69C - Coach Smellnose 0001B6A0 - Coach Ralph 0001B6A4 - B
  6. Player Data / Ratings Immediately following the Team Data is the Player Data. Each player has 14 bytes, except 2 players on each team that are "Enforcers". Those players have 16 bytes. There are 482 players listed. It's the 24 players on the 20 non-All-Star teams (total 480), plus Buggy Skull and Maim Zitzky are listed twice. The duplicate entries are the same except the jersey numbers for when they have duplicates on the all-stars. Buggy is #8 on the Toxic All-Pros and Zitzky is 89 on the Maniac All-Stars. I'll post the complete rosters and ratings separately as a Google S
  7. Team Data There are 23 teams in MLH. There are two sections in the team data structure that I'm not sure what they do right now. Each team is 158 bytes, broken out as follows. It starts with the Black Hearts: Offset - 18D8A - Pointer: Team Name 1 Offset (4 bytes). This value is 0004CF04, which is the offset to the text "Black" 18D8E - Pointer: Team Name 2 Offset (4 bytes) This value is 0004CF0A, which is the offset to the text "Hearts". Every team has 2 text values for their names. 18D92 - TBD. I'm not sure what these 4 bytes repr
  8. When I complete my MLH hack for NHL21, let's talk. I'll need 500+ puns.
  9. When I posted this, I actually thought of all people @CoachMac would probably know a few I missed!
  10. table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; } Here's the complete list of teams, rosters and their NHL Spoof for Mutant League Hockey. I think I captured most, but if you think I missed a spoof, please let me know. table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, s
  11. I'm pretty sure I can swap the palette of the away team, but there may be some other reasons it's locked to red/grey. Likely the scoreboard or Mutant League logo is also linked to that same red/grey palette. I'll add it to the list.
  12. Plan is to make progress on this site in 2021.
  13. The issue is the list of offsets for the 32 team ROM was never posted anywhere. So every time someone starts tinkering with the 32 team ROM, there's a lot of confusion because all of the offsets are different from the 30 team ROM! If someone has all of the 32 team offsets, it'd be SUPER helpful to create a post like this: (pat myself on the back), which mirrors the original @wboypost. I would do it myself, but I have not done any editing in the 32 team ROM. At least start it, and others can add in t
  14. I'm not exactly sure how that works or what causes the jumpiness of the game. My guess is all the sprite animations are overloading. So actually maybe? If we reduce some animations, it may help? I'll add it to the list to investigate, thanks!
  15. MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY FANS - I started to tinker around with hacking this game again and figured I would share my findings as I made some significant progress. Ultimately the goal is to create a ROM that can be modded for future updates. I don't think I will expand the teams, but that may be something to consider for the future. This game is 2MB with no real extra room in the ROM. It uses up a ton of space on graphics data with all the animations, as well as text (there's a lot of descriptions, talking, etc). In theory I can expand to 4MB, but I know it gets tricky with the RAM space
  16. That's Alexei Kasatanov
  17. Official Season 01 ROM - CDL_season_01.bin 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players! Static ROM (ratings don't get hot/cold applied or PP/PK) 1 minute penalties Body Checks after whistle don't count +/- stat added Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie Slightly Increased Goalie Range Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour 288 Updated Player Cards! All 12 player cards cycle on start menu! Graphic updates: Mats Sundin on the cover! Commissioner and Sundin Fanboy@chaos approved!
  18. It's for league play (Chaos Draft League), and I'll be posting the final version tomorrow on the forums with all the descriptions of the hacks/updates. Love this updated feature a lot.
  19. WORKED! Latest ROM will scroll through the 12 players on each team. So cool.
  20. When I check F890A on the 32 team ROM and 30 team ROM, both come up with a value of FFFF. Can you double check? I'd like to try this on my next ROM.
  21. Unfortunately you can't flip positions with no line changes league during a PP or PK. You'll just get a replacement on the PK and/or injury.