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  1. I guess it doesn't affect me now as I played Wags as Boston for our 1 and 1. However, I'm looking forward to getting TROUNCED in the playoffs (assuming I make them)
  2. Just noticed in the homepage that STAN1SH is now the owner of Boston (used to be WagsTH), but I didn't see an announcement.
  3. Please add me to the official waiting list. AIM: kingraph
  4. Happy to fill in a GENS A if needed (also playing GENSB-2 now)
  5. DAL is great with me! Thank you!
  6. All set up and ready for a test game -- tomorrow (Friday) after 9:00 p.m. EST, or pick a time this weekend. Hope to play in the Spring league! AIM: oooraphooo
  7. Hello all! I'm looking forward to playing in the upcoming season! AIM: oooraphooo I will be requesting a GENS test game later tonight when I get set up at home.
  8. I'm and old NHL94 GENS player, but new here. GREAT site. Has anybody noticed that one-timers (successful ones) don't get counted as a successful pass in the game stats? It used to drive me nuts. I didn't see it mentioned in the forums or game bugs. Cheers!
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