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  1. Team Logos The team logos are 6x4 (like the center ice logos in 94), with the one exception being the Bruiser Bots, which in the default ROM is 6x5. There are 7 unique colors on the palette that are used for the logo. These are the first 7 colors on the team palette offset in the team data, and end up being colors 3-9 on the full palette. Colors 1 (transparent) 2 and 10-16 are not changeable and is probably used for the menu screen bricks, torches, MLH logo,etc (TBD, haven't looked there yet). As far as I can tell for now, these 7 colors are only for the logo, it doesn't look to be shared with the sprites. The logos can be seen in TM when you put in a 1x4 block. For some reason the first 4 columns of each logo are first and then the other 2 columns are in another spot. The good news is they are pretty easy to see, to rearrange them to be 6x4 in one section is pretty easy. The logo data in the team data is laid out as follows. The 0F is 16 in hex and is the first 16 tiles, followed by the tile # they start with. The 07 is the other 8 tiles, followed by the start of the tile number, to put together the 24 tiles. Again, you'll see the Bruiser Bots have a "0B" in their second logo piece, which for whatever reason makes their logo 6x5. 00024886 - Galaxy Aces - 0002 0000 0F00 64AA 2000 0700 6626 00024894 - Toxic All-Pros - 0002 0000 0F00 64BA 2000 0700 662E 000248A2 - Maniac All-Stars - 0002 0000 0F00 64CA 2000 0700 6636 000248B0 - Motroyale Cadavers - 0002 0000 0F00 64DA 2000 0700 663E 000248BE - Bruiser Bots - 0002 0000 0F00 64EA 2000 0B00 661A 000248CC - Darkstar Dragons - 0002 0000 0F00 64FA 2000 0700 6646 000248DA - Dead Things - 0002 0000 0F00 650A 2000 0700 664E 000248E8 - The Derangers - 0002 0000 0F00 651A 2000 0700 6656 000248F6 - Black Hearts - 0002 0000 0F00 652A 2000 0700 665E 00024904 - Lizard Kings - 0002 0000 0F00 653A 2000 0700 6666 00024912 - Mutant Monsters - 0002 0000 0F00 654A 2000 0700 666E 00024920 - St. Mucus Ooze - 0002 0000 0F00 655A 2000 0700 6676 0002492E - Ice Slashers - 0002 0000 0F00 656A 2000 0700 667E 0002493C - Pucksucker Pukes - 0002 0000 0F00 657A 2000 0700 6686 0002494A - Deathskin Razors - 0002 0000 0F00 658A 2000 0700 668E 00024958 - The Shrimps - 0002 0000 0F00 659A 2000 0700 6696 00024966 - Screaming Evils - 0002 0000 0F00 65AA 2000 0700 669E 00024974 - War Slammers - 0002 0000 0F00 65BA 2000 0700 66A6 00024982 - Slaycity Slayers - 0002 0000 0F00 65CA 2000 0700 66AE 00024990 - Turbo Techies - 0002 0000 0F00 65DA 2000 0700 66B6 0002499E - Terminator Trolz - 0002 0000 0F00 65EA 2000 0700 66BE 000249AC - Chilly Liars - 0002 0000 0F00 65FA 2000 0700 66C6 000249BA - Mighty Weenies - 0002 0000 0F00 660A 2000 0700 66CE You can accomplish this in different ways, but what I did was make all 24 tiles in order for the Blackhearts and updated these tile references. Worked perfectly, so it's just a matter of doing them for all the teams. The logos start in TM C9540: The tricky part will be to make the palettes easy to update in TM for hackable ROM because each team has 7 unique colors and the other 12 are shared. So they aren't all in one 16 color block for TM. I have some ideas on how to do this, but need to test it out. In general, once you set the 1x4 block size, you'll see all the sprites and graphics much more clearly in TM.
  2. I think Ice Slashers to Islanders works. Coach Thunder is likely Al Arbour and the Ice Asylum is Nassau Coliseum. The player names don't seem to match any spoofs though. I tried going through the historical jersey numbers :https://www.hockey-reference.com/teams/NYI/numbers.html , but that didn't really turn anything up.
  3. All of this is and will be possible. Names, logos, ratings, text, etc. are already solved. I'll post more and eventually post a ROM with easy to edit graphics. Just need to test a few things out more to make sure I understand the relationships between the graphics/palettes
  4. Stadium Data Here are the offset locations for the stadium data (23 stadiums): 0001B6B8 - Skatium 0001B6D0 - Freeze Land 0001B6E8 - The Tomb 0001B700 - Cavern Palace 0001B718 - Madness Sq. Garden 0001B748 - Weenieworld Center 0001B754 - The Ice Room 0001B76C - The Graveyard 0001B784 - St. Mucus Arena 0001B79C - Rink War Arena 0001B7C0 - Fog Dome 0001B7D8 - The Crypt 0001B7F0 - Ice Asylum 0001B808 - The Mausoleum 0001B820 - Puke Palace 0001B838 - Tripout Rink 0001B850 - Prig Palace 0001B868 - K.T. Coliseum 0001B880 - The Skunk Centre 0001B898 - Buckle Dome 0001B8B0 - The Pole 0001B8C8 - Frozen Palace 0001B8E0 - Puck Dome The first 2 bytes for each is the offset to the Stadium Name. After that most stadiums have 20 bytes afterwards with the exception of 3 -- Madness Sq. Garden has 44 bytes, Weenieworld only has 8, and Rink War Arena seems to have 32. I have not looked into what those are yet.
  5. Continuing on, following the players is the Coach offsets. These are the pointers to the 20 coach's names. Each is 4 bytes, there's no other data other than the name offset: 0001B668 - Coach Sputter 0001B66C - Doc Whizz 0001B670 - Coach Wimpson 0001B674 - Coach Trickster 0001B678 - Coach Spleenin 0001B67C - Coach McWhimple 0001B680 - Coach Le Jocque 0001B684 - Coach Bricka 0001B688 - Coach Scary 0001B68C - The Admiral 0001B690 - Coach Le Bludbathe 0001B694 - Coach Bowbot 0001B698 - Coach Thunder 0001B69C - Coach Smellnose 0001B6A0 - Coach Ralph 0001B6A4 - Buddy Riot 0001B6A8 - Coach Scampi 0001B6AC - Buck Troll 0001B6B0 - Dante N. Ferno 0001B6B4 - Coach Cyclone
  6. Player Data / Ratings Immediately following the Team Data is the Player Data. Each player has 14 bytes, except 2 players on each team that are "Enforcers". Those players have 16 bytes. There are 482 players listed. It's the 24 players on the 20 non-All-Star teams (total 480), plus Buggy Skull and Maim Zitzky are listed twice. The duplicate entries are the same except the jersey numbers for when they have duplicates on the all-stars. Buggy is #8 on the Toxic All-Pros and Zitzky is 89 on the Maniac All-Stars. I'll post the complete rosters and ratings separately as a Google Sheet in the future Here's the breakdown of 14/16 bytes: Offset to Player Name Text - 4 bytes Jersey Number (hex) - 1 byte TBD Next 2 bytes all value either 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006. The next 7 bytes are the ratings/info: ? (not sure...value is either 0 or 1, I'm guessing L/R?) Monster Type 1 = Skeleton 2 = Robot 3 = Troll 4 = Goalie Stamina ? (goes from 2 - A) Fighting/Wounding (if goalie) Skating Passing Speed Offense Defense Power/Block Left (if goalie) Accuracy/Block Right (if goalie) Enforcer Flag (1 = Enforcer) Checking/Consistency (if goalie) The following 2 bytes only exist for the Enforcers: Aggression ? (values 0, 1,2,4) Instinct ? (values 5-A) So at this point I'm not sure what a few of these values represent. The displayed stats are all identified above.
  7. Team Data There are 23 teams in MLH. There are two sections in the team data structure that I'm not sure what they do right now. Each team is 158 bytes, broken out as follows. It starts with the Black Hearts: Offset - 18D8A - Pointer: Team Name 1 Offset (4 bytes). This value is 0004CF04, which is the offset to the text "Black" 18D8E - Pointer: Team Name 2 Offset (4 bytes) This value is 0004CF0A, which is the offset to the text "Hearts". Every team has 2 text values for their names. 18D92 - TBD. I'm not sure what these 4 bytes represent right now. Could be special plays, advantages, etc. TBD 18D96 - Pointer: Coach Data Offset (4 bytes) This value is 0001B668, which is the offset location to coach data. The coach data contains the name offset, speech text, etc. This offset is for Coach Sputter 18D9A - Pointer: Stadium Data Offset (4 bytes) Same concept as Coach Data. I'm not sure what other data the Stadium contains outside of the name right now. Skatium 18D9E - TBD. I'm not sure what these 4 bytes represent right now. 18DA2 - 24 Roster Pointers (96 bytes). Each 4 bytes is a roster offset to the player data. Follows the C,LW,RW,LD,RD,G pattern for 3 lines and reserves. 18E02 - Pointer: Team Logo Offset (4 bytes) 18E06 - Team Logo Palette Offset (4 bytes) 18E0A - Team Palette, 11 colors (22 bytes) 18E20 - Pointer: Team Description Text (4 bytes) "These are the well-named Black Hearts..." 18E24 - Pointer: Coach Text (4 bytes) "I'm coach Sputter..." And this follows for the next 22 teams. 18D8A - Black Hearts 18E28 - Bruiser Bots 18EC6 - Chilly Liars 18F64 - Deathskin Razors 19002 - The Derangers 190A0 - Mighty Weenies 1913E - Motroyale Cadavers 191DC - Mutant Monsters 1927A - St. Mucus Ooze 19318 - War Slammers 193B6 - Darkstar Dragons 19454 - Dead Things 194F2 - Ice Slashers 19590 - Lizard Kings 1962E - Pucksucker Pukes 196CC - Screaming Evils 1976A - The Shrimps 19808 - Slaycity Slayers 198A6 - Terminator Trolz 19944 - Turbo Techies 199E2 - Toxic All-Pros 19A80 - Maniac All-Stars 19B1E - Galaxy Aces
  8. When I complete my MLH hack for NHL21, let's talk. I'll need 500+ puns.
  9. When I posted this, I actually thought of all people @CoachMac would probably know a few I missed!
  10. table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; } Here's the complete list of teams, rosters and their NHL Spoof for Mutant League Hockey. I think I captured most, but if you think I missed a spoof, please let me know. table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; } .tableizer-table td { padding: 4px; margin: 3px; border: 1px solid #CCC; } .tableizer-table th { background-color: #104E8B; color: #FFF; font-weight: bold; } Roster Name JNo NHL Spoof Name Black Hearts Chicago Blackhawks Coach Coach Sputter Darryl Sutter Stadium Skatium Chicago Stadium C Bonelick 27 Roenick, Jeremy LW Buggy Skull 9 Hull, Bobby RW Armor 28 Larmer, Steve LD Maggotson 3 Magnuson, Keith RD Smelios 7 Chelios, Chris G Belcher 30 Belfour, Ed C Mosquito 21 Mikita, Stan LW Ghoulet 16 Goulet, Michel RW Cramm 33 Graham, Dirk LD Squish 5 Smith, Steve RD Graveyard 18 Savard, Denis G Spazito 35 Esposito, Tony C Gutter 12 Sutter, Brent LW Le Boo 26 Lemiuex, Jocelyn RW Too Gruesome 23 Grimson, Stu LD Spine Cord 20 Secord, Al RD Dug Killsom 24 Wilson, Doug G Glyn Maul 1 Hall, Glenn C Gretch 97 n/a LW Pewtor 65 n/a RW Gitt 53 n/a LD Vulture 81 n/a RD Foster 68 n/a G Chowder 41 n/a Name Mutant Monsters n/a Coach Coach Bricka Mike Ditka Stadium The Graveyard n/a C Bones Jackson 0 Bo Jackson LW The Undertaker 80 n/a RW Grim McSlam 9 Jim McMahon LD Wolfen 55 n/a RD Stick 24 n/a G Slicer 81 n/a C Hairball 4 Jim Harbaugh LW Mendy 69 n/a RW N. Sane 21 Deion Sanders LD Soreitch 27 n/a RD Cremator 28 n/a G L.T. Impaler 56 Lawrence Taylor C Gash 13 n/a LW Mill Dew 88 n/a RW Mongo 76 n/a LD Bent 95 Richard Dent RD Bridge 72 William "Refrigerator" Perry G McCrash 35 n/a C Mohair 39 n/a LW Flukey 45 n/a RW Pinhead 62 n/a LD Luna Tick 49 n/a RD Buzz 2 n/a G Gagg 17 n/a Name War Slammers n/a Coach The Admiral n/a Stadium Rink War Arena n/a C Warhog 13 n/a LW Shrapnel 66 n/a RW Panzer 30 n/a LD Grisly 94 n/a RD Lynched 31 n/a G Docken 77 n/a C Barhog 6 n/a LW Rocken 69 n/a RW Bomber 27 n/a LD Stinger 99 n/a RD Slo Mo 25 n/a G Jon Dice 22 n/a C Flak 7 n/a LW Shocken 59 n/a RW Mortar 29 n/a LD Assault 85 n/a RD Snapper 11 n/a G The Rocker 80 n/a C Grit 48 n/a LW Lucky 37 n/a RW Dome 53 n/a LD Barren 43 n/a RD Booter 81 n/a G Thaw 52 n/a Name Montroyale Cadavers Montreal Canadiens Coach Coach Le Jocque Jacques Demers Stadium The Ice Room The Forum C Ratchard 9 Richard, Maurice LW L'Eclair 17 LeClair, John RW LeFlower 10 Lafleur, Guy LD Desfarten 28 Desjardins, Eric RD Bourgeois 43 Brisebois, Patrice G Dry Rot 33 Roy, Patrick C Savage 18 Savard, Serge LW Gallows 23 Bellows, Brian RW Kramphouz 21 Damphousse, Vincent LD Daggot 48 Daigneault, J.J. RD Heller 14 Haller, Kevin G Blunte 1 Plante, Jacques C Leburp 47 LeBeau, Stephan LW Skuller 11 Muller, Kirk RW Meane 12 Keane, Mike LD Odorswine 24 Odelein, Lyle RD Spider 8 n/a G L'Apricot 40 Racicot, Andre C Grunge 95 n/a LW Trick Nee 50 n/a RW Dustball 71 n/a LD Glugg 38 n/a RD Grazzy 57 n/a G Glop 54 n/a Name Bruiser Bots Boston Bruins Coach Doc Whizz Don Cherry Stadium Freeze Land ? C Atom Jolts 12 Oates, Adam LW Zitz 2 Schmidt, Milt RW Spazzito 7 Esposito, Phil LD Bludy Gorr 4 Orr, Bobby RD Bourpe 77 Bourque, Ray G Tommyrot 30 Moffat, Mike C Teeny 20 Sweeney, Bob LW Lit Fuse 42 Hughes, Brent RW Steely 8 Neely, Cam LD Wothead 26 Wesley, Glen RD Etherstone 6 Featherstone, Glen G Rumble 31 ? C Current 14 ? LW Rage 17 Reid, Dave RW Letch 27 Leach, Stephen LD Ionizer 36 Wiemer, Jim RD Rusty 28 Huscroft, Rusty G Shatter 5 n/a C Bucket 98 n/a LW Diode 61 n/a RW Hotwire 73 n/a LD Hardwire 55 n/a RD Reset 49 n/a G Tube 18 n/a Name St. Mucus Ooze St. Louis Blues Coach Coach Scary Bob Berry Stadium St. Mucus Arena St. Louis Arena C Rammy 15 Janney, Craig LW Anger 7 Unger, Garry RW Britt Skull 16 Hull, Brett LD Deadwood 20 Norwood, Lee RD Butcher 5 Butcher, Garth G Planted 1 Plante, Jacques C Deaderko 9 Federko, Bernie LW Sputter 23 Sutter, Rich RW Killer 14 Miller, Kevin LD Mombo 4 Zombo, Rick RD Thing 21 Twist, Tony G Joey 31 Joseph, Curtis C Crudder 22 Sutter, Ron LW Owwy 10 Lowry, Dave RW Grabahand 19 Shanahan, Brendan LD Hairy Snaps 28 Snepsts, Harold RD Fuzzy 24 n/a G Berferd 29 n/a C Slink 32 n/a LW Gorp 40 n/a RW Floater 11 n/a LD Clamp 75 n/a RD Shacker 64 n/a G Shambles 82 n/a Name Deathskin Razors Oakland Raiders (MLF) Coach Coach Scary Stadium St. Mucus Arena C Snake 12 Stabler, Ken LW Nuke 2 n/a RW Rippen 32 n/a LD Masher 10 n/a RD Deadhead 83 Ted Hendricks G Thug 73 n/a C Jason 33 n/a LW Sy Chotic 44 n/a RW D. Compose 82 n/a LD D. Kay 70 n/a RD Splinter 66 n/a G Hoagie 91 n/a C Caesar 89 n/a LW Madman 59 n/a RW Executer 29 n/a LD Boney 23 n/a RD Viper 27 n/a G D'Tour 1 n/a C Sloop 48 n/a LW Spanky 69 n/a RW Slug 98 n/a LD I.Cing 51 n/a RD Stuffer 79 n/a G Mittens 22 n/a Name Chilly Liars Philadelphia Flyers Coach Coach Wimpson Terry Simpson Stadium The Tomb Spectrum? C Skinsome More 17 Brind'Amour, Rod LW Skingros 88 Lindros, Eric RW Wrechin 8 Recchi, Mark LD Blender 19 Renberg, Mikael RD Gammy 3 Galley, Garry G Usmell 33 Roussel, Dominic C Barbell 7 Barber, Bill LW McLeech 12 MacLeish, Rick RW Da Spleen 20 Dineen, Kevin LD Stonestick 44 Cronin, Shawn RD Gorelick 6 Kordic, Dan G The Guard 1 Parent, Bernie C Plow 22 Tocchet, Rick LW Mr. Fist 2 Schultz, Dave RW Clunke 16 Clarke, Bobby LD Carkass 29 Carkner, Terry RD Beetle 4 Bladon, Tom G Hexxed 27 Hextall, Ron C Oates 41 n/a LW Dullard 92 n/a RW Detonator 86 n/a LD Howl 45 Howe, Mark RD Preslee 71 n/a G Cork 93 n/a Name The Derangers New York Rangers Coach Coach Spleenin Mike Keenan Stadium Madness Sq. Garden Madison Square Garden C Messyer 11 Messier, Mark LW Ghoulbert 7 Gilbert, Rob RW Ammonia 33 Amonte, Tony LD Leech 2 Leetch, Brian RD Patsy 3 Patrick, James G Vampy 34 Vanbiesbrouk, John C Ratsmell 19 Ratelle, Jean LW Speck 13 Nemchinov, Sergei? RW Gargler 22 Gartner, Mike LD M.T. Graves 9 Graves, Adam RD Grinder 12 Gernander, Ken G Sicker 35 Richter, Mike C Bruno 1 ? LW Axle 8 ? RW Tenderizer 91 ? LD Boom Boom 23 Beukeboom, Jeff RD Duds 6 Lidster, Doug G Bronx 30 n/a C Sund 55 n/a LW Yung 42 n/a RW Tapointe 68 n/a LD Huff 80 n/a RD Pear 28 n/a G Hande 48 n/a Name Mighty Weenies Mighty Ducks Coach Coach McWhimple n/a Stadium Weenieworld Center Disneyworld Center C Malto 28 n/a LW Grimly 72 n/a RW Boris 48 n/a LD Farmer 18 n/a RD Chill 67 n/a G Gaggly 16 n/a C Sullen 2 n/a LW Lick 53 n/a RW Adamo 95 n/a LD Hicksey 8 n/a RD Toast 24 n/a G Stumble 42 n/a C Morta Fied 36 n/a LW Rancid 14 n/a RW Grenade 57 n/a LD Chucky 64 n/a RD Bruiser 45 n/a G Lugnut 78 n/a C Skip 21 n/a LW Wool 32 n/a RW Gorg 88 n/a LD Sill 82 n/a RD Ante 96 n/a G Mouse 49 n/a Name Pucksucker Pukes Pittsburgh Penguins Coach Coach Ralph n/a Stadium Puke Palace n/a C LePuke 66 Lemiuex, Mario LW Jamina Dagr 68 Jagr, Jaromir RW Sprocket 92 Tocchet, Rick LD Oof 5 Samuelsson, Ulf RD Scurvy 55 Murphy, Larry G Ima Spazzo 35 Barrasso, Tom C Fran Cyst 10 Francis, Ron LW Scary 12 Errey, Bob RW Gullet 7 Mullen, Joe LD Half Baked 2 Paek, Jim RD Urp 23 ? G Wriggler 31 Wregget, Ken C Stapleme 19 Stapleton, Mike LW Looney 24 Loney, Troy RW Heavings 25 Stevens, Kevin LD Halitosis 41 ? RD Hack 22 ? G Pitsy 30 ? C Smacka 70 Stracka, Martin LW Nas T. Chunks 50 n/a RW Pelzer 47 n/a LD Rock 62 n/a RD Chak 14 n/a G Creebob 18 n/a Name Darkstar Dragons Mutant League Football Coach Coach Le Bludbathe Vince Lombardi ? Stadium Fog Dome n/a C Rapier 19 n/a LW Tongue 8 Steve Young RW Warbleed 86 n/a LD Half Nelson 2 n/a RD Ratbone 44 Tom Rathman G Stormer 79 n/a C Colon 58 n/a LW Crunch 33 Roger Craig RW Joe Magician 16 Joe Montana LD Haagar 23 n/a RD Bone Crush 59 n/a G Phlegm 81 n/a C Pesky 84 n/a LW Drillin 55 n/a RW Blood Clot 42 Ronnie Lott LD Rammer 75 n/a RD Pagan 72 n/a G Misty 53 n/a C Gerdoink 7 n/a LW Stubby 29 n/a RW Root 60 n/a LD Log Bono 63 n/a RD Yum 95 n/a G I.Cycle 18 n/a Name Lizard Kingz Los Angeles Kings Coach Coach Smellnose Barry Melrose Stadium The Mausoleum Great Western Forum? C Maim Zitzky 99 Gretzky, Wayne LW Robotail 20 Robitaille, Luc RW Furry 17 Kurri, Jari LD Coffin 77 Coffey, Paul RD Bluddy 22 Huddy, Charlie G Kruddy 32 Hrudey, Kelly C Wakytires 44 McIntyre, John LW Granite 21 Granato, Tony RW T. Storm 7 Sandstrom, Tomas LD Aloha 26 Ahola, Peter RD Brake 4 Blake, Rob G Clobber 35 Stauber, Robb C Upchuck 14 Shuchuk, Gary LW Donner 11 Donnelly, Mike RW Mc Sorhed 33 McSorely, Marty LD Pondscum 56 Thompson, Brent RD Cybor 25 Sydor, Daryl G Meeks 1 Weeks, Steve C Yolk 49 n/a LW Numb 65 n/a RW Bixpeel 82 n/a LD Carp 13 n/a RD Lee King 61 n/a G Splat 94 n/a Name Ice Slashers New York Islanders Coach Coach Thunder Al Arbour Stadium Ice Asylum Nassau Coliseum C Willy 12 n/a LW Sonny 88 n/a RW Stone 81 n/a LD Konk 73 n/a RD Gangrene 75 n/a G Ruptured 21 n/a C Gerder 32 n/a LW Rad Roxy 38 n/a RW Stress 19 n/a LD Blunt 47 n/a RD Gross 86 n/a G Traction 50 n/a C Ess Bee 31 n/a LW Plump 39 n/a RW Birst 58 n/a LD Jack Slam 59 n/a RD Blotto 80 n/a G Ploop 22 n/a C Dread 8 n/a LW Slasher 15 n/a RW Mettle 29 n/a LD Clash 42 n/a RD Dazed 69 n/a G Skirm 64 n/a Name Dead Things Detroit Red Wings Coach Coach Bowbot Scotty Bowman Stadium The Crypt n/a C Yzergone 19 Yzerman, Steve LW Gory Chow 9 Howe, Gordie RW Delvdeggio 10 Delvecchio, Alex LD Pokmark 46 Potvin, Marc RD Zitstrom 5 Lidstrom, Nicklas G Shovelhed 32 Cheveldate, Tim C Hedisoff 91 Fedorov, Sergei LW Spur 11 Burr, Shawn RW Leper 26 Sheppard, Ray LD Braisson 3 Chaisson, Steve RD LaSpleen 33 Racine, Yves G Sawbonz 1 Sawchuk, Terry C Legzrgon 22 Ciccarelli, Dino LW Yzarburnt 21 Ysebaert, Paul RW Prober 24 Probert, Bob LD McCriminal 2 McCrimmon, Brad RD Coff 6 Coffey, Paul G Gagging 30 Rogie Vachon C Rip Yerhedov 15 Konstantinov, Vladimir LW Brutis 53 n/a RW Bonehead 68 n/a LD Cirk 48 n/a RD Brawler 73 n/a G Marro 79 n/a Name Terminator Trolz n/a Coach Dante N. Ferno n/a Stadium The Skunk Centre n/a C Steamer 31 n/a LW Diceman 83 n/a RW Mo Puke 3 n/a LD Spew Puke 4 n/a RD Scumm 58 n/a G Cyst 21 n/a C Traag 33 n/a LW T. Rex 34 n/a RW Sliceman 12 n/a LD Scald 57 n/a RD Trashy 76 n/a G Bubba 8 n/a C Rush 87 n/a LW Sly 16 n/a RW Ton 86 n/a LD Zuckfat 63 n/a RD Boilpus 52 n/a G Joe Bob 55 n/a C Thump 19 n/a LW Germ 44 n/a RW Bogey 49 n/a LD Trunk 29 n/a RD Bleek 69 n/a G Thick 74 n/a Name Turbo Techies n/a Coach Coach Cyclone n/a Stadium Buckle Dome n/a C Gil-9000 90 n/a LW Toro-3000 30 n/a RW Powered Sturn 56 n/a LD IC Circuits 15 n/a RD MM13X 13 n/a G Wires 35 n/a C Ohms 38 n/a LW Xformer 94 n/a RW Lectron 25 n/a LD Cap 17 n/a RD Transitor 72 n/a G Breaker 6 n/a C String 79 n/a LW Beek 74 n/a RW Elvis 42 n/a LD Toaster 70 n/a RD Scrapp 18 n/a G Yurie 7 n/a C Weld 21 n/a LW Sputtering Don 47 n/a RW Nitram 67 n/a LD Can 62 n/a RD Roller 2 n/a G Drill 28 n/a Name Screaming Evils Philadelphia Eagles (MLF) Coach Buddy Riot Buddy Ryan Stadium Tripout Rink n/a C Punk Sure 20 ? LW McKillin 88 ? RW Pulpet 21 ? LD Reggie Fright 92 Reggie White RD Knuckles 50 ? G Warlock 11 Norm VanBrocklin C Squash 25 ? LW Evil Dead 55 ? RW Spinner 36 ? LD Hulken 52 ? RD Gutz 10 ? G The Guardian 46 ? C Saminela 5 ? LW Glue 70 ? RW Masher 82 ? LD Moad 41 ? RD Garth 7 ? G Spewbecker 95 ? C Hoop 16 ? LW Blok 66 ? RW Frolik 39 ? LD Lyze 29 ? RD Seel 43 ? G Pex 64 ? Name Slaycity Slayers Seattle Seahawks (MLF) Coach Buck Troll Chuck Noll Stadium K.T. Coliseum n/a C Raptor 13 n/a LW K.T. Slayer 99 n/a RW Stryke 29 n/a LD Rash 33 n/a RD Bash 95 n/a G Kraken 71 n/a C Zorik 17 n/a LW Thal 84 n/a RW Byke 28 n/a LD Kong 74 n/a RD Heed 90 n/a G Krull 6 n/a C Zed 31 n/a LW Boid 45 n/a RW Gorth 32 n/a LD Plot 78 n/a RD Zard 81 n/a G Spurt 59 n/a C Clud 58 n/a LW Rend 49 n/a RW Taine 15 n/a LD Shint 69 n/a RD Dooce 65 n/a G Shoo 21 n/a Name The Shrimps San Jose Sharks Coach Coach Scampi ? Stadium Prig Palace Cow Palace C Evilson 8 Berezan, Perry LW Goryblo 21 Corriveau, Yvon RW Baffoon 17 Falloon, Pat LD Moleneck 19 Zmolek, Doug RD Spilsom 24 Wilson, Doug G Hackey 30 Hackett, Jeff C Kissyface 11 Kisio, Kelly LW Squinty 28 Quintin, Jean-Francois RW Kidney 60 ? LD Sore 4 More, Jay RD MacCrud 38 MacLeod, Pat G Hayseed 1 Hayward, Brian C Lawless 9 Morris, Jon LW Brooze 15 Bruce, David RW Codger 36 Odgers, Jeff LD Zethurt 2 Zettler, Rob RD Stinkinson 5 Wilkinson, Neil G Orb 32 Irbe, Arturs C Skullivan 96 Sullivan, Mike LW Marr 42 n/a RW Pounder 51 n/a LD Fling 58 n/a RD Clob 79 n/a G Crash 62 n/a
  11. I'm pretty sure I can swap the palette of the away team, but there may be some other reasons it's locked to red/grey. Likely the scoreboard or Mutant League logo is also linked to that same red/grey palette. I'll add it to the list.
  12. Plan is to make progress on this site in 2021.
  13. The issue is the list of offsets for the 32 team ROM was never posted anywhere. So every time someone starts tinkering with the 32 team ROM, there's a lot of confusion because all of the offsets are different from the 30 team ROM! If someone has all of the 32 team offsets, it'd be SUPER helpful to create a post like this: https://forum.nhl94.com/index.php?/topic/18386-reference-nhl95-34-team-rom-offsets/ (pat myself on the back), which mirrors the original @wboypost. I would do it myself, but I have not done any editing in the 32 team ROM. At least start it, and others can add in to make a comprehensive list.
  14. I'm not exactly sure how that works or what causes the jumpiness of the game. My guess is all the sprite animations are overloading. So actually maybe? If we reduce some animations, it may help? I'll add it to the list to investigate, thanks!
  15. MUTANT LEAGUE HOCKEY FANS - I started to tinker around with hacking this game again and figured I would share my findings as I made some significant progress. Ultimately the goal is to create a ROM that can be modded for future updates. I don't think I will expand the teams, but that may be something to consider for the future. This game is 2MB with no real extra room in the ROM. It uses up a ton of space on graphics data with all the animations, as well as text (there's a lot of descriptions, talking, etc). In theory I can expand to 4MB, but I know it gets tricky with the RAM space. TBD if that's even necessary. Please let me know if you are interested in helping, investigating or suggesting things to unlock. Items to investigate: Remove checksum Offset 0690: 4EB9 001F FD60 change to 4E71 4E71 4E71 Data Player Structure/Location - Done Player Ratings - Done Team Structure/Location - Done Stadium/Rinks - Location found, haven't looked into structure Coach Info - Done, it's just the name offset. Period Length Special Plays Graphics Team Logos (location, palette, possible decompress) - Done (will post later) Team palette - Done (will post later) Scoreboard Start Menu MLH Logo Referee Coaches Fighting Players Away Team colors Other? Framerate Issue Puns! - posted here
  16. That's Alexei Kasatanov
  17. Official Season 01 ROM - CDL_season_01.bin 24 Drafted Teams of 12 players! Static ROM (ratings don't get hot/cold applied or PP/PK) 1 minute penalties Body Checks after whistle don't count +/- stat added Reduced time to switch to Manual Goalie Slightly Increased Goalie Range Boosted Goaltenders - All get +1 to Agility and Stick/Glove Ratings except Roy & Belfour 288 Updated Player Cards! All 12 player cards cycle on start menu! Graphic updates: Mats Sundin on the cover! Commissioner and Sundin Fanboy@chaos approved! New teams like the Halifax Mooseheads and Hamilton Bulldogs added: Our own @danTML7is announcing the lineups! As mentioned, all 288 player cards are updated! Chicago and Pittsburgh center ice logos copied from NHL'94 Rewind: Scoreboard logo is back - Coors Light our unofficial sponsor: CDL Zamboni and our friend in the green shirt returns to his severed leg! Finally, the 3 stars of the game bring back some old friends:
  18. It's for league play (Chaos Draft League), and I'll be posting the final version tomorrow on the forums with all the descriptions of the hacks/updates. Love this updated feature a lot.
  19. WORKED! Latest ROM will scroll through the 12 players on each team. So cool.
  20. When I check F890A on the 32 team ROM and 30 team ROM, both come up with a value of FFFF. Can you double check? I'd like to try this on my next ROM.
  21. Unfortunately you can't flip positions with no line changes league during a PP or PK. You'll just get a replacement on the PK and/or injury.
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