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  1. Kraizer33

    NHL 94 on carts?! anyone interested?

    eyy, is it too late for me to jump in on this?
  2. nobody really knew about it because it never "officially" released, unless you had a rom. Brett Hull's hockey 95 was the thing everybody probably had. the two are dangerously simliar. awesome game though, i did like it
  3. hey bud, its lookin really good. can't wait till it comes out
  4. Kraizer33

    NHL hitz 2002

    id love both 2002 and 2003. i would prefer the more updated roster but nothing wrong with fantasy drafts =]
  5. Kraizer33

    NHL hitz 2002

    03 was nice. Hitz Pro was just...odd :\ i liked everything about it but once you got on the ice and played, it just didn't feel right. Next Level Games couldn't carry on what Black Box did, and btw R.I.P. Midway. oh sweet jesus if we could play some online leagues with Hitz
  6. Kraizer33


    can i play? ^^; lol
  7. Kraizer33


    lol yeah i havent played 92 before...ever. so i decided to play a ROM of this and i found it really weird
  8. Kraizer33


    are u supposed to be able to fight after a goal or the end of a game??? this is just a personal experience. sorry i dont have any video proof but i can make some or if u want screenshots. i think its pretty fun tht this can happen!
  9. XD thats awesome. for now on im gonna make a motion like im swinging a hockey stick when i play soccer lol
  10. Kraizer33

    NHLPA93 Theme

    can i have the SNES one? if u dont mind