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  1. successfully proved to my mom i never did drugs. worst part is i dont remember having that blue freezie pop...i could really go for another freezie pop...

  2. let's go pick on the new animation students

  3. there are still some people talking about me being duct taped to a pole

  4. congrats to my senior class friends...i'll miss you guys

  5. Heya guys, if you're not busy on Friday, May 2nd. Villa Maria College will be hosting it's animation screenings in the student center. My film and several others will be shown. A reception starts at 6 and the screenings themselves start at 7. I seriously just donated blood to be here so it'd be cool to have some extra support! cya

  6. i still like Doug Allen :\ there i said it

  7. spanish youtube commercials? ...kay

  8. now it's my turn to make a stop mo film, get nominated and lose. let's rock!

  9. Villa fiends11:30 a.m. tomorrow, come watch me play ping pong?

  10. i feel like i'm the only person who has bad experiences with gamestop :\