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  1. I was playing 94 Genesis the other day. I used the goalie in Manual and body checked a player. The Player got injured for the Game, No Penalty was called. I believed I was the Canucks with Kirk McLean as Goalie. What Factors/Stats would cause the Player t Get Injured?
  2. Hi Just Had a Gens Test with Comeback King. Need to Test a SNES Game. My Aim name is marcusnhl94. Thanks
  3. Hi Looking to Test a Gens NHL 94 Game. I havn't had much success yet with other members trying to help me out. I have a downloaded Gens and Snes Package from this Site. My Aim Name is marcusnhl94 Thanks Also Would like to Test SNES as Well
  4. Hi I Havn't had any of the issues mentioned above with the 2011 Playoff Edition. The only issue i have is with the 6 Button feature when you use the button to manually control the goalie it sometimes stays on the Goalie and can't switch it with another player. Unable to to Control goalie when its stuck except pass when the goalie gets the puck. Really Awesome rom, Great Hack! Marcus
  5. Hi Does anyone know if there is a Flip Pass Keyboard button. Like the A Button on Genesis. Also is there block shot or drop pass in this game Thanks Marcus
  6. Hi Just wondering, How to startup a league? What are some tips or Step by Step on starting a league? Whats a good rom to USe? Im thinking original rom with weight bug fix, 2nd assist Bug, etc Thanks
  7. Hi Just wondering if anyone is interested in Purchasing some NHL Genesis Games I Have : NHL 92 NHL 94 NHL 95 All Game work and In Good Condition Just Cartridges Only I accept Paypal. My E-Bay User name is marcuscgedak If you wanna check up Thanks Marcus
  8. Yes It Works. But Since its Pal, the game runs really fast. I mean really fast. Would recommend playins on Gens and Changing Region to Europe
  9. Hi I've been trying lately to Win the Cup with All 26 Teams, Has anyone won the Cup with All 26 Teams? How long did it Take? Having lots of trouble with San Jose, Florida, Hartford, Especially Ottawa
  10. Hello Just looking to see if anyone is interested in playing nhl 94 Genesis Online Im on Hamachi, Room= nhl94server4 pass= bodycheck
  11. Hey Anyone up for some 94 on gens tonight. I'm on hamachi right now Room = nhl94server4 Pass = bodycheck My Aim Name is marcusnhl94
  12. Hi Just wondering if EA Hockey(Pal) works on an NTSC Genesis. Does anyone own the Megadrive EA Hockey and run on a US Genesis Thanks Marcus
  13. Hi Just wondering if anyone Has a Rom of Nhl 94. I'm looking for the version" Nhl 94 the Real Nhl 94" for genesis Thanks Marcus
  14. hi Just wondering if anyone has a video or step by step instructions on doing a slap deke? Just started playing NHL 94 on Gens. Way better than the SNES version. SNES has some good features, differences. Genesis/Sega CD Best Version. Hands Down. PC version Ok
  15. Here is a link for NHL Hockey (NHL 94) for PC-DOS NHL Hockey Full Version (NHL 94) PC-DOS Enjoy