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  1. These roms are so insanely awesome. Thanks!!
  2. One time I was playing vs the computer in OT, they got a penalty, my goalie is pulled, I'm in the computer's end of the ice and I pass back to one of my defensemen at the blue line who MISSES the puck and it goes into my empty net and I lose. It hurts just thinking about it!!!
  3. ! How do you get it on your cell phone?
  4. I finally played the SNES console version today and the biggest difference in gameplay I saw was between the goalies. The goalies act in different ways in each version. In the SNES version, I couldn't do the move across the front of the net as easily because the goalies don't really fall down, but I could still score doing it. I also noticed that it's way easier to deke in the SNES version. In the Genesis version, it is soo hard (at least for me) to deke the goalie out and score. My friend did it at ease with the SNES version. If he got on a breakaway, he scored (unless I switched to manual goalie). That brings me to the next thing, which is manual goalie. I found it to be clunky in the SNES version, I couldn't control my goalie nearly as well. Lastly I just found the SNES version to be a little choppier. Overall I obviously like the Genesis version better, but I see how people can like the SNES version because of the ability to deke. EDIT: I also want to add that I did not see any differences between goalies with high or low stats. All goalies seemed to be equally easy to score on.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's in the key of G (for C instruments), you can probably work on it from there. I tried playin it on my sax and I can get the first few measures, but I haven't really put too much work into it. I've heard there is some program that transposes MIDI's into sheet music, so if you can find you should be good.
  6. Don't a bunch of people on here live near Philly? We should get something going around here!
  7. that matrix sounding noise, or was that just from the game being slowed down?
  8. lol that was sickkkk i like the sound effects too hehe
  9. Detroit's goalie isn't that bad, he's one of the only goalies I know that doesn't go down very easily when you cut across the net.
  10. The fact that someone made a video about NHL 94 is what makes it awesome, who really cares about the quality?
  11. hahah awesome, I love this game so much
  12. What settings do you guys usually play on? When I play with my buds, we normally do 10 min periods, penalties on (no offsides), manual goalie, and no line changes.
  13. The "skate across" goal isn't hard to stop, just use manual goalie and when your opponents skates across, just knock them down with your goalie. It is a very good way to score, but it is very stoppable.
  14. I play with almost any team, just whatever I feel like at the moment, but lately I've been liking Buffalo.
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