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  1. Thanks Xstioph I added the Link with your help. I'm really proud of this play. I always wanted to make this play! Casey in the right spot! SNES NHL '94 Flip pass goal scored by #21 Jyrki Lumme SNES NHL'94 Behind the net flip pass goal mix
  2. SNES NHL'94 Behind the net flip pass goal #1 SNES NHL'94 Behind the net flip pass goal #2
  3. SNES NHL‘94 Highlights Case/Jeff mix SNES NHL’94 5 Highlight goals JeffBC Stanley Cup Champion SNES NHL'94.COM Classic A Fall 2007 I created a One Night Event challenge because I wanted to play against everybody online and have a great time meeting new players. SNES NHL'94 is great because you have complete control of your team with great deking, one timers and last second goalie control! I wanted to beat everybody and prove that I was one of the best SNES NHL'94 players in the world. I have a great record in the One Night Events. I should start this back up one day....
  4. Clockwise I hope you send more footage in.Good Job. 94!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hi Clockwise. I wish I could be on your team with Case nice passing. It's too bad you play Genesis and I play Super Nes.
  6. NHL 94 Highlights. YouTube___NHL_94_Highlights_Jeff___Case_Mix.htm
  7. Love the website soon I'll put some SNES NHL94 goals on this site. I live in B.C. Canada. I have some sick '94 plays.
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