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  1. Hello, I'm back I'm registered for Classic '94 Spring league 2011 Super Nintendo-2 Hit me up for a '94 game My Hamachi is not working right now So I hope to use ZSNES or Zbattle My AIM is JeffBCNHL94
  2. Nice find Halifax Even EA knows the best hockey video game control is '94! With 3D graphics EA has not cared about goalie control.
  3. SNES NHL'96 SNES NHL'97 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JU6i55Ys1bM&feature=related
  4. SNES NHL'94 was so polished. I had Madden Football and the opening menu looked the same as SNES NHL '95. The opening menu is so dark with the HIGH SCORE PRODUCTIONS and VISUAL CONCEPTS popping up. The gameplay and graphics were worse for SNES NHL'95. How does the crowd get so much worse? SNES NHL'96 and SNES NHL'97 looked like the same crap. Is it so hard for EA SPORTS to get the SNES NHL'94 software and just add a few little things? SNES NHL'94 SNES NHL'95
  5. Way to go Dangler! I should get Trevor Linden to sign my SNES NHL'94 cartridge one day!
  6. Let's go boys! I'd like to see the result from your series. I sent a message to Dangler a week ago but I have not heard back from him.
  7. Nice find Case. Well done Oilers442! Annihilator Weapon X song Kicks Ass! Nice flip goal at the end of the video!
  8. That is rare to see a goal like that! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Me and Pondhcky1 (AVSRULE) had a best of 7 game series with offside off. Jeff Vancouver Pondhcky1 Boston Game 1 Van 4 Bos 1 Game 2 Van 9 Bos 3 Game 3 Van 8 Bos 4 Game 4 Van 8 Bos 4 Good Games Good Times Hopefully no lag next time
  10. Happy birthday bud! Let's play some '94 in the next coming months.
  11. Welcome RaddeKladde aim-(RaddeKladde1) Yeah let's play sometime. I'll add you to my aim. My aim is JeffBCNHL94. 7:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific time) Monday-Friday is good for me. The days the Canucks are not playing. Is that good for you? When is best for you? SNES NHL'94 aim players you should add. 1. Halifax aim-(nhl94halifax) 2. Schwartz aim-(Schwartz124) 3. Dangler aim-(xgrad06) 4. Shaftman aim-(gihtarman) 5. Tony Twist aim-(drinnagh) 6. Fenty aim-(fenty62) 7. Mark aim-(nhltrippin) 8. Bob kudelski aim-(Bobkudelski26) 9. Xstioph 10. Metzgerism 11. Tickenest 12. Dethrox 13. Beat2thabox
  12. 7:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific time) Monday-Friday is good for me. The days the Canucks are not playing. Anybody else available at these times?
  13. sminta10 Yeah, I'll look for you on aim - mintaman10 What day and time works best for you to play? 7:00pm-10:00pm (Pacific time) Monday-Friday is good for me. The days the Canucks are not playing. Anybody else available at these times?
  14. Gameplay of NHL2010 Not as good as SNES NHL '94 for overall control of your hockey team. NHL 2010 the goalie control is not as good as SNES NHL '94. I want some speed burst in a hockey video game. Alexander Ovechkin when he gets the puck he even skates faster. When going over the blueline in 2010 the guy seems slow trying to deke the defenceman. NHL2010 the goalie on the top is to far away for you to deke very good. NHL2010 needs the '94 top angle! To show more of the rink and players. NHL2010 needs SNES NHL'94 with updates! Come on EA! Enough with the graphics! Gameplay of NHL2010
  15. Halifax with a nice stacking of the pads at the 1:15 mark!
  16. Nice find Halifax! True! Slapshot goals from the blueline very rare in SNES NHL '94. SNES NHL '94 needs hard slapshots like SNES NHL '93!
  17. I played the Xbox EA NHL 2010. It's not as good as SNES NHL '94! Nothing is! What a game SNES NHL '94 is! SNES NHL '94 has the best goalie control ever in a hockey video game! Goalie dive save and stack the pads saves at the last second! That is funny in EA NHL 2010 that it gives you an option to have '94 controlls but the mechanics of this game it don't make the players deke like SNES '94 on the goalies. So to really deke the goalie you need the new bottom left right controller button. Deking not as smooth! Is there no speed burst? The top of the rink the goalie is still too far away to deke properly! Is there goalie control? Not as good as SNES NHL'94! That should be the most important thing in a hockey video game control of your goalie, great deking goals and one-timers! SNES NHL '94 is great yet it needs more like drop pass and block shot! EA update The SNES NHL '94!
  18. NHL - Greatest Glove Saves Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28DpO-sQ8uU&NR=1
  19. SNES NHL'94 Nice passes scored by #16 Trevor Linden SNES NHL'94 Flip goal scored against a guy on zbattle by #22 Robert Dirk
  20. Congratulations to Schwartz!! The last Classic league SNES A finals between Thedangler vs Masterof94. I hope this series gets played. Another SNES NHL'94 Classic season comes to an end before the last season finals has ended. Weak. If Dangler wins it will be 2 straight Championships in a row for him. Dangler beat Val the season before. Hmm was Dangler in this latest season?
  21. Who won last Classic league SNES A finals between Thedangler vs Masterof94? What is this another SNES NHL'94 Classic season is coming to an end before the last season finals has ended?
  22. SNES NHL '94 Bure rare slap shot goal (Scored by Case) IPV6FREELY Bad sportsmanship. Video like 2 years ago. I just found this video. He liked to chat and complain. SNES NHL '94 What's with the pointless passes?
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