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  1. Loving the mod so far but noticed some issues: Buffalo-Nic Deslauriers listed as a defenseman, he's actually a LW. It's a mistake on EA's part. Buffalo-Edit lines numbers aren't visible Calgary-Johnny Gaudreau now wears #13 Calgary-Edit lines numbers aren't visible Detroit-Edit lines numbers aren't visible NY Islanders-Nikolay Kulemin now wears #86 Pittsburgh-Edit lines numbers aren't visible Vancouver-Linden Vey now wears #7 Also, just a suggestion but I like the idea of a midseason version with proper all-star teams (once the teams have been decided). Maybe drop the bottom team from
  2. Is there a chance the Senators one will be updated so it's black like it really is?
  3. Those RBK Edge jerseys look slimming even in 16-bit.
  4. Does anyone know of an easy to delete all profiles and player card records from the cart of 94 for the Genesis?
  5. I just noticed Winnipeg is not playable for Playoffs mode.
  6. Here's a list of spelling mistakes by team Correct/Mispelled Boston ---------- Reggie Lemelin/Lemlin Garry Galley/Gary Bob Sweeney/Sweeny Stephane Quintal/Stephan Quintall Buffalo ---------- Darren Puppa/Daren Dave Andreychuk/Andrychuck Christian Ruuttu/Christain Dale Hawerchuk/Hawerchuck Mikko Makela/Miko Darrin Shannon/Darron Calgary ---------- Rick Wamsley/Walmsey Sergei Makarov/Sergi Markarov Chicago ----------- None found Detroit ----------- Tim Cheveldae/Cheveldale Sergei Fedorov/Federov Edmonton ------------- None found NOTE: I think Kari Takko should be ad
  7. I think that may be because Toronto, Philadelphia, Quebec, Winnipeg, and the Islanders don't have a team to play. There's 32 possible combinations in NOSE so maybe you could do 16 as how the first round was really was. You could potentially do 4 different matchups against each team so like Buffalo would play Quebec but the other divisional matchup would be like MTL-BOS, BOS-HAR, HAR-MTL if that makes sense.
  8. Sean Burke's name is misspelled as Shean Burke and Peter Sidorkiewicz is spelled Skidorkiewicz. Another mistake (maybe it was intentional) is that the playoff matchups are not proper. In 1991, you would have a Divisional Semifinal, Division Final, and Conference Final so there would never be a matchup between Hartford and Pittsburgh or Philadelphia and Buffalo in the first or second round. Either way, it's still a sweet rom.
  9. It's sweet except Anze Kopitar sucks in it. THE KID NEEDS TO BE BETTER!!!!!!!11111oneoneone
  10. Do those shirts run big or small? I need me a LaFontaine but don't want to get the wrong size.
  11. alright thanks, another thing I've trying to figure out is how to add a goalie but not have him be displayed with a non-generic picture. Right now on my Czech team for my hack, I either have to have two goalies or have the 3rd (Hasek in this case) have a custom picture.
  12. I'm trying to change the number of forwards on a roster with NOSE. Currently it is set at F which is 13. I don't want to mess with it so can a vet tell me what each value from 0-F is.
  13. thanks, unfortunatly most of my problem is finding numbers from the olympic teams.